Skates for beginners are also available.

In order to confidently perform tricks on skates, you need to learn the basis of skating on ice runners - the possession of balance. Feeling the balance, you can move on to sliding - in a straight line and in an arc. To perform a forward movement, it is necessary to push off with the rib of the ridge of the supporting leg, and then alternately transfer the body weight from the leg, which is the jerk, to the supporting one. Gliding along the arc is used in all types of figure skating and is the main movement for the skater. When performing this technique, it is necessary to maintain balance when the torso tilts to the inside of the arc. The movement must be performed in the same way as when moving in a straight line.

Skating braking

ice skating tricks

The most basic skate tricks for beginners are braking and stopping. In order to brake, it is necessary to gradually reduce the sliding speed. The easiest way is to put your legs together and roll straight. Speed ​​will drop gradually. Also, when braking, teeth are used. For a quick stop, use a U-turn. The easiest way to stop for beginners is this: by directing the right foot at an angle slightly more than 45 °, focus on the foot with an effort sufficient to grip the ridge with the surface of the ice. The body should be tilted back. Simultaneously with the tilt, you must sit down. Without experience, such a trick is unlikely to succeed, so you first need to perform it at low speed.

Fast ice skating

In order to master the tricks on ice on skates, you need to start with a fast ride. First you need to learn how to transfer the weight of the body from one leg to the other, to bend the legs in a special way. This must be worked out before going on the ice. The most important factor in fast skating is the tilt of the body forward with legs bent at the knees. This pose is called the skater pose. Making equal and identical steps, it is necessary to achieve a smooth glide on the ice.

Reverse Skating

ice skating tricks for beginners

Skates for professional skaters are called "elements of figure skating." And for beginners, skating in reverse is one of the simplest elements in figure skating. In order to feel the movement “back forward”, you just need to push off the support with both hands and go back-skating. Repulsion must be carried out necessarily from the support existing on any roller. And now it is necessary to perform the following movements: putting one leg a little further than the other and bending them at the knees, you need to make sure that nothing prevents the back movement. Next, you need to put the pushing leg at an angle to push off from the ice. The whole sequence of repulsions must be made along an arc. In general, everything is the same as when moving forward, just the opposite.

What can a beginner skater surprise?

Professional skaters have tricks on skates - these are supports, spirals, jumps - sheepskin coat, rittberger, salchow, axel. The list of the most complicated elements of figure skating can be continued for a long time. But the novice skater also has something to surprise the audience with a look at his achievements. Tricks on ice skates of beginner skaters - this is, first of all, a swallow, performed alternately on the left and right leg. This trick is done simply - you need to straighten the leg with which the push occurs, stand in this position for a while, and then add the slip.

ice skating tricks

In general, all the static figure skating poses are beautiful and look very advantageous from the side. The main thing at the same time is when pushing, to fix a beautiful pose and roll on. Keep your back motionless and straight.

To achieve high results in figure skating is possible only through frequent and hard training.


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