Cooking spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce - a true gourmet will be delighted with this dish. Which is understandable, because the delicate taste of cream is intertwined with elegant notes of mushrooms. And if you submit this symphony of culinary art with correctly prepared spaghetti to your guests, nobody will remain indifferent.

spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce
Proper sauce

Spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce is traditionally prepared using champignons. But in order to give the latter a taste worthy of true connoisseurs, it is necessary to properly prepare the sauce.

So, to create a creamy sauce you will need: 500 g of champignons, nutmeg, 200 ml of medium-fat cream, onion, clove of garlic, salt and butter.

The very first stage of cooking spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce is as follows.

Mushrooms and onions should be peeled and rinsed well, preferably under running water. Next, put two tablespoons of butter on a preheated pan, dissolve a little and dip the chopped onion into it. How to cut onions depends on how the mushrooms are processed. So, if you plan to divide them into thin plates, then from an aesthetic point of view, a bow chopped with rings or half rings will look prettier. And, on the contrary, chopped onions are also suitable for diced champignons.

As soon as the onion begins to acquire a slightly golden hue, it is necessary to add mushrooms to it and let it sweat for two minutes without mixing. Next, fry the onion-mushroom mixture for about fifteen minutes, after which pour the cream and season with a pinch of nutmeg. As soon as the mixture boils, the heat under the pan should be reduced - let the sauce simmer for another two minutes, after which it is removed from the heat.

The first stage of cooking spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy sauce is completed.

Right paste

how to cook spaghetti with mushrooms

It is worth mentioning right away that you should start cooking spaghetti at the moment when cream is added to the mushrooms and onions. So, in boiling water, which previously added salt, spaghetti are placed. Cook them to a slightly undercooked condition. Then they need to be folded, freeing from excess fluid, and season with olive oil. It should be noted right away that most recipes for how to cook spaghetti with mushrooms recommend adding olive oil. And the point in this case is not even that this dish came from Italy, but rather that olive oil significantly reduces the calorie content of the dish compared to cream, but at the same time adds spicy notes to the pasta.

If everything was done right, then the spaghetti will be ready at the same time as the sauce. Why is this needed? In order for the almost ready-made pasta, covered with the most tender hot sauce, to “get through”.

This dish is just that simple.

black spaghetti in a creamy sauce

Culinary delights

The above recipe is perfect for making a quick dinner. You can optimize the process if you pre-freeze the onion-mushroom mixture in the above proportions.

If there is plenty of time, then it is better to cook this dish not with mushrooms, but with forest mushrooms, for example, porcini. They are more aromatic and more satisfying.

In addition, fans of culinary experiments should cook black spaghetti in a creamy sauce. The process looks almost the same, only in contrast to ordinary pasta black can be cooked in the sauce presented above and without mushrooms. And piquancy in this case can be given by red or black caviar or shrimp laid out on a slide.


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