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What is Trenbolone? This is the most common anabolic steroid. It dissolves in oil, and ether is attached to it. This is achieved through the use of a 17-beta hydroxyl group. If we compare among themselves the different types of this tool, then we can say that they have different rates of steroid release from the injection area.

Trenbolone reviews

For example, the half-life of the acetate form of the drug is approximately 5 days. In general, a steroid is nothing but a modified "Nandrolone". The difference between them is the presence of a double bond between the 9th and 11th carbons. Thus, suppression of aromatization is achieved. If we turn to the same "Nandrolone", it is known that even with the release of estrogen, it undergoes aromatization rather slowly. For our drug, this is uncharacteristic.

What is the difference between Trenbolone and Nandrolone?

Trenbolone Price

Due to the existence of a bond between the 11th and 12th carbons, binding to receptors increases. If we continue to compare "Trenbolone" with "Nandrolone", then we can note the great activity of the first in anabolic and androgenic terms. Rather, the drug is more similar to Drostanolone. Well, perhaps, Trenbolone is much more active in androgenic terms than the same testosterone.

A little bit about the history of the drug

Trenbolone Course

In 1967, quite a lot of different forms of Trenbolone were produced. You can read reviews about each of them in articles on bodybuilding. Steroid production was started by Negma, a company based in France. By the way, then the drug was called somewhat differently - “Parabolan”. One of its forms, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, was officially sold as a medicine for people who suffered from dystrophy. On the French market, Parabolan remained long enough until 1997. Since then, it has not been officially released.

What pharmacological actions does Trenbolone have?

Trenbolone - side effect, reviews

This drug has both androgenic and anabolic effects. As mentioned earlier, it was recommended for people suffering from dystrophy, as well as osteoporosis. The activity of the agent in the skin of the body and head, prostate is weakly expressed. Side effects will not occur if you take the drug in those doses that are recommended.

It is worth noting that the progestogenic activity is not pronounced in Trenbolone, but it is still present. Purely theoretically, this can affect the weakening of libido. In practice, there were almost no such cases. The opposite effect was noted when the athlete's sexual desire only increased. The same thing happened with physical strength.

What types of Trenbolone are most commonly used?

One of the types of this steroid is Sustanon Trenbolone. It is also more active than testosterone in the androgenic plan (about 5 times). This property can only say one thing: it is a really good anabolic drug. If we talk about this factor, the tool "Trenbolone Boldenone" has a similar principle of constructing an anabolic effect. It lies in the fact that protein production begins to be stimulated, fat deposition slows down. And the substances that are necessary for the synthesis of protein (such as potassium and phosphorus, calcium and sulfur) are retained inside the body, which is what the steroid consumer reviews say about Trenbolone.

About the steroid profile of Trenbolone

The activity of the substance is 10 days. According to the classification, this drug is classified as anabolic / androgenic steroids. It is used exclusively through injections, the dosage of which should be from 100 to 300 mg per week. Women are not recommended to use this tool.

According to reviews, the steroid often has a side effect in the form of acne. Water retention during its use does not occur. It is also noted that blood pressure rises, but the substance does not differ in hepatoxicity. It has no aromatase. As mentioned earlier, the steroid has a mild progestogen activity. DHT conversion is missing. When taking the drug "Trenbolone", the course is calculated for each organism individually, according to the instructions.

The use of a steroid involves the production of own testosterone. If we talk about indicators of anabolic and androgenic activity, then they are 400% and 200%, respectively. The detection time of a substance in the blood can reach 7 weeks. Other factors, such as taking furosemide, for example, also affect its detection rate.

Steroid effects

By stimulating protein synthesis, several effects are achieved that the Trenbolone steroid is rich in. The first effect, of course, is to increase muscle mass. The second effect is to increase strength indicators. The third effect provides an increase in growth factor. Its rate is 200%.

In addition to all of the above, the substance helps burn fat. This happens not only by stimulating the secretion of IGF, but also independently. Libido increases during use. After the course, it decreases markedly. This can be corrected by using, for example, gonadotropin. The steroid has a significant effect on reducing cortisol.

When prescribing the steroid Trenbolone, the course involves an increase in muscle mass in 8 weeks by 10 kg.

How to apply "Trenbolone"?

If the task posed concerns working on the physique, then the dosage is recommended to be used no more than 300 mg per week. You can start with 150 mg. Receptions are shared evenly throughout the week. The course of administration ranges from 5 to 8 weeks of continuous use. Such a dose is sufficient to increase the dry weight and strength, and it is noticeable. In this case, the risk of side effects is negligible. The side effect, which many bodybuilders leave reviews, includes several manifestations.

Since this drug does not have an estrogen component, it is especially popular with athletes competing in competitions. The androgen component helps eliminate fat. Trenbolone is a fairly strong anabolic, surpassing even Methandrostenolone. It is often recommended for inclusion in the list of drugs when following a mass-gaining course.

Generally speaking, reviews call this tool the most active in anabolic terms among commercial non-estrogenic steroids. Its popularity is also justified by its versatility. When drying, the Trenbolone preparation is combined with Primolbolan or Stanozolol. Due to this, excess water is removed. "Boldenone" is used in cases where it is necessary to gain a dry mass. Combination with testosterone or methandrostenolone will help achieve normal mass growth.

Women are not recommended to take this steroid, again due to the presence of androgenic side effects. The most affordable drug now is also Trenbolone. The price for it is relatively small, and the tool pays off.

What side effects does Trenbolone have?

It does not aromatize in the human body due to low estrogenic activity. In general, this drug is quite similar to the same progesterone receptors. Thus, it would be logical to assume that it can cause progesterone side effects. And this is stopping the production of testosterone, and an increase in body fat, and much more. Progestins are known to have an effect on breast tissue growth. Therefore, it is better to take some antiprogestin, for example, Cabergoline. Antiestrogens will help to some extent alleviate the gynecomastia caused by progestogens. If you take flavors at the same time, then a side effect may be more pronounced. Reviews of people taking "Trenbolone" say that with a normalized dosage, no side effect (at least pronounced) is observed.

Although the drug belongs to the class of anabolics, the likelihood of side effects of androgenic origin is still present. For example, an increase in oily skin and the appearance of acne, an increase in hairline both on the body and on the face. In this case, it is worth trying to reduce the dosage. In women taking this remedy, the voice is coarser, the structure of hair and skin changes.

When discussing the action of the steroid "Trenbolone" reviews in most cases about him left positive. Professionals also note the possibility of side effects, but argue that the main thing in this matter is to correctly distribute the dose. Then there should not be any problems.

Why do many athletes use this particular steroid?

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why amateur bodybuilders take Trenbolone is the price. She most optimally distinguishes it in terms of price-quality ratio. Therefore, the drug is respected even by professional bodybuilders. The cost of a bottle of 10 ml in specialized stores is from 2500 and 5300 rubles.

If you still have not decided to use this steroid, then people who have experience with it can help you. To do this, just find out about the drug "Trenbolone" reviews of professional athletes and amateurs.


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