Mecca. Muslim black stone

There are many outstanding places on the globe , it is difficult to count them on fingers. Among them, a special place is occupied by Mecca - the holy city of Islam, hidden from the world in a cozy valley. The city, which does not need walls, is preserved by the surrounding mountains and, as Muslims say, Allah himself. This is a city that everyone who considers himself a Muslim looks at in prayer. Even considering only the above facts, it is already worth a visit to Mecca. But here you will find even more amazing and unusual things. But first things first.

kaaba black stone
Here, in the lower part of the valley, you have the opportunity to visit the world-famous Haram ash-Sheriff mosque ("House of God"). Every Muslim believes that the temple is in the center of the universe.

One of the amazing sights of Mecca’s imagination and intelligence is the Kaaba’s flat stone. It is located in the famous Kaaba Temple. According to the tradition of the Arabs, this temple was built for Adam - the first of the people. He grieved very much for the loss of paradise and the temple that was there. Then the Lord took pity on him and presented a copy of the heavenly temple, lowering it to the earth from heaven. After the flood, the building and its place were lost.

The Prophet Abraham re-erected this building. And so that he built the Temple faster, the angel Jabrail brought him a flat stone, which hung in the air and could fulfill the function of forests. This stone is now in the temple, so every believer can see on it a sealed footprint of Abraham (Ibrahim).

Why did the stone turn black?

black stone
According to legend, a black stone appeared when Abraham almost completed the construction of the Kaaba. At that time, he needed an object that would designate a place where it was possible to begin the ritual of going around the temple. Since angels and Adam walked around the temple seven times in paradise, Abraham wanted to do the same. For this reason, the angel Gabriel gave him a black stone.

One version says that the black stone is the converted guardian angel of Adam. He was turned to stone after he missed the fall of Adam. When the black stone of the Kaaba fell from heaven to earth, it all shone with a bright white color.

black kaaba stone
Gradually, people's sins turned him into a dark cobblestone, until it darkened completely. The composition of this artifact by scientists is still unknown.

Some believe that this is a piece of volcanic rock still unknown to science. Others believe that it is a large meteorite that fell near the Kaaba. The black stone, of course, does not become less attractive, gathering not only believers, but also crowds of tourists.

Indeed, many interesting stories are connected with this stone due to their depth and unusualness. Once, when it was necessary to repair the Kaaba, each of the Quraish families wanted her to be honored to transfer the famous relic. Because of this, a fierce debate arose between them. Mohammed solved the problem in an interesting way. He spread his cloak on the floor, put a black stone there, and each of the elders of noble families, taking by his edge, moved the cloak to a new place. So Mohammed resolved the dispute.

It is also interesting that Muslims believe in absolution after visiting Mecca. They call such a pilgrimage "Hajj" and wear a white turban as a sign of it. Perhaps everyone should at least touch the purity and beauty of the Kaaba by visiting the mysterious Mecca.


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