The number of souls 4 in numerology: a characteristic of men and women

What do you think can connect Alexei Tolstoy, Fidel Castro, Sigmund Freud, Che Guevara and Vladimir Zhirinovsky? These people are united by one soul number - 4. Today we offer you material in which we will tell how to calculate this number, to understand what this calculation gives. And we’ll talk about the characteristics and compatibility of the Quartet - both men and women.

Calculation of the number of souls

So. There are two ways to calculate the number of souls. The first, the so-called Vedic, allows you to determine this figure by the person’s birth date. For example, you were born on August 31, 1985. For calculations, you only need the calendar number of the date of birth. It will look like this: 3 + 1 = 4. This means that the numerological property of the soul of a person born on August 31 is 4. In Vedic numerology, the number of souls is determined taking into account certain nuances. The thing is that the beginning of a new day is considered not midnight! The day of the month changes only 2 hours after dawn. That is, if you were born after midnight, but before dawn, your date of birth will be a full day less. Let us explain with a specific example: a person born at 2:00 on September 1, according to the Vedic calculus, was born on August 31.

Soul Number 4: Characteristic

In the event that your date of birth is controversial, numerologists recommend that you study both numbers and listen to the internal vibrations that arise from thoughts about each. Esotericists say: you yourself will guess which number is yours, because it is your inner world, and therefore who, if not you, needs to know the answer to this question.


Another way to calculate this figure is to add the numerical values ​​of all the vowels that make up your first name, middle name and last name. They must be reduced to an unambiguous form. The first thing to do for this is to use the information below:

  • A - 1.
  • E - 6.
  • E - 7.
  • And - 1.
  • O - 7.
  • U - 3.
  • S - 2.
  • E - 4.
  • S - 5.
  • I am 6.

Add all the numbers corresponding to the letters in the list. And then lead to a single digit.

Characteristic of even numbers

What is the difference between a person with an even number of souls? Its main feature is its complex and turbulent character. Often, a little thing can lead to a real explosion. Such a person likes to make plans, to lead other people. There is also a tendency to manipulate: this usually happens if a person is determined to take what, in his opinion, belongs to him. To achieve the objectives, a person with an even number of souls (including a four) can go over their heads and come to the fore.

Soul Number 4: Recommendations

General characteristics of the fours

The number of souls 4, numerologists say, is a combination of love for order, some pedantry, hard work and perseverance. People with this number are all in doubt. And some of them do it out of obstinacy, and some out of caution and suspiciousness. "Fours" are the real rebels and reformers. It is not in their interests to be only part of a complex mechanism. It is these people, without a twinge of conscience, who can break the law and oppose the current political regime. Such a life position turns them into supporters of various opposition organizations and parties. Numerologists note the fact that people with a soul number of 4 are distinguished by their inability to build strong relationships, few can boast of strong marriage bonds.

The “fours” are quite secretive, they formulate thoughts with difficulty, and can quickly lose control over their own emotions. However, they are characterized by traits such as patience and courage. People with this soul count are not greedy. Numerologists note: in any conflict situation, the Quartet take a minority position, which is why they have so many enemies. The number 4 gives people the ability to overcome all obstacles, each fall is accompanied by a rise. Perhaps that is why men and women with a soul number of 4 are usually distrustful, need help and support, but cannot accept them. Because these people have to show courage, patience and unprecedented courage. A significant role is played by the unique way of thinking.

Soul Number 4: Description

Adverse karma

The number of souls 4 is influenced by the demon Rahu, who is usually portrayed as a dragon without a body, located on a chariot in which 8 black horses are harnessed. In Indian astrology, Rahu is a symbol of deception, fraud, immoral behavior, hypocrisy and turning enemies into friends. In addition, Rahu is the northern node of the moon. That is why this number of souls is considered to be unfavorable karma. Four indicates that a person is in a position of choice. He must make incredible efforts to rectify the situation. It is the four that lead people to lightning degradation, however, it can also become a true blessing, raise the person to a new spiritual level.

It is Rahu who makes the life of people who are under his influence unstable. The plans and dreams of people with a soul number of 4 often come to naught due to sudden changes. As a result, a person feels dissatisfaction, fate seems to him unfair and even unbearable. Often, such people do not feel joy from what they are doing. For this reason, numerologists say, they are in eternal search: it seems to them that they occupy someone else's place, constantly feel the desire to change everything and find reliability and peace of mind. Therefore, often in trying to get away from Rahu, they turn into "all-terrain vehicles." However, it is impossible to run away from Rahu: he constantly makes fun of the “fours”, confuses the cards of their life whenever these people think that they have reached stability. The Quartet can do their job well, but no one will ever appreciate their work. Because of this, they are suspicious and cautious, prefer voluntary isolation.

