Bench Press - Best Chest Exercise

Bench press - an exercise that most effectively develops pectoral muscles. It belongs to the category of basic exercises, so it should be performed by both beginners and professionals. Maximum efficiency in breast pumping can be achieved only by performing a bench press in combination with a dumbbell bench press and wiring.
There are a couple of options for how to complete it. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Bench Press

This version of the bench is considered classic. It involves the pectoral muscles, anterior delta and triceps.

Bench press
Even a beginner can perform this exercise correctly. We lie down on the bench so that the bar is at eye level, grasp it with a fairly wide grip and begin to perform the exercise. On inspiration, lower the bar to the middle of the chest, on exhalation, return to the starting position. To keep your balance better, place your feet firmly on the floor. Perform 8 to 12 reps in 3-5 sets.

Bench press (head up)

If you want to pay attention to pumping the top of the chest, then you need to include the bench press in an inclination (head up) in your training. This option will involve the top of the chest, the front of the deltas, trapezoid and triceps.

Record bench press
This exercise is intended for people who have a fairly massive breast, but want to pay attention to its upper part. For beginners, this exercise is not recommended. The technique for correctly performing the bench press on an incline bench is the same as the classic bench press, but the bar needs to be lowered to the top of the chest, and not to the middle. There is also an embodiment in partial amplitude. It is used to unload the triceps.

Bench press upside down on an incline bench

To pay attention to the bottom of the chest, do a bench press upside down.

kmc bench press
This type of bench press will engage the lower chest, front delta and triceps. Exercise is recommended to be performed only by athletes who have already pumped their breasts well enough , but want to give it a shape, so to speak, “trim”. The technique is similar to a conventional bench press, but the bar should be lowered onto the solar plexus. Doing the exercise must be in full amplitude.
You should also pay attention to the grip of the bar. The wider the grip, the stronger the load on the chest, but this does not mean that the hands should be placed at maximum width. Choose a grip that is convenient for you, but periodically make it wider, or narrower. Too wide grip should not be done, otherwise injure your shoulders.

Bench press lying on a horizontal bench

This is the most popular exercise among people who work out in the gym. If you train well for two to three years, you can get the title - kmc on the bench press. If your weight is 60 kg, then you will have to shake 97.5 kg for the standard, with a weight of 75 kg - 117.5 kg. If the scales below you show 90 kg, then you will have to reap 132.5 kg.

If you want to try to squeeze the maximum weight, that is, to set a competitive record, the bench press must be performed cleanly and with a pause, otherwise the record will not be counted. I hope this article has helped you learn something new about this exercise.


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