The ship "Mikhail Bulgakov". Four-deck passenger river ship. Mosturflot

Going on vacation, we want to make maximum use of this short period in order to escape from the daily routine and gain strength for the whole next working year. Everyone needs and interests are the most diverse, but the cruise on the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" will appeal to anyone. And that's why.

River cruises - an alternative to sea vacations

Today, many people want not only to swim and sunbathe during the holidays, but also to gain new impressions, get acquainted with the sights of various countries and cities. Therefore, they choose a cruise vacation.

ship Mikhail Bulgakov

On a cruise, you have the opportunity to wake up every day in a new city and learn something interesting. The level of service on the ship is usually not inferior to the service of multi-star hotels. That is, your vacation will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Typically, the liners are equipped with everything necessary, and during the trip you can take advantage of various additional services that are included in the price of the tour. Thus, such a voyage can be even more economical than stationary recreation.

If you do not have a passport or you just want to know your country, then your choice is a boat trip along the rivers and lakes of Russia.

The choice of company and ship

Choosing a cruise company should be approached responsibly, this will save your time and money. And as a result of the right choice, you will get a good rest, filled with impressions.

One of the largest cruise companies is Mosturflot. Moscow is the beginning of the most diverse routes of this company. But you can also leave from St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Volgograd, Yaroslavl and other points. You can contact the manager and choose the best route with him in any of these cities.

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Mosturflot provides a range of services for organizing holidays, river and sea cruise tours, renting boats for banquets and special occasions. The company owns motor ships of various levels of comfort: luxury, premium, comfort + and standard.

The choice of the ship depends on the length of the route and your preferences in terms of comfort. It is worth considering that on motor ships of a higher class you practically do not feel the pitching and noise of the liner itself, they are more modern and maximally adapted for long living.

Ship structure

River cruise ships, in principle, are very similar in structure. Usually they differ in the number of decks: two-deck, three-deck, four-deck (this does not include the deckhouse and hold). On each deck there is an open small part along the entire ship, as well as an open area for passengers to rest, usually located at the stern of the vessel.

ship cruise Mikhail Bulgakov

All entertainment facilities (bars, restaurants, cinemas, discos) are located in the aft and bow, and in the middle - passenger cabins. Usually, the higher the cabins are, the more comfortable and more expensive they are. It happens that in the hold they have economy class seats.

You can feel the vibration from the engine room during the trip on small old ships, but on modern four-deck airliners, such as, for example, the ship Mikhail Bulgakov, noise is not felt in any of the passenger rooms.

Boat boats are also equipped with boat decks. On four-deck liners on the fourth deck there is a wheelhouse, several passenger cabins and a solarium, where you can sit in a sun lounger and take a sunbath.

Motor ship "Mikhail Bulgakov"

This four deck modern premium liner made in Germany. It consists of lower, main, middle, boat and sun decks. It is owned by Mosturflot. The ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" can accommodate about 300 people.

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At the disposal of passengers cabins of various capacities and levels of comfort:

  • The standard class includes single, double, triple and quadruple cabins. They are located on the main, middle and lower decks; they can be single-tier and two-tier. They have a small area, but they have all the necessary amenities: a refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, individual toilet, wash basin, shower, intercom and room service.
  • Junior Suite Class. These cabins are larger in size, they are single-tier, double. Located in the aft of the middle deck and bow of the boat and middle deck.
  • Luxury class. These are two-room cabins with a balcony of 26 square meters. m located on the boat deck. The furniture in them is upholstered, increased comfort.

Each cabin also has an electric kettle and complimentary coffee, tea and drinking water.

bridgeurflot ship Mikhail Bulgakov

Basic Services

Only the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" has on board an outdoor swimming pool, which you can freely visit during the cruise. Bathing towels are also available for guests there.

Also, the price of the tour includes a visit to the cinema hall, library, music salon, children's room, gym and rental of sports equipment. There are board games, including tennis, and an ironing room is also available. A free Wi-Fi zone awaits you on board.

