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Any person can have a variety of health problems. Fortunately, modern medicine can do a lot. One of the most frustrating disorders is complete or partial hearing loss. In some circumstances, this ailment can be treated medically or surgically; in others, the only way to hear the world around you is to install a hearing aid. All these actions are performed by the deaf center. He also offers some other services.

Audiological center

What it is

Such centers are peculiar medical clinics specializing specifically in hearing problems. Each person who has discovered any deterioration in this area can turn to a deaf center for advice and undergo an examination. In the future, on the basis of identified root causes and other related factors, he is diagnosed with treatment methods. If medical and surgical treatment is not able to solve the patient’s problem, a hearing aid is selected and installed.

Audiological Center on Vernadsky

Services of audiological centers

A wide range of specialists are working in the audiological clinics, the combination of which determines the root causes, the overall clinical picture of the disease, and also renders a verdict on the diagnosis. The staff of the center has an audiologist, speech therapist, neurologist, psychologist, audioprosthetist, audiologist. Depending on the research and services provided, the staff may be supplemented by other specialists.

First of all, they will advise you, listen to complaints, conduct research on various criteria and indicators. For diagnostics, the latest audiometric equipment is used. Such tools can determine the presence of hearing problems and their causes in people of any age. The next step is the appointment of a course of treatment or the selection of a hearing aid that is suitable directly for this patient.

In addition to these services, the deaf center often offers to sign up to the pathologist. Hard of hearing people who do not have the ability to perceive the speech of others have problems with pronunciation, intelligibility of what is said. Understanding with other people in this situation is difficult to achieve. To do this, defectologists conduct courses on correcting speech disorders, improving intelligibility, learning to read from the person you are talking to, and also courses on adapting to hearing aids.

children's audiological center

Who may need a hearing center

The services of audiological centers may be required not only for people with a complete lack of hearing, but also for those who have noticed even a slight dullness, feels pain in the auditory canals, and regularly tolerate otitis media and other diseases. Colds often lead to complications in the ears, drafts, freezing provoke inflammation. The qualified help of specialists will help to cope with the disease itself and the unpleasant consequences that it can carry. Ear pain is one of the most unpleasant sensations, and sometimes it is possible to cope with it only with special therapeutic courses.

Hearing impairment, even among young people, is more and more common. This is facilitated by the intense atmosphere of life in the metropolis, constant ambient noise, wearing headphones, listening to music at high volume. With age, hearing problems only intensify, which means that the sooner a person seeks qualified help, the more likely it is to retain the much-needed ability to clearly hear the world around him.

hearing center

Diagnosis and treatment of hearing diseases in children

Hearing disorders of varying severity are also found in the smallest patients. The reason for this may be birth injuries, hereditary diseases, genetic malfunctions. These days, such violations are increasingly common. But the diagnosis of such diseases in children up to a year can only be carried out using modern equipment with the participation of qualified specialists in this field of medicine. For such small patients, there is a children's audiology center. The approach to treating young children should be specific. It is impossible for a child to explain the need for certain procedures and studies. Therefore, the staff is needed special. Teaching children of legible speech and other subtleties after hearing restoration should be carried out by a specialist in the field of audiology and pediatrics, who knows the features of the approach to young patients. Therefore it is so important to choose a specialized center.

Audiological center on the running

Audiological center on Vernadsky

The City Children's Audiological Consultative and Diagnostic Center in Moscow specializes in treating young patients. There is a sound center on Vernadskogo, house 9. The center employs specialists in the following areas: optometrist, psychiatrist, otolaryngologist, audiologist, neurologist, defectologist, hearing aid prosthetist. There is an audiometry room. All doctors and defectologists have the highest qualification category. The center operates in consultation and dispensary mode. This medical center belongs to the category of state. Its capabilities include issuing preferential and even free hearing aids to children every four years. Most examinations are carried out on a medical insurance policy. Patient reviews report that the medical center really gave hope for a bright and healthy future for children. They also note that free procedures are very helpful. Not every family can pull the cost of these procedures in commercial clinics. Quality does not suffer at all.

Audiological center

MNPTSO named after L.I. Sverzhevsky branch β„–1

This Audiological Center is located at the Begovaya metro station. Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing, nose and larynx problems. It is one of the most famous medical centers in this area in Moscow . It also belongs to the category of state, there is an opportunity to get a preferential or free hearing aid, to conduct surgical treatment on a quota. In reviews, patients write about quality medical care. However, it has to be expected for some time, since there is some queue for receiving preferential state medical services.


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