How to remove a sticker from the refrigerator: using professional tools, improvised methods, tips and tricks

It’s not fashionable to sculpt stickers on the refrigerator for a long time. Total “sticker mania” in our country began at the dawn of perestroika and in the 90s turned into a real boom. Often, visiting someone, you could see a refrigerator, full of stickers with chewing gum. Today, it is rather a sign of bad taste. Stickers have long been replaced with magnets. But anyway, many live by their own rules and still attach adhesive stickers to their household appliances. Sometimes inadvertently children do it. Hence the problem - how to remove the sticker from the refrigerator? Are there effective methods to get rid of stickers once and for all, making the surface of a household appliance snow-white and pristine? We'll figure out.

What, in fact, is the problem?

Stickers on the fridge

The problem is primarily in changing the design of the kitchen. If the kitchenette after repair is clean and seasoned in strict colors, artsy, all in stickers, the refrigerator will not look appropriate in such an environment. Anyway, stickers tend to fade, darken, peel around the edges over time, collecting dirty deposits around the perimeter.

But the main disadvantage is that all these stickers are not so easy to remove. Many still think that this is almost impossible. Allegedly, a trace from it will still remain and will take the form of a cloudy spot from the glue base, on which dust will constantly land. But if you are not lazy and make a little effort, it is quite possible. Next, we will consider several options for how to remove a sticker from the refrigerator without a trace using improvised and professional tools.

What rules should the selected tools and methods meet?

Do not forget that your refrigerator, although it has an absolutely smooth surface, its top layer is a painted coating, so in no case should you try to wipe the stickers using any means that dissolves the paint in itself.

Also, in no case should you use graters and sponges with metal layers. The sandpaper effect will quickly cover the flat surface of the refrigerator with scratches, after which this part of it can only be repainted or glued with another sticker. Therefore, in order not to change the awl for soap, you do not need to use metal objects that can leave scratches, but you should trust only rags, ordinary sponges or cotton pads and other accessories sparing the painted surface of the device.

In some stores selling computer equipment, you can purchase a special tool for removing stickers. How to use it is written on the bubble itself. We’ll talk about the rest of the tools below.

Sticker remover

Hair dryer

To begin with, how to remove old stickers from the refrigerator using improvised means. And the first thing to try is the effect on the sticker, or rather, on its adhesive base, of high temperature. We will increase the temperature using a regular hair dryer. Turn on the hair dryer, direct a stream of hot air on the sticker and wait for it to heat up. Then we tear off the edge and pull it gently. Often heated stickers move away from the surface of the refrigerator with glue, leaving no stains.

At the end of my place, where the sticker was earlier, a sponge with soapy water, and the process can be considered completed.

Sunflower oil

This improvised product can dissolve the components of many varieties of glue, without causing any harm to the paint. How to remove a sticker with it? To do this, soak it with sunflower oil to the base. We put the oil on a cloth or cotton swab and press it on the sticker, which we will “reduce”. The more abundantly we moistened the swab with oil and the longer we hold it, pressing it to the sticker, the better it will move away from the surface of the refrigerator.

Next, we act in the same way as in the case with the hairdryer - pry off the edge and slowly tear it off. After washing off the oil with dishwashing detergent.

Glue stains

But unfortunately, in most cases, glue remains on the surface of the refrigerator. Many immediately try to tear the sticker to dry. The paper base comes off and the glue stain remains. If you do not remove it in a timely manner, then dust will settle on it, and dark grayish-dirty spots form on the surface of the refrigerator door. How to remove traces of stickers on the refrigerator with such unsuccessful tearing them off? There are funds, and then we will list them and show you how to use them.

Trade union

Sticker Removal Tools

So, how and how to remove the glue from the sticker from the refrigerator in case of remaining stains? There are many such funds. Basically, they have the appearance of sprays and consist of components that are not able to cause harm to the painted surface, but perfectly dissolving adhesive compositions in themselves.

It is enough to spray the product on an adhesive stain and wait a bit. After that, it will be perfectly erased from the refrigerator door with a rag. To enhance the effect, a cloth can also be soaked with this tool. The most effective and affordable tool from a set of such varieties is a bitumen stain cleaner. Its only disadvantages are that it smells disgusting and it is advisable to work with it, putting on rubber gloves. But he will remove the consequences of any type of sticker in a matter of seconds. After that, you only need to wash the place where the sticker was with detergent for dishes.

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge

Also a great tool. How to remove a sticker from the refrigerator with it? Very simple. We print out a glue stain that is as strong as possible until it is completely erased. Wash the surface with soap and water. Done.

Tools at hand

Sticker Remover

Let's move on to the means at hand. They are not so effective, but they can also help in removing glue stains. Among them, one can especially highlight:

  • Acetone or nail polish remover. Neither one nor the other will damage the paint, but it will dissolve the components of the adhesive base, although the process will be longer.
  • Medical or food alcohol. It will also help to dissolve the components of the glue, although it works perfectly and not on all varieties.
  • Vinegar. Great thing, but it will also have to tinker with it a little longer than in the case of professional funds.
  • Student eraser, or, in simple words - eraser. It can wipe the stain dry. True, you also have to tinker with it, not only with the stain itself, but also with the strips left by the erase. The stain will have to be washed for a long time after that.

Another available method of removing a sticker from the refrigerator is shown in the next video.


As we see, it is very possible to deal with stickers. The main thing is to make some efforts to this. And you will surely succeed!


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