Passenger river ship "Borodino": description, flight schedule and reviews

The motor ship Borodino is a modernized river cruise ship built by Hungarian craftsmen in 1960 in Budapest. The cruise liner has a small passenger capacity compared to other ships (87 people), but is very comfortable for sailing.

motor ship Borodino

History of the ship Borodino

The ship appeared in Hungary on the project 305 among the ships that were built for the Soviet Union in 1959-1964.

Initially, the ship was called "Berezina." It made tourist flights to a small number of destinations, being in the Kama Shipping Company. In 1988, in honor of the workers of Motovilikhinsky factories, he was changed to the name "Motovilikhinsky worker." At that time, the direction of the ship was only one - from Perm to Astrakhan and vice versa. Having sailed on cruises for several years, the ship is quite outdated and out of order.

After some time, the ship was purchased by an organization called Alba. It was modernized and put into operation again. With the new owner, the ship was also given a new name - Borodino. Cruise ship began to sail from Moscow in various directions.

Since the advent of the ship he had several owners. Currently (since the end of 2013), the ship is owned by a large company and operator "White Swan". The ship "Borodino" from the same year replaced the captain, and also underwent repairs and restoration.

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Description of the ship

The vessel is quite large in size: it reaches a length of 78 meters and a width of 15.2 meters. Floats at a speed of up to 20 km / h. Its draft is small, so the advantage is that such a ship also goes along shallow rivers.

In 2014, the ship was overhauled. During it, the premises acquired a new finish, the cabin for passengers was modernized, a complete redevelopment was carried out. In addition, the entire undercarriage of the vessel was completely changed, namely, the main engines, the boiler, the hull part, the fire bulkheads and many other mechanisms were replaced. Therefore, its level of security has greatly increased.

The Borodino has the most modern electronic cartographic navigation system, which allows the ship to sail in any direction without any problems.

In the design of each of the doors (upper or lower part) of the vessel there is a protective plywood, which, if necessary, is very easily knocked out by the foot. This is provided for the safety of passengers in the event of an unusual situation.

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Cabins of the ship "Borodino"

The river liner has 2 decks, on which cabins are arranged with a different number of seats, as well as a level of comfort.

The most populated is the average. On it are located:

  • Single cabins. These single rooms are very comfortable for living and have everything you need for a secluded holiday. They have their own toilet, shower, refrigerator, wash basin.

  • Double cabins. They all have single-tier beds, some of them have folding sofas, as well as items to enhance comfort: a refrigerator and air conditioning, a radio.

  • Double junior suite cabin has one room, but all the same amenities as a luxury cabin.

The main deck is occupied by fewer cabins. On it are located:

  • Triple and quadruple. The rooms are beds in several tiers, equipped with soft shelves.

  • For those who love large spaces, there are luxury cabins with 2 rooms, a double bed, a sofa, a private bathroom and a shower, as well as other advanced amenities.

Reservation of cabins on the ship "Borodino" can be made at any travel agency of the city of cruise departure.

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Conditions of stay on the ship "Borodino"

On the ship, in each cabin there are washbasins, observation windows, almost all rooms have separate showers and a sanitary unit. The corridors between the cabins on the ship are wide, it is very convenient to walk on them.

The motor ship Borodino has two passenger lounges with a large table and chairs. There are upper and lower restaurants. Next to them is a cooler where you can draw hot and cold water. And in the bow of the lower deck there is an unusual bar for vessels of such a project.

A room for ironing is adjacent to the main span of Borodino, in which everyone can put his things in order without any problems.

Another room unusual for ships of this type is a children's salon decorated in a marine style.

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Leisure and entertainment

There is enough entertainment on the boat for both adults and children. Cozy decks give you the opportunity to take a walk and watch the landscapes floating by, relax, dive into your thoughts.

For music lovers in the bow of the middle deck of the ship, the ship provided a music lounge with soft chairs, where they listen to music or watch movies. In addition, the ship's restaurant and bar can dance. In the afternoon and in the evening, various contests, show programs, concerts and parties for every taste are held there.

On the main deck there is a large sauna, which includes a wide dressing room, refectory, steam room and a font with cold water.

The cruises of the ship "Borodino" like tourists with children. The vessel has a children's room for games and entertainment. In addition, parents can easily leave their children with experienced animators who will find entertainment to their liking.

In addition to leisure, the ship also has whole city tour programs. Staying in a settlement, you can learn the history of the city and get acquainted with interesting places. You can walk around the tourist shops with souvenirs, unusual shops and make interesting purchases.

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Power mode on the ship

There are two restaurants on the boat: on the middle and aft of the deck.

Meals are held according to the following program:

  • Welcome reception as an orientation meeting after departure for swimming (champagne, sweets, juice, sweets).

  • 3 meals a day (for cruises lasting more than three days), which involves a comprehensive breakfast, lunch, where you can choose the first and second, dinner with a choice of main course.

  • In addition, the ship "Borodino" offers a "Captain's dinner" with a sample of any food. At the bar you can order cooks specialties at your own expense.

The restaurant staff, if necessary, organizes and holds banquets and other celebrations.

The schedule of the ship "Borodino"

Each cruise city has its own river station, where ships pick up passengers and begin their journey. The price, departure and stay time can be found on the pier, where the ship "Borodino" departs. Cruise ship voyage originates in the city of Moscow and follows such settlements as Myshkin, Uglich, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and many others. This year Borodino will hit the road on July 25, August 1, 5, 8, 19, 22, September 1, 5, 9, 12, 24, 30, and October 3.

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Impressions of tourists from river walks

Reviews of the cruise ship for passengers who have traveled are varied, but almost every one of them expresses admiration and a feeling of gratitude to the whole environment and service personnel. Tourists praise the chefs who cooked delicious food, the organizers who arrange pleasant evenings.

But most of all they are surprised by the people who clean the premises. They are never visible, but in the cabins and corridors there is always perfect cleanliness. This is evidenced by many of those who visited the ship "Borodino". Tourists' reviews boil down to the fact that although the ship is small (not much fuss), it is cozy and pleasant to spend your weekend on it. Travelers do not regret that they chose this particular ship and will advise it to their friends.

The motor ship Borodino is an excellent solution for river trips both alone and with the whole family! The vessel meets all safety and comfort requirements. A cruise tour will allow you to visit some of the most beautiful cities in one walk, plunge into the fascinating Russian landscapes and just have a good rest from the everyday rush.


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