Tarot “Mirror of Fate”: major lasso, meaning, hands

In the world there are a huge number of different decks of Tarot cards. All of them differ in design and, of course, in energy. There is no standard deck that suits everyone without exception. For each person, the choice can be completely different. In this article, we will consider the Arcus Arcanum Tarot deck of tarot, find out its history, card values ​​and the most popular layout that can be performed.

Deck creation

It is believed that the Tarot “Mirror of Fate” was created in the Renaissance (approximately in the 14-15th century). The authors of the deck, Gunter Hager (tarologist) and Gansrudi Wesher (artist), moved away from the classical attributes and created unique and at the same time simple fortune telling cards. This allows them to be used by both novice and experienced esotericists. Many professional tarologists say that they began teaching the art of fortune-telling with the Mirror of Fate Tarot.

The authors of the deck created unique cards that were not oversaturated with Kabbalistic and astrological symbols, which are not always easy to interpret. Instead, on each map you can see the whole story. This helps to create a continuous connection with the deck, to feel its energy. The Mirror of Fate tarot is a gallery with all the meanings needed for interpretation.

Deck structure

Arcus Arcanum Tarot are classic cards consisting of Major and Minor Arcana. But there are some changes. In the Russian version of the deck (minor Arcana), in each suit, the Knight card is called the Horseman, and the name "Jack" is replaced by the "Messenger". All other names of cards in the Tarot “Mirror of Fate” are no different from the standard deck of Alistair Crowley.

Tarot "Mirror of Fate"

Major Arcana

So, in this deck of 22 Senior Arcana. Each of them has its own unique meaning. These are important cards that are involved in any situation. In addition, there are fortune-telling, which must be performed only by the Senior Arcana. This is especially true in difficult situations where a clear and unambiguous answer is needed. Every day in the morning you can get one card and ask: "What awaits me today?" - the personal horoscope is ready. The values ​​of the Major Arcana are very important, and you can understand them by what is depicted on them.

"The jester"

The first Tarot card is the "Jester", has a value of "0". It means carelessness, stupidity, tomfoolery. In the image you can see a cheerful boy. Next to him below is a black cat, and this is a symbol of trouble. In addition, ahead of the cliff and a waterfall. The kid is too cheerful and inattentive to notice this. The "Jester" Tarot card represents the stage of life when a person blindly walks along the road and does not know that he can wait ahead. She warns that you should be more careful and careful. Perhaps it makes sense to think about your life goals and plans.

Major Arcana in the Tarot Mirror of Fate

Major Arcana (1-10)

The top ten cards are the most important. It reveals a wide range of feelings and events in human life. If card data falls out in divination, they should be interpreted first.

  1. The next lasso of the Tarot is the "Mage". Looking at the map, you can see a strong and strong man. This is a map of determination and perseverance. On the man’s table are symbols of all minor arcana (rod, coin, sword and cup). This means that a person is in full control of the situation and knows exactly what is happening.
  2. “High Priestess” - the map depicts a stately and beautiful woman sitting on a throne with her eyes closed. In her hand is a scroll. She seems to be trying to feel what is in him. Indeed, it is a map of intuition, self-knowledge. As a characteristic of a person, a card shows that a person is constantly learning something.
  3. The "Empress" personifies power and femininity. She is a mother, a calm and confident woman. The map is also interpreted as great creativity, good luck in all endeavors.
  4. "Emperor" symbolizes power, power, a strong personality, authority.
  5. "High Priest" personifies trust, an important person in a fortune-teller's life, support and support. Next to Pentacle cards - receiving financial assistance.
  6. “Lovers” means choice. On this Tarot Mirror of Destiny Tarot card, you can see the couple approaching the intersection. Many roads open in front of them. Where will they go? Everything will depend on nearby cards.
  7. "Chariot" symbolizes important events in human life. It also indicates the environment of a person, sometimes revenge, anxiety, quarrels.
  8. "Strength" represents infinity, honesty, victory. In other decks, the Tarot has a value of "11".
  9. "Hermit" means caution, detachment, prudence. On this map of the Senior Arcana in Tarot "Mirror of Fate" depicts a man aged. He has a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other. In general, this indicates the seriousness of his intentions.
  10. Wheel of Fate is one of the most complex and controversial cards in all Tarot decks. On the one hand, it personifies luck, fortune, good events in human life. On the other hand, helplessness, because the wheel of fate spins with such force that it simply cannot be stopped. The map symbolizes events that are bound to occur and it is practically impossible to change them.

