How to send a message to yourself in VK: way

How to send a message to yourself on a social network? Surely, if you ask such a question to your friends, they will consider this more as a joke than a serious request. Many users, I must say, do not even know about the appearance of such an opportunity in social networks, and if they hear, they do not understand its purpose. In which case, such an option will become useful and how to send a message to yourself in the "VK"?

Function Purpose

how to send a message to yourself in vk

Indeed, why do you need to know how to send a message to yourself in "VK"? The fact is that in this way it is very convenient to save various links and materials when access is required from several browsers or devices. For example, a user using a mobile device sends a link to a page of interest, photographs or audio files to the dialog. Later, he enters a dialogue from a tablet, laptop, computer and gets access to all the necessary content. This method is almost identical to using e-mail to save and transfer files, but now it is more convenient due to the widespread use of social networks. In Russia, VKontakte is the most popular and used social network, and the ability to send messages by the user to himself was not available from the very beginning of the existence of the network.

Bug or special feature?

how to send a message to vk to myself

The appearance of this opportunity was announced by the VK administration in early 2012. The creators emphasized that this option is nothing more than a way to leave notes and reminders for yourself, but so far it is not widely popular among the inhabitants of the network. The reason for this lies in the fact that most people simply did not hear about such a function, and they simply did not have a question about how to send a message to themselves in VK. An open conversation between a user and his own account is a convenient way to use the capabilities of social networks to the maximum. How can this option be detected?

How to send a message to yourself on VKontakte?

how to send a message to yourself vkontakte

When a network user logs into his own profile, he does not see a special button that would allow him to open a conversation. Therefore, if a close friend asks how to send a message to VK herself, do not be surprised and scold her for her carelessness. There are several different ways.

  • In the "Messages" menu, enter the name and surname of your own account in the search bar. The function is available both in the mobile versions of the VKontakte application and in the full version of the site. The search will offer to open a conversation with your account, you need to click the mouse, selecting your page.
  • You can open a dialogue using any account from the user's friends list. Just go to a friend’s page and click on the "Friends" menu. The first line in the search bar is always displayed your own account. To the right of the account will be the necessary button - "Write a message." The function is available only in the full version of the site.

There is nothing complicated about sending a message to yourself in VK, and these two methods are the most convenient and common among those who know about this interesting opportunity. In the future, the user simply selects the necessary one from the list of dialogs and uses the function to save notes and content. It is really convenient!


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