Becici (Montenegro) - a resort, one of the best in Europe

Becici is a popular resort in Montenegro, located 3 km from the city of Budva. From the resort village to the city you can get on a special tourist tram or bus. The airport is located 13 km from the village. The resort is convenient for transport.

Montenegro Becici vacation

The climate of Becici is subtropical, Mediterranean. It is hot and dry in summer, warm and humid in winter. The mountains of Dinara act as a reliable shield against the penetration of cold continental air. The average annual rainfall is about 3000 mm, and the average annual temperature is +17 degrees.

The resort of Becici, Montenegro, is located at the foot of the picturesque mountains on the Adriatic coast. Modern hotels of various levels with an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops were built in the fishing village, the private sector was developed. The whole village is buried in the lush greenery of the Mediterranean thickets.

Becici Montenegro

Becici, Montenegro, is famous for its developed modern infrastructure complex, but it is not as developed as in the famous city resorts of Montenegro. This disadvantage is offset by low prices, beautiful landscapes.

The resort of Becici, Montenegro, is busy during the tourist season, but there are quite a lot of quiet places for walks and solitude, where you can enjoy the beauty and richness of natural landscapes, admire exotic subtropical plants.

Bečići resort is ideal for families and alone. Holidays in Becici are more calm and peaceful than in neighboring cities, where there is always traffic.

The main attractive feature of this resort (Becici, Montenegro) is its magnificent two-kilometer sandy beaches, which can accommodate thousands of vacationers at the same time. The golden pebble beach of the resort has been awarded high prizes. In 1936, he was recognized in Paris as the best in Europe and received the honorary Grand Prix. The beautiful beach is safe and comfortable for relaxing. In its western part you can go water skiing, which is very popular among vacationers.

rest in Becici

Holidays in Becici are popular due to beach soccer, volleyball and other sports. In these places you can meet world football stars who take part in the annual international beach soccer competitions. Tourists can practice at tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, play mini-golf and enjoy excellent service on the beaches. The hotel Mediteran 4 * is a water park where both adults and children can have fun. Fans of shopping, noisy youth discos can go to the neighboring city, which is located only ten to fifteen minutes away.

Due to comfortable climatic conditions, a developed network of comfortable hotels, high quality services, amazing Mediterranean nature and unique beautiful beaches, Becici resort is popular with tourists every year, becoming for many of them a favorite vacation spot.

Montenegro (Becici) - rest for every taste!


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