Major Arcana (11-22)

The second part of the cards is also important. The value of the Senior Arcana is not difficult to understand if you carefully look at what is depicted on them. Find out more about them.

  1. "Justice" symbolizes justice. If in the past a situation arose where a person was slandered or unjustly offended, then soon everything will fall into place.
  2. The Hanged Man is the only card in the entire Mirror of Fate tarot deck, where the character is located upside down. It means the victim, the inability to influence the situation. Man is forced to submit to fate.
  3. "Death" is the end of all affairs, illness, corruption. A fairly negative card, which can concern any area of ​​a person’s life. Everything will depend on what is being laid out.
  4. "Moderation" - saving, thrift. Time to moderate ambition, the need to find a compromise.
  5. "Devil" - violence, coercion. The card shows the emotions and feelings that a person experiences, but not the very cause of evil.
  6. "Tower" - disaster, deception. A very negative card warning of terrible events and failures.
  7. "Star" - prospects and hopes.
  8. "Moon" - loneliness, daydreaming and mistake.
  9. “Sun” - children, successful marriage, joy and fun.
  10. "Court" - a sudden change of events, surprise.
  11. "Peace" is a journey, good luck in business and love.

From the interpretation of these cards, we can conclude that their interpretation is practically no different from standard Tarot cards, and the images give a more complete picture and help in the interpretation of the cards.

Junior Arcana

The remaining 56 cards do not have such an important interpretation, but at the same time give a more complete picture when divining on the Tarot “Mirror of Fate”. There are 4 suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, and each of them has 14 cards.

Suit of the Wand in the Tarot deck “Mirror of Fate”

So, Aces are the strongest cards in every suit. In Rods personifies beginnings, in Cups - action, in Pentacles - receiving money, Swords - struggle. The following, respectively:

  • “2” - victory, fear, abundance, blow.
  • “3” - business, luck, influence, conflict.
  • “4” - longing, contract, joy, loneliness.
  • “5” - a wedding, a friend, financial luck, sadness.
  • “6” - the past, hopes for the future, sudden acquisitions, a long journey.
  • “7” - success, insight, money, desire for the goal.
  • “8” is a hard way, unification, honesty, a lie.
  • "9" - peace, achievement, accuracy, strike
  • “10” - protection, influence, home, tragedy.
  • "Herald" - good news, a sober mind, a young brunette man, bluntness.
  • "Horseman" - separation, the end of the path, deception, the past.
  • "Queen" - greed, luck, generosity, a lonely woman.
  • “King” - knowledge, kindness, courage and courage, pressure.
Suit Cups in the Tarot deck “Mirror of Fate”


With this deck of cards, you can perform a variety of layouts, since the cards practically do not differ from the simplest Tarot. They are used by both long-practicing magicians, performing complex fortune-telling, and completely newcomers who are just learning. The advantage is that the Tarot Mirror of Destiny layouts are much easier to interpret than the standard deck. In addition, many note that the beautiful design of the cards inspires and gives strength. For beginners, the following fortune-telling is perfect.

"Hungarian alignment"

Fortune telling is carried out as follows. The deck needs to be well shuffled and laid out in three piles. Two cards must be drawn from each: one from the bottom, the other from the top. So, get 6 positions.

"Hungarian alignment"
  • The first and fourth mean the past, events, and experiences.
  • The second and fifth are the present.
  • The third and sixth are the future.

Before proceeding to divination, you should carefully study the alignment. The predominance of the Cups and Wands indicates that the situation in question is most likely related to the work sphere.

So, in the past, a fortuneteller faced a choice of what he needed to do. At the same time, 4 Cups indicates that the person chose luxury and missed something very important. If the alignment concerns the work sphere, it is possible that the querent made a mistake with the place of work or took something that he could not afford.

Color Swords in the Tarot deck “Mirror of Fate”

Despite mistakes in the past, good prospects await the person in the present. So, 5 Wands indicate that competition awaits a person, and 3 Wands indicate that he has great potential, everything will work out. The suit of the Wand itself indicates that certain difficulties await the person. Looking at the image of the cards, you can understand that now he is struggling, perhaps with colleagues at work.

In the future, a fortuneteller awaits the beginning of a new successful business. If fortunetelling is a relationship, this combination indicates a new love. Ace of Cups and “Sun” may mean a new job or a successful deal. In any case, it will end well enough.

Pentacle suit in the Tarot deck “Mirror of Fate”

The hands on the Tarot Mirror of Destiny deck are easy to interpret. In this case, you should carefully look at what is depicted on them. Each symbol, each traced movement carries a hidden meaning, it remains only to unravel it.

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