Soul Number 4: Compatibility

Rahu creates in the minds of people with the number 4 the so-called effect of insufficiency. Thoughts constantly appear in my head that for complete happiness something else is missing. Due to the fact that human consciousness is 99% material, the "fours" begin to make every possible effort to achieve material success. However, they will never get satisfaction, because Rahu literally sends them criticism from surrounding people and new difficulties. Often there are situations when the Quartet has a chance for a long-awaited breakthrough, all roads open in front of them. True, at this moment they no longer believe in what is happening, they doubt for too long, and therefore someone more decisive takes their place. The family life of the Quartet is not particularly favorable. Usually it is destroyed by the secrecy and selfishness of these people.

How to overcome adverse karma?

Do not think that the Quartet will forever remain under the influence of Rahu. Friendliness, love for everything that surrounds a person, optimism will help to annul it. The fact is that all these qualities relate to the energy of the Sun, which, of course, is much stronger than Rahu in all directions. The Quartet's solar powers can be found in compassion, tolerance, and love. With the help of this power, people with a soul number of 4 will finally be able to control their own life and build it on a solid foundation. Thanks to this, they will be able to build long-term plans, achieve them without wasting time on casual pleasures. Numerologists say that the “fours” should never give up, it is activity and responsibility that make Rahu retreat.

Soul number 4 in Vedic numerology

It is worth noting that Rahu usually prevents people from making a decision, which is why it is important to do this as soon as possible, otherwise Rahu will delay the actions so much that the Quartet will not be able to carry them out at all. Another weak point of people with a soul number of 4 is their memory. Numerologists recommend making plans on paper, writing something important.

Four Woman: Character Features

A woman with a soul number of 4 is criticized throughout her life by the people around her. The problem lies in the fact that her point of view is radically different from the opinions of others. She always patronizes the losers, while making her secret enemies and creating problems for herself. However, numerologists note that the intentions of such women are always pure, they can not be called vile. These women are the most reliable and patient friends. It is worth noting that these young women are the owners of an extremely rapidly changing nature: sometimes they are incredibly polite and soft, and sometimes qualities like rudeness and straightforwardness appear in them. Such changes often annoy friends and family. However, if people around can understand the Quartet women or even predict their behavior, they can find in them people who can always come to the rescue, owners of a huge heart, practical women with incredible ideas.

Soul Number 4: Woman

A woman with a soul number of 4 will always come to the aid of the poor and destitute, she is capable of any reforms that can improve the environment, society and her own home. Attitudes and rules are not for them: these young ladies easily violate laws and regulations and rebel against the authorities. It is worth noting that this woman loves to attend the theater, she enjoys going to concerts and exhibitions. Moreover, she is able to critically evaluate objects of art.

Relationship with men

Speaking about the compatibility of women with a soul number of 4 with men, it is worth noting that these young ladies do not have a complete picture of the world, they cannot clearly understand their relationship. This often creates problems in family life. Moreover, such a woman is incredibly tender and romantic, she can take responsibility, takes care not only about her chosen one, but also about his friends and parents. She takes on all the pain of her lover, she tries to restrain her emotions. Such a woman can create the most harmonious relationships with men whose soul number is 1, 3, 5, or 6. But the compatibility of soul number 4 with 8 and 9 is extremely negative: such couples will encounter insurmountable difficulties and part.

Four Man: Feature

Numerologists say: representatives of the stronger sex with this number of souls see a trick in everything, expect trouble. They are incredibly dubious, often miss opportunities. A man with a soul number of 4 is incredibly responsible, cautious. He seeks solitude, often feels abandoned. For men, "fours" do not matter their social status and work. Due to the fact that they are constantly faced with criticism, they practically do not know how to enjoy success. For this reason, they often change jobs and their life goals. It is worth knowing that they constantly think that they are in wait for betrayal and danger. They reject all the traditions and customs that exist in the society that surrounds them. In numerology, the number of souls 4 speaks of iron discipline, the pursuit of order, and sullenness. The Quartet almost never make compromises, and the reason is not that they are too principled - the fact is that they simply do not understand the meaning and meaning of compromise.

Soul Number 4: Man

The “four” man has tremendous creative talents, which can lead him to the path of fame and success. Such a man is smart, knows how to see the essence of things that are hidden from prying eyes.

Compatibility of men by soul number 4

This man will not tolerate a woman with a strong character next to him, young ladies who are deprived of a sense of respect for someone else's authority should bypass the “fours”. He always has many love affairs, but all of them are unsuccessful. These people's wedding plans usually upset completely unexpected changes. Sometimes this happens because they constantly doubt themselves. Speaking about the compatibility of the number of souls 4, it is worth saying that such men will become ideal partners for the “triples” and “sixes”. They should abandon relations with the Quartet.

Cautions and Tips

Numerologists give a number of recommendations that will help the "fours" to establish their life. For example, people with this soul number should develop the ability to feel love and trust from loved ones. It is important for them to learn to appreciate what is in them, to enjoy every moment of life. But they should not listen to unnecessary criticism and constant condemnation of the Quartet. Those who allow themselves to criticize them should be ignored or immediately put in place. Avoid the "Quartet" and should be aimless travel, loneliness and detachment.


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