How is the satellite dish set up?

Recently, satellite dishes can be seen on almost every home. But before they begin to work, they must be configured. Setting up a satellite dish is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. There are two main options for this procedure.

Satellite Dish Setup

The first way is for those who don’t want to tune the plate on their own. To do this, you just need to apply for the service to the company in which you purchased the satellite dish. They will come with their equipment and do everything. And the owner at this time can go about his business.

The second method implies that the satellite dish will be tuned independently. It is worth saying right away that it is best to install it on the roof: there will be no callous eyes, and the setting will go better. Mounting should also come with a plate, so it is easy to fix it there. It is also worth noting immediately that in the future, many think about upgrading their satellite equipment. Therefore, it is also necessary to provide for this.

As the first task, which includes tuning the satellite dish, will be the vertical alignment of the pipe, which will be fixed to the dish. If you do not take into account possible modifications, then this may not be useful. But just in case, you can simplify your task in the future. What if you later want to put yourself a special polar pendant and actuator? Therefore, the pipe is best aligned as it should. After that, you need to attach the plate to it. To prevent it from slipping, you can purchase additional fasteners in specialized stores.

The program for setting the satellite dish

Then you should run the cable. It should be understood that the longer the cable section will be in the open state, that is, on the street, and not under the roof, the more likely it will be damaged after a thunderstorm.

By connecting the cable to the TV, you most likely will not immediately see the whole variety of channels. For their appearance, you need to set up a satellite dish. At least one channel should be found, albeit with ripples and without sound. It will subsequently simplify the configuration process itself.

Set up a satellite dish for a telecard

In addition, setting up a satellite dish will be greatly simplified if it is also installed in someone’s range of visibility. To choose its direction, you should focus on the equipment found and installed. In other words, where it is directed, you must direct your device there. If there are no plates nearby, then you should know that the equipment must be sent south.

If there is a special program for setting up a satellite dish, then you should first of all be guided by its indicators. If it is not, then you need an assistant who will stand by the TV and talk about the results. Your duties include carefully turning the plate up and down, left and right. It is worth knowing that even one centimeter can affect the quality of the channels. It is necessary to move until the assistant reports that everything is fine.

It is necessary to tighten all the bolts as much as possible and more accurately after the tuning of the satellite dish is completed. A telecard, it is also worth knowing, you will need it in order to unlock a large number of channels. Otherwise, only the main ones will be shown.


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