Gothic manicure: original ideas and options, photo

Gothic is not only darkness, crosses, black clothes and the afterlife. This is primarily the ability to find good in the dark and terrible. The Gothic style is beautiful, but its special beauty is gloomy, austere, cold. Now this direction is very popular in clothes, makeup, jewelry and even manicure. Let's see what is a Gothic manicure.


gothic manicure

Gothic suggests pointed forms and rich dark tones. Classics are long sharp nails, natural or extended. However, now there are no strict rules, you can make a manicure in the Gothic style on nails of any length and shape. With regard to age restrictions, with rare exceptions, such nail art is more suitable for young girls.

Creation Rules

gothic manicure

There are several rules for applying Gothic manicure:

  1. Dark color palette. To create this nail, dark and saturated shades are used that contrast with each other and enhance the terrifying effect.
  2. Dark theme. To decorate nails, plots and individual elements associated with the other world, death, evil spirits (cobwebs, crosses, skulls) are used. You can draw ideas and gain inspiration by watching the appropriate cartoons or movies.
  3. Aggressive form. In Gothic manicure, an elongated form of nails is assumed. The edge of the nail should have a clear square cut or be pointed in shape. This enhances the effect of the image you created. But if you do not like long nails, then following this rule is not necessary.
  4. Minimalism. Excessive passion for details and decor will make the Gothic-style manicure vulgar and overloaded. Therefore, to look stylish, try to respect the middle ground when creating such a nail art.
  5. Texture experiments. For your manicure to be effective and in the spirit of new-fangled trends, use matte tops, rubs and other tools and accessories. Do not be afraid to deviate from the usual glossy finish. Experiment with textures! After all, the modern beauty industry offers so many options to express yourself and make the image one and only.
  6. Stylish graphics. If you are not a fan of complex patterns, you can decorate a manicure with lines and geometric shapes using varnishes of contrasting colors.

Color palette

white and black in gothic

When talking about the Goths, black comes to mind first. It is undoubtedly the main one for creating a Gothic manicure, but not the only one. The following colors and their shades are also used:

  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • silver.

It is allowed to take light: white yellow, flesh-colored in small quantities for drawing details of manicure.

Symbolism of flowers

Do you know what colors symbolize in Gothic manicure?

  • black - death and silence;
  • red is the color of blood;
  • white is fear and cold.

Long nails

gothic manicure on long nails

A manicure in style is ready in itself is very noticeable, so do not overload it with various accessories and a variety of colors. Especially on long nails. Experts recommend decorating one or two nails if you intend to use overhead parts in the form of crosses, turtles, pebbles or beads.

If you want to make a Gothic manicure yourself, but do not know how to draw at all, stamping will come to the rescue. This technique allows you to create a wide variety of patterns and patterns on the nails.

When choosing large patterns, you should limit yourself to decorating one or more fingers. If the ornament is small, you can apply it on all the nails on the hand.

Specialists in the field of nail art call long nails a canvas on which you can draw anything. Therefore, experiment, try different options for combining techniques and tools for decoration.

Medium length nails

gothic french

The average length of the nails is considered the most universal. A manicure looks great on them, suitable for both long and short forms. In addition, the average length does not interfere in life and in everyday life. How to decorate nails of medium length:

  • Fluffy manicure. It is created using flock - a special coating of villi. With it, you can decorate as completely all the nails, the same individual elements.
  • Stamping design. There is complete freedom for imagination, the flight of which is limited only by common sense. Using stamping, you can completely cover your nails with patterns and ornaments, or you can draw individual elements.
  • "Cat's Eye." It is carried out by a special varnish and small magnets. Due to the metallized particles in the composition necessary to create the effect, the “cat's eye” looks very stylish and unusual in black tones. Ideal for gothic.
  • Creative design involves the use of all or several of the above techniques at the same time. This way you can create the most unimaginable nail art.

Gothic manicure on short nails

gothic manicure for short nails

Short nails greatly restrict the creation of manicure, but they can also look stylish and spectacular. It is enough to coat them with varnish. For decoration, you can use stamping, flock, broths, small beads, ready-made decals. And it’s enough to decorate only one nail to make the manicure look spectacular. And, of course, do not forget about the French - this is a real classic for nails of any length.

Gothic french

gothic french

You can make it quick and easy. You will need two types of black varnish: matte and glossy. If you have a matte topcoat, you can use only glossy. So, the black matte jacket:

  1. Create a matte base.
  2. Special strips indicate the edge of the nail.
  3. We cover the edge with glossy varnish.
  4. The manicure is ready, now it needs to be fixed with the top.

Options for gothic french:

  • matte red or glossy base + black edge;
  • black base + white edge;
  • black base + silver edge;
  • white or silver base + black edge.

French manicure in the Gothic style (pictured) can be decorated with rhinestones, drawings or stickers. The main thing here is to know the measure and not go too far with the design.

Bloody manicure

bloody manicure

This type of nail art is very easy to perform, so it is perfect for beginners.

  1. We take black or white varnish as the basis (the first option is darker) and cover the entire nail plate with it. Allow to dry.
  2. Then with a special brush (you can take a toothpick) randomly decorate the surface with dots, strokes and stains of bright red scarlet varnish.
  3. After drying, fix the manicure with a top.

Moon manicure

gothic moon manicure

Lunar Gothic manicure (photo above) is appropriate in any situation, depending on the colors you choose. Of course, the combination of black and red looks a bit sinister, but white, silver or gold color will soften the gloom of black or red.

  1. First you need to decide on the color of the base. It is better to take the dark: black, red, burgundy. Varnish or gel can be with any finish, matte or glossy - as you wish.
  2. Finishing varnish: white, gray, silver or gold.
  3. Rounded stripes.

First you need to apply the main color and wait until it dries completely. Then, with strips, designate the crescents on the lunar nail and paint over them. After drying, carefully remove the strips. Fix the finished manicure with a top coating.


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