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Now almost every person needs a car. Life without personal transportation is very difficult. Due to the intense growth in demand for cars, more and more car dealerships are opening. This article will describe the Avant-Motors car dealership in St. Petersburg, reviews about it and the services that the company offers its customers.

avant motors spb reviews

Here you can buy a car on credit at a profitable program. The managers of the company will accompany any client from the beginning to the end of the transaction, although there are a lot of negative reviews about Avant-Motors in St. Petersburg regarding staff. After the purchase, a car dealership also helps in arranging insurance and registering a car.

Trade-in Program

Selling a car yourself is a rather long process. It can be facilitated thanks to the trade-in program. It is an exchange of an old car for a new one. In this case, a discount equal to the cost of the old car. The trade-in program has the following advantages:

  • There is no need to waste your time on telephone conversations with potential buyers and meetings with them.
  • Buying a new car is not delayed indefinitely. You can exchange cars at the dealership at any convenient time.
  • With self-selling cars, you can run into scammers. When exchanging under the trade-in program, this is excluded.
  • You can find out the real value of your car for free. For this, it is enough for specialists to evaluate it.
  • You can make a purchase on credit or by installments.
  • You can exchange it for both a new and a used car.

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Buying a car is always a joyful moment. However, it is also accompanied by huge costs. In addition to paying the full cost of a car, you also need to spend money on other needs. In order not to ruin your wallet, it is best to use the service of buying a car on credit.

Avant-Motors cooperates with many banks in Russia, so the client can choose for himself the most profitable program out of all 50 offered. A loan can be issued for a different period: from six months to 7 years. To apply for a loan, you must apply to the bank. You can do this through a car dealership. The Bank approves applications in most cases, judging by the reviews of Avant Motors in St. Petersburg. Almost any car can be purchased on credit, since the maximum amount that the bank will issue is 3 million rubles. The minimum interest rate is 4.2%. You can also get a loan without a down payment, and if possible repay it later then.


All motorists try to drive so as not to create emergency situations and not to get into an accident. However, there are different cases. In order to protect yourself, it is best to take out insurance. The most common two types: CTP and CASCO. The first option is mandatory, since without it it is impossible to register a car. CASCO can be omitted, but according to statistics, every second motorist tries to do this, since such a policy guarantees payments in the event of an accident, regardless of who is the culprit.

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In the Avant-Motors car dealership, you can arrange insurance for these programs. This is very convenient, since insurance occurs through trusted insurance companies that have a good reputation, which means that the risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters is excluded.


After buying a car, it must be registered in the traffic police database. This process most often takes a very long time. It is necessary to stand in line with a package of documents, and then also show the car to the inspector and demonstrate the operability of all mechanisms. This procedure can be done by a car dealership. In this case, the client will not need to spend his time, just wait until the end of the process.


If the motorist has an old car that he does not need, and does not want to sell it, then you can turn it in under the recycling program. For this you need to contact Avant-Motors in St. Petersburg. The reviews note that in this case, the client is provided with a discount equal to the estimated cost of the recycled car. It can be used to buy a new car.

Reviews about the Avant-Motors Motor Show in St. Petersburg

Customers respond to the work of employees of the car dealership is not the best way. They report in reviews about Avant-Motors (St. Petersburg, Kushelevskaya) that managers do not approach the visitor themselves, they need to be called or approach them independently, which is inconvenient. Also, consultants often come across who know little information about the car of interest, discounts, promotions, etc., and therefore look for it in brochures or are interested in more experienced workers.

reviews about the Avant Motors in St. Petersburg

In the Avant-Motors car dealership you can find cars at very competitive prices. However, some proposals are not the most successful, judging by the reviews of the Avant-Motors car center in St. Petersburg. Most customers leave here due to the fact that the staff is not properly qualified.


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