We comprehend the secrets of manicure: nail extension on tips

nail extension on tips
Beautiful and well-groomed nails are an indicator of excellent taste and style. You can say as much as you like that in the fashion of minimalism, many fashionistas still prefer to have nails longer than average sizes. But you canโ€™t always become the owner of such beauty yourself. Own nails often fail us: they grow slowly, sometimes exfoliate, and sometimes they break at the most inopportune moment. And here manicure salons come to the rescue, allowing you to increase the length of the nails in the blink of an eye, more precisely in one procedure.

In modern cosmetology, gel building is especially popular . There is no doubt about the benefits of this species. Let's look at them.

  1. One of the easiest and most common ways to give your nails a well-groomed look.
  2. Using gel extensions, you can mask the irregularities of the plate.
  3. This method is considered the most gentle. Indeed, the gel due to the porous structure allows air to pass through. And this allows your nails to breathe.
  4. In addition, this extension does not interfere with the natural growth of your nails.
  5. The gel will help not only increase the length, but also improve the shape.

French nail extension on tips
Today, two varieties of such a procedure are used. The most popular is nail extension on the tips. Sometimes masters do extension on the form, but we will focus on the first option.

What is nail extension on tips? First, let's deal with the terms. Tips are special strips of plastic that are glued to your own nail. They appeared in the last century, so they can not be called a trendy phenomenon. Translated from the language of prim English, they mean "tips". Nail extension on tips allows you to make a manicure of any length and shape. In many ways, the gel helps, which is then applied and makes the plate smooth and even.

It is better to leave your hands at the complete disposal of professionals and entrust the creation of manicure to them. However, you can ask the masters to give you nail extension lessons on nail tips. You should start an independent procedure only if you have at least basic skills. Despite the apparent simplicity, nail extension on tips has several pitfalls. Firstly, you can damage the nail. Secondly, the gel causes the greatest difficulties, since it tends to crumble and break.

nail extension lessons
Thirdly, it is necessary to choose the right plastic. It is advisable to choose thin tips, then the nails will look natural and will last much longer.

  • First, you need to treat your hands with a disinfectant solution.
  • Then go in for tipsa. Remove shine from it and process the free edge with a file, give it the desired shape.
  • Then attach the plastic plate to the nail and hold it under pressure for up to 15 seconds.
  • Then file the tip again and sand it.
  • Cover the new nail with gel and wait for it to dry.

I must say that tips are of different types: with design, color, transparent. Many today prefer to do nail extensions. "French" on tips also looks very original. What to choose is up to you. But beauty and elegance will be ensured in any case.

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