It features two restaurants. The menu is quite diverse. For breakfast - buffet, for lunch you can choose one of two first courses, one of three second courses, one of two desserts, for dinner you can choose two dishes and two desserts. Vegetarian cuisine is available. The menu also includes oxygen cocktails and herbal tea. The restaurant is equipped with highchairs.

Highly qualified medical personnel work on board the ship.

Additional services

The ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" is equipped with a sauna and a spa, which you can use for an additional fee. Thai massage is also available.

cruises on the Volga prices

There are two bars on board the ship, where you can buy any refreshing drinks.

For an additional fee, you can rent a safe, use the laundry and office services, rent a crib, and also visit the video games salon.


In order for the boat trip not to be monotonous, various measures are provided on board. You can follow the daily routine that is developed for you by the liner staff.

At the beginning of the day you will have morning exercises lasting 15-20 minutes. Spends it in the fresh air (or, if weather conditions do not allow, then indoors) an experienced specialist in physiotherapy. There is also a special fitness gymnastics. Its duration is about 40 minutes.

A variety of master classes are provided for children throughout the day, and in the evening discos and theme parties.

In addition to external excursions, cognitive radio programs are also provided on the history and culture of the peoples of Russia living in the area along which the tour takes place. You will learn about their ethnographic features. There is also a Media Guide device at your disposal, which you can rent from an administrator.

On board the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" organized a museum of the writer. You can also visit various theater and entertainment programs of the actors of the Comedyant Theater.

In addition, adult concerts of live music, show programs. You can also watch a movie in the cinema, read a book in the library or play various board games.

Possible routes

There are a huge number of possible routes for every taste. If we talk about river cruises in Russia, then such are very popular as Moscow-St. Petersburg, Moscow-Yaroslavl, and also, of course, cruises on the Volga. Prices depend on the route, type of ship, cabin class and time of year. For example, a short three-day tour Moscow-Uglich-Myshkin will cost about 9,500.00 rubles, a six-day tour Moscow-Myshkin-Yaroslavl-Plyos-Kostroma-Uglich-Moscow will cost you 25,500.00 rubles, and for a two-week trip along the route Moscow-Mandrogi-Sortavala-Pellotsari-Valaam-Konevets-Saint Petersburg-Medvezhyegorsk-Kuzino-Myshkin-Moscow will need to pay about 65,000.00 rubles.

The most favorable time for traveling is from mid-May to October.

The duration of the tours on the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" is from three to sixteen days. Usually they begin and end in Moscow. Different routes include visits to cities such as Tver, Uglich, Myshkin, Yaroslavl, Ples, Kostroma, Dubna, Kalyazin, N. Novgorod, Ples, Kazan, Elabuga, Cheboksary, Gorodets, Mandrogi, Sortavala, Pellotsari, Valaam, Konevets, Medvezhyegorsk, St. Petersburg, Kuzino, Goritsy, Icefield, Rybinsk, Cherepovets, Tutaev, Kizhi, Petrozavodsk.

That is, cruises cover the central, northern and partially eastern regions of the European part of Russia. Tours are very large-scale and informative.

Attractions Overview

In Myshkin, you will have an excursion to an old mill, a visit to the Russian Boots Museum, the Assumption Cathedral, the Flax ethnographic exhibition, the Crew museum of retro technology, and the 60th anniversary of the Victory Memorial. Additionally, you can go to an ostrich farm.

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Uglich is famous for its Kremlin. There you will also see the Museum of the History of Russian Vodka, the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Resurrection Monastery.

Valaam is the monastery, the Transfiguration Monastery and the unique nature of the North.

And all this is only a small part of all kinds of discoveries. It is impossible to tell about everything. As the saying goes: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times." Therefore, be sure to go on a cruise tour in Russia, choose the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" for your comfort. Your travel reviews will only be favorable. And you will definitely want to repeat your voyage in order to learn even more about the beauties of our Motherland.


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