Perfect list of summer plans

The desire to be better is natural for people. But, sometimes, it "sleeps" for the time being. As long as a person is doing well and this suits him, he will not change anything. But as soon as discontent appeared - the desire to switch to another standard of living is right there. As practice shows, most often the stimulus spills over into the list of plans for the summer or “new” life from Monday. The first day of the week is usually not easy, so we won’t download it. But 100, or almost 100, plans for the summer - although the list is large, it’s useful. Under one condition: if it is correctly composed.

list of summer plans

It doesn't matter why you want to change your life. Dissatisfaction with the existing state can occur in two opposite cases: during a vivid emotional encounter with a positive example or at the time of experiencing a crisis situation. The main thing is an internal need that has the potential to improve a person’s quality of life and increase his self-esteem if energy is directed in the right direction.

A correctly compiled list of plans for the summer is not a list of desired achievements, but a self-improvement program, each item of which leads to one main goal that fills life with meaning.

As a rule, the majority of those dissatisfied with themselves and life have the question: where to start? In order not to get stuck at this stage, write down everything that seems important to you. And prioritize the list of plans for the summer, arrange later. Break down each item on your list into “subtasks”, also determining their degree of importance. To make it easier for you to navigate, we give an example.

Plans for the summer (list 2013):

1. Get rid of the complex about the figure:

plans for the summer list 2013

  • take a subscription to the fitness center;
  • define an individual exercise program with the trainer;
  • attend classes 4 times a week.

2. Become well-groomed to the tips of the nails:

  • make an appointment with the dentist;
  • go to the therapist;
  • make a new haircut;
  • the presence of manicure / pedicure constantly;
  • quit smoking:
    • every three days, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by 1;
  • stick to a healthy diet;
  • Do not buy products containing dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers;
  • reduce the serving by 1/3, the proportion of vegetables in which should be 2/3.

3. Develop a positive outlook on life:

  • First of all, pay attention to the good features of people close to me, colleagues and acquaintances;
  • Rejoice at every new day
  • in the evenings, remember all the pleasant moments;
  • every day to make small pleasant surprises to someone from relatives and friends.

4. Get a new position:

  • write out a specialized magazine;
  • pull up English, for example;
    100 plans for the summer list
  • to offer management a reorganization program for the department in electronic and paper form, including optimization of staff time and introduction of the latest technology.

5. To go on vacation on a tourist package to Venice:

  • visit several travel agencies, find out the conditions and cost of the permit in order to choose the best option;
  • bring a new culinary recipe from the trip ...

And this is not a complete list of plans for the summer. For each person, he will be individual, “imprisoned” according to his specific goals and dreams. The main thing that should be common to all is the comprehensive development of the individual. When health and the psyche are in order, the appearance pleases, career growth is real, and the love of loved ones supports - is this not happiness?


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