Means "Trind" for nails: benefit or harm?

Not every woman is given a perfect body. And very often I want to solve the problems that arise in any way and as soon as possible.

Modern advertising is replete with various nail care products. The Internet also offers hundreds of options for reinforcing masks that can be made and applied at home. And all funds are aimed at combating the same shortcomings, helping to reduce brittleness, delamination of the nail plate and make it thicker, even and shiny.

In practice, it turns out that not all means are suitable for everyone. Various smart enamels and similar coatings often have a limited spectrum of action. Although more convenient to use than masks. Many women refuse baths and other similar home treatments because of the time that needs to be spent on them. It is much easier and faster to use medicinal varnishes. One such tool is the Trind series.

About the tool

Trind is a Dutch brand that produces a series of products for the care of hands and nails. The list of its products includes:

  • cuticle remover ;
  • nail strengtheners;
  • nail polishes;
  • nail polish remover;
  • hand cream;
  • thinner varnish;
  • nail brightener.

All products are sold both individually and in convenient sets. By purchasing a kit, you can solve a number of problems immediately and at a more affordable price. In this case, the Trind products work in all directions and the desired effect is achieved faster.

Trind for nails

Nail strengthening

The manufacturer of the Trind line of nails stated that they improve their condition and accelerate growth. Very easy to use, and the result becomes noticeable almost immediately.

If you saw the product in a bottle with a high elegant cap, then this is, without a doubt, Trind. Strengthener for nails is available in standard bottles for this company, which are placed in boxes.

As for the color scheme, it is possible to purchase both a transparent agent and color ones. When using the latter, care must be taken, since the product can be applied in strips. And this does not give the nails extra beauty.

Transparent โ€œTrindโ€ for nails can be applied either as an independent coating (the effect of transparent varnish is obtained), or as a base for colored varnish of your favorite brand.

Trind Nail Strengthener

About application rules

Means for strengthening nails must be used strictly according to the instructions. It should be applied daily with a thin layer for 14 days. In this case, the previous layer is erased with nail polish remover without acetone.

It is worth paying particular attention to the thickness of the layer. The Trind Strengthener for nails contains formaldehyde. The substance is certainly harmful to the body. And due to it there may be a burning sensation, discomfort and even chemical burns. Therefore, you must follow the instructions strictly.

Decorative coatings

Trind nail polish is also on sale . Its palette is not as wide as that of other popular manufacturers, but most women will like it. These colors will withstand any dress code and will not cause a negative reaction from the boss.

Varnishes are available in the same bottles as the reinforcers of this company. Easy to apply and with sufficient durability compared to competitors.

Trind nail polish

Customer reaction

As with any product, opinions on Trind products for nails are divided into positive, neutral and negative. And the ratio of product reviews of this Dutch manufacturer is about the same.

Many people notice striking changes in their nails: thickening of the plate, rapid growth, the absence of delamination and a decrease in fragility. Those who previously could not grow nails by 2-3 mm, with these funds they can get the desired length without any problems. At the same time, girls often continue to use Trind as a base for varnish to extend its effect.

Trind for nails reviews

But there is also a category that is literally burned when using the means of the company "Trind" for nails. Reviews are full of details about pain and burning, about the consequences of using a hardener for nails. Of course, these people failed to achieve any strengthening and positive effect. And such a reaction can be caused by various factors. For example, using not according to the instructions or individual characteristics of the body.

Those who maintain a neutral position note that it was they who failed to achieve the desired effect. Most often, they buy these funds on the recommendation of friends or on reviews on the Internet. Often you can see complaints about the overpriced cost of drugs and comments on price mismatches with product quality.

And those who are still thinking about acquiring the products of this brand, need to be patient and not put too high hopes on the product. After all, no one can know in advance how it will affect a certain organism.


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