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Work occupies a fairly large part of our lives. In addition, many of us spend a lot of time getting to the office or to production, and then returning back. In addition, according to the results of research by psychologists, the thought of a boss or team terrifies a good part of the working population. Of course, we are talking about average employment. And if you remember about what kind of wounds you have to get up, then the thought of heavy everyday life just makes you sad. Now, a new area of ​​activity - freelance - is gaining more and more popularity. You yourself are looking for customers, choose a project that you will work on, and hand it over on time. The most common branches of freelance are programming, web design, 3D modeling and copywriting. Today we will focus on the latter. We will tell you what it is and consider concepts such as "nausea of ​​the text", "water" and others that a copywriter has to work with.

What is copywriting?

In simple words, copywriting is the writing of a unique text. And here the tasks can be completely different. For example, rewriting is a retelling of finished material in your own words. Of course, this does not mean that you can "make a fuss" of nonsense and conditionally preserve the meaning of the finished publication. You must modify what is written so as to achieve high uniqueness.

Seo copywriting is writing texts with keywords. Such articles are needed to promote the customer’s site in search engines. Writing a new text and organically entering “keywords” into it is not an easy task, therefore, “seo” is paid pretty well. I would like to note that copywriters are people who can come up with a brand name or slogan. Themes for writing can be provided for you by various, but for the most part, this is the content of sites: from articles about animals or cookery to advertisements or blogs about technology.

text nausea

How to become a copywriter?

Freelance is an independent search for orders. After a while, when you gain experience, certain skills and knowledge, customers can themselves offer you a job. You can search for TK in the vastness of the World Wide Web. But it is much easier to use the services of online exchanges.

Copywriting exchanges on the Internet

There is plenty of work for both beginners and pros. The scheme of work is quite simple. You go through the standard registration and go to search for an order with the subsequent submission of an application. Further, the customer considers your candidacy and, if everything suits him, accepts the application. In the work should be indicated TK (terms of reference), terms for its implementation and the amount of payment. On decent exchanges, after accepting the application, the payment amount is blocked on the customer’s account, and after delivery of the text and its verification, the money is transferred to the contractor (that is, to you). Funds are usually withdrawn to an electronic wallet or other electronic payment system. At first glance it seems that it is very simple. But writing a unique literate article that meets all the points of TK is not an easy task. In the technical task can be indicated not only the number of printed characters, topics or keywords, but also the percentage of uniqueness, nausea of ​​the text, the amount of "water" and much more. Let's get acquainted with the basic concepts.

check the nausea of ​​the text


Until recently, on the Internet, it was difficult to find information about what nausea is, what types of nausea it is, etc. Performers had to either think out what this means or consult directly with the customer. With the growing number of copywriters, information about working with texts has become much more. In this publication we will share our experience.

In general, nausea is the number of repeated words in your text. Sometimes there are so many of them that it will be quite difficult for the ordinary reader to perceive such material, not to mention the fact that it will not cause interest at all. When something gets too much, we are used to saying that we are already sick of it. Thanks to such a figurative expression, the term considered by us appeared. The reader is literally sick of an overabundance of repetition.

text check

Classical and academic nausea

Copywriters and seoshniki used to write texts for keywords. Thanks to such phrases, the necessary information is faster and easier to find by the reader, who enters the query into the search engine. As a result, the site on which the text is posted rises higher in the pages of the search query. Ideally, it can be on the first page. There used to be an opinion that the more keywords an artist writes in the text, the better he will fulfill his task. However, such “enthusiasm” very soon played a cruel joke, and a site with an accumulation of identical phrases only fell in the ranking. The thing is that readers from the first lines understood that the information was presented “clumsily”, and instead of the useful and sought-after material, they read only the “keys” in a circle. Unhealthy repetitions of words in the text hurt the eye.

Over time, such a methodology was abandoned. Today, nausea plays a large role in determining the quality and evaluation of writing. This is an indicator that determines the frequency of use of a word in a text document . There are two types of nausea - academic and classical. Next, we dwell on each a little more.

text spam

Academic nausea traces the presence of repetitions of certain words or phrases from key phrases or the keys themselves, and classical counts repetitions of the same words, even prepositions are taken into account. You can check this indicator yourself, simply by reading the material and understanding what repetitions can be removed so that information is perceived easily and it is interesting to read. But in order not to waste a lot of time on such checks (believe me, there are enough of them in the work of a copywriter), you can use special services.

How to check the nausea of ​​the text?

An excellent assistant in this matter will be the Advego service. Use the resource for free. You will see a window in front of which you will need to copy your article and click on the "Check" button below. In a matter of seconds you will see complete statistics, the text verification itself takes 1-2 minutes maximum with a slow Internet connection. There will be a number of characters, unique and significant words, as well as much more. We need to pay attention to the last two points - “classical document nausea” and “academic document nausea”. Then you can check with your own TK. But this indicator should not be overlooked, even if it is not spelled out in the task. On average, it is best to keep academic nausea at around 8, and classic 3-4. The latter is indicated rarely by customers, but it is also worth paying attention to.

Learn the semantic core of the text - this is also important. It is good if the frequency of the word does not exceed 3%, but this is negotiated by customers also separately. Just in order to reduce academic nausea, you need to reduce the number of repetitions, such words are indicated in the first places of the list. Replace them with synonyms or change sentences so that you do not need to use them. Check the text again. The nausea of ​​the text should decrease. But there are other indicators that deserve attention.

classic and academic nausea

Edit text

Checking the text for uniqueness is almost the main task facing the copywriter. The contractor needs to perform this procedure first of all before handing over the order. For this, a rather large number of various resources and special utilities have been created. If the customer has every percentage of uniqueness on his account (for example, it is important for him that this indicator should be at least 90% and 89% will not work for him), most likely he will let you know through which service you will need to check the document. It happens that the results of checks using various services are significantly different.

repetition of words in the text


If you hear about such a thing as “text spamming”, know that we are talking about the same “nausea”, this phenomenon is simply called otherwise. If Advego calculates precisely the indicator of the ratio of the number of words used to the entire volume of the text, then, for example, on the website this parameter is calculated as a percentage. Check for text nausea or spamming with


"Water" is the volume of words, phrases or even individual pieces of text, the absence of which does not affect the meaning of the above. These are empty phrases that the author writes to increase the total volume of his "work" or does it unintentionally. The water in the text of a good copywriter is minimized. To determine this indicator, use services such as, or try to "clean" the writing yourself. Remove meaningless words and sentences and, if this does not affect the general sense, feel free to delete them forever. Such a text check will help a novice copywriter to see his mistakes himself.

water in text

In conclusion, I want to say that the work of a copywriter is quite difficult. Such an activity requires perseverance and certain knowledge. Today we became acquainted with the basic terms used in copywriting, and even learned what nausea is. So, you can avoid such mistakes. We hope that the acquired knowledge will help you conquer new heights in such a difficult matter as writing unique, competent and interesting texts.


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