Fighter, actor and bodyguard - Kimbo Slice's life

Kimbo Slice is a vibrant personality in modern society, best known among martial arts enthusiasts. But how many people know him by their real name - like Kevin Ferguson? And who knows his difficult story of childhood and youth? Let's get to know our hero a little closer.

Before the speeches among professionals

before fights

There are many mysteries in the biography of the textured thug, but it is known how difficult it was for a guy in his early years. He was born in the Bahamas, and when he was still very young, his large family moved to not the most prosperous area of ​​Miami. Speaking frankly, the place of residence was severe and merciless, where the strong and iron character of the young Kimbo Slice was born, because much was then decided on fists among peers. The young man dreams of fame and money, is fond of martial arts, and performs well in American football. On the field, Kevin acted as a defender, but fate strikes again. He did not manage to break into the university team, and without a scholarship, the family had no finances to study. The guy does not give up, clutching at any proposed job, dreaming of luxury and a beautiful life.

Good luck smiled when Ferguson, working as a security guard in the club, met with the future manager, the owner of a porn industry company. He takes stately Kevin to work as a personal bodyguard and driver. The fame made by the manager, where on the street Kevin carries an enemy who is not inferior to him in size, brings fame. The video instantly becomes viral, and the hero has the first fans calling him the “King of the Streets”.

Since that time, the athlete begins to be interested in MMA.

Performances in the professional arena

among professionals

The first fight is held against Olympic boxing champion Ray Mercer. In the battle, Kimbo Slice shows his best fighting qualities thanks to the training of the unrivaled Bass Ruthen. But in professional statistics, you will not see this event, since the confrontation was indicative. And our hero gets the first victory among professionals in the battle with Bo Cartnell, whom he defeats in the first round. In an interview, he challenges David “Tank” Abbott to a duel. Ferguson's opponent was no longer at the peak of his career, conducting mediocre performances, from knocks by Slyce he goes into knockout.

against mitrion

The fighter has a good track record: 3 wins with 1 defeat, signs a UFC contract with him. The first fight in this federation ends with a judicial decision in favor of Kevin. After winning a rather unconvincing victory, the boxer gets a completely different level of the enemy in the octagon, namely Matt Mithrion. The “King of the Streets” confronts a superior enemy, knocking out. The contract is not renewed, but the public always liked the brutal Kevin. He holds several more fights at the Belattor organization against MMA veteran Ken Shamrock and Dhafir Harris. The last performance was booed by a crowd, distressed by the passivity of the fighters in the cage.

Leaving life


The death of the athlete was a surprise for everyone. The cause of death of Kimbo Slice is considered to be heart failure. One version says that the cause was exhausting workouts, as well as the fact that shortly before his death, the athlete was caught using steroids.

That is how this person will be remembered who tried to manage to live the vibrant life of an athlete and an actor.


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