Stylish french manicure. Black color in the design of nails.

For several years in a row, French manicure has not lost its relevance. Black color is considered one of the most noble and intriguing, so it is increasingly being used to design nails. In today's publication will be presented several original ideas of this design.

The most important nuances

Today, there are several techniques for applying French. To choose one of them, it is important to consider the length and shape of your nails. Do not forget that black visually reduces volumes. Therefore, it is more appropriate on long square, almond-shaped or oval nails.

french manicure black

To French manicure (black) looked more impressive, you must definitely prepare for its application. You can perform it with acrylic paints. Thanks to this, you can achieve maximum evenness and sharpness of the lines. In addition, this coating has another significant advantage. It dries very quickly.

Necessary tools and materials

It should be noted that French manicure (black) is not just applying dark varnish. It involves the processing of nails, in the process of which various materials are used. If the procedure is not carried out in the salon, but at home, then you should purchase everything you need in advance. To do this, you will need:

  • A set of varnishes.
  • French coatings (base or base and top).
  • Special stencils.
  • Manicure tweezers.
  • Files with varying degrees of abrasiveness.
  • Cuticle softener and tool for removing it.

In many specialized stores you can buy a set for French manicure, which has everything you need.

Execution technique

Regardless of which French manicure (black) you choose, you need to start by treating the nail plate and giving it a beautiful shape. The execution of the jacket is carried out in several stages.

black manicure for short nails

First, each nail is treated with a special nail file. This will give them the right shape. After that, the hands are immersed in a bathtub filled with a solution prepared from warm water and sodium chloride. After ten minutes, you can begin to remove the cuticle. For this, a special tool is applied to it and can withstand the set time. It is better to remove the cuticle with an orange stick.

After that, wash your hands with warm water and begin to apply the base. In order for the black jacket to last as long as possible, the entire nail plate is covered with a base. The next step is to form a neat β€œsmile” that is characteristic of any French manicure. For these purposes, use special stencils. Then, a top coat is applied to the nails. Thanks to him, the result will be more elegant and durable.

Black french manicure with a pattern

Very attractive against a dark background look delicate decorative flowers of a pale yellow, pink or blue hue with green leaves. However, it is advisable to entrust the creation of such a pattern to a master who has the skills to work with a thin brush.

Lace French manicure looks quite impressive. Unlike the previous version, even a beginner can easily cope with this task. The basis for creating lace are arcs, the largest of which can be filled with the smallest mesh, and decorate with leaves and petals on the outside.

manicure black gel polish

Black French manicure with gold looks beautiful. This option has long been recognized as a classic. This luxurious combination looks very elegant. Especially if the holes are decorated with a neat foil finish. Equally popular is acrylic modeling with gold on a dark background or staining with stripes.

Black manicure for short nails

Dark varnish is perfect for everyday jacket. Of course, in the usual version, he looks a little boring and even gloomy. Therefore, it is often supplemented with sparkles, rhinestones or all kinds of patterns. To do this, on the pre-prepared nails apply the base base and a layer of black varnish. After that, rhinestones are attached to the surface of the plate using special glue.

Such a black manicure for short nails can afford any woman. The only mandatory requirement is very well-groomed hands. Otherwise, the result will not look as impressive as you would like.

Fashionable black jacket options

Matte French manicure looks very nice on the nails . To perform it, on a previously applied basis, they paint a black β€œsmile” and cover it all with matte varnish and top.

black french manicure with a pattern

Glossy manicure with black gel polish is no less effective . It is made by analogy with the matte version. But the tip of the nail is covered with a brilliant tool. Lovers of bold experiments can be advised to combine matte and glossy varnish.


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