How to deal with insomnia in spring

In the spring, many people stop sleeping due to a heightened sense of love.

But it is worthwhile to focus on those cases when a person’s sleep disturbance is caused by more banal, earthly problems. Thus, in the spring, very often, causes of this kind are caused by problems of vitamin deficiency in the body, the accumulated fatigue that is characteristic of this season, an increase in the day with an increase in the brightness of the star, which stimulates the human brain through the retina .

In case of sleep disturbance, it is necessary to immediately think about how to deal with insomnia, since the state of sleep itself is not a whim of lobotryas and parasites, but, first of all, the need for restoration of strength, both physical and psychological, since during this period brain systematization of all the information that he received during the day.

In cases of prolonged disturbance of the sleep rhythm in a person, the mental processes are significantly disturbed - problems in comprehending information, processing it, selecting words, some inhibition in assessing the environment, auditory and visual disturbances may occur, impaired musculoskeletal functions.

According to some scientists (somnologists) dealing with issues of how to deal with insomnia, it is the living conditions of a modern person, both psycho-emotional and environmental, that can cause this ailment. As you know, in modern realities, almost half (about 45%) of the population of large cities to some extent suffer from sleep disorders, but in villages this percentage reaches 10% - you must agree, the difference is noticeable. In this situation, a natural conclusion suggests itself: it is the conditions of urbanization as a phenomenon that negatively affect our health. Fresh air, a leisurely, measured life, the absence of stressful situations (at least systematic) is the most effective remedy for insomnia.

And now directly to the question of how to deal with insomnia most effectively. First of all, it should be noted that the best remedy for insomnia is to observe a person's constant, unshakable daily routine with certain hours of bedtime and morning rise. There is no doubt that the behavioral stereotype, which is thus formed, after a certain time will replace all sleeping pills of the world, only without side effects. Very often, as an improvement in sleep, people practice evening walks. Indeed, this method can be useful because it relieves the nervous tension accumulated during the day, and fresh air, as you know, saturates the blood with oxygen. And most importantly, you need to get a comfortable bed and, first of all, a pillow.

Of no small importance in the question of how to deal with insomnia is not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a competent, balanced diet. Oddly enough, but it is certain products and their combinations that are capable of both upsetting the dream and, accordingly, improving it. It’s not a secret to anyone that if you have a tight dinner at night less than three hours before going to bed, then you won’t be able to quickly get into Morpheus’s kingdom for sure. On the other hand, a spoon or two before bedtime of such a miraculous drug as honey will definitely improve sleep.

In traditional medicine, of course, there is a fairly wide range of different recipes for tinctures and decoctions that contribute to solving the problem of how to improve sleep. But it must be recognized that the most common option is still tincture of hawthorn. Most often, in such a situation, hawthorn fruits are used, which are brewed in the form of tea and drunk three times a day shortly before meals, usually about half an hour.

Another wonderful way to solve the problem of how to deal with insomnia is, of course, warm baths with various kinds of fillers. Most often, sea salt is used as the latter. Indeed, its relaxing properties are well known to everyone.

Remember, a good dream is the key to a quality life and good mood.


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