Manicure brushes: types and purpose

Recently it has become popular to do not just manicure, consisting of determining the shape of nails and applying varnish on them, today they create drawings, decorate them with rhinestones, applications, etc.

Of course, this technique requires additional tools. So, for drawing pictures on nails, you will certainly need brushes for manicure. Of course, these tools have always existed, but were not very diverse. With the advent of new trends in this art, all new types appeared to be necessary.

Natural brushes

Manicure brushes differ primarily in the origin of the pile material. They are natural and artificial. Also, differences exist according to the purpose of the named tool, the density of the pile. In addition, it may have a different shape and thickness.

brushes for manicure varnish
Natural manicure brushes are made of real wool either sable or a column. Tools with such a pile are quite durable, especially if you follow the necessary rules for caring for them. In addition, natural pile makes them suitable for various paints and types of manicure.


Brushes for manicure with artificial nap are made of high quality polymer materials. Such tools are cheaper, but their durability is much shorter. That is why it is recommended that beginners or students of mastery acquire such brushes. In addition, they do not require special care and are not difficult to use.

What are the brushes for manicure: photo

According to the shape and density of the hair content, the described instrument has certain numbers - from 0 to 8. Accordingly, from the thinnest to the thickest.

manicure brushes
Looking at the brushes for manicure, which for what, it is not immediately possible to understand the layman. Thin is most often used to make a painting or apply monogram-like drawings. The widest is more suitable for modeling.

A good master always has a complete set of brushes for manicure in the arsenal of tools. And uses them for their intended purpose.

The set has a brush with a wide flat pile. It is used to apply the so-called Chinese painting. Mentioned drawing is performed evenly over the entire surface of the nail.

The fan-shaped arrangement of the pile on the brush for manicure allows you to perform a gradient design, in which the color smoothly and evenly passes one into another. Also, such a tool is very convenient to apply sparkles to the surface of the nail.

Thin brushes allow you to create various drawings and paintings on the nail plates. Their long pile is suitable for creating straight lines, and the average length will allow you to draw wavy patterns and lines. And a very short pile will help to create delicate patterns.

There is also a dots brush. It performs bitmaps, small details, and also attach rhinestones to the nail plates.


To apply varnish, there are also certain brushes for manicure. If there is a tool in the bottle with varnish that does not allow you to evenly distribute the color on the surface of the nail, or is simply inconvenient to use, then in return you can take another from the kit, for example with a longer pile. Also, with such a brush you can create a pattern of varnish. In addition, they are convenient for pedicures, since they are slightly longer than the standard ones in the bottle.

For building

set of brushes for manicure

There are brushes to create a model of the nail. For example, in the process of building acrylics, it is necessary to give a certain shape to the material. The brushes used for this have a dense pile, its length is increased, and the shape is almost flattened and often rounded. Using the edge of the tool, a “smile” on the cuticle is formed with the help of powder, and the acrylic is flattened over the entire surface with the flat part.

Modeling gel nails also requires a special brush. The gel differs from acrylic in structure, respectively, and the tool will be different. Such a brush has a square or curved shape, but flat. Pile must be very tough.

Where to buy and how to care for tools?

It is best to buy brushes in specialized stores. There you can definitely definitely buy quality products from well-known brands. In addition, professionals work in such stores to help you figure out the purpose of each brush, give expert advice on their use and care.

manicure brushes what for what

Keeping the tool in order is also an important point. The quality of your work and the life of the tool directly depend on this. When buying a brush, pay attention to the fact that it must have a protective cover on it, and even better - a layer of a special protective composition. At the first use, this layer must be carefully removed with a napkin and then washed in running water.

A prerequisite for long and high-quality brush work is to use it for its intended purpose. This is required in order to avoid deformation of the pile and its loss.

Brushes must be washed well. But you can’t leave them in the water even for a short time. This can adversely affect the shape. But if this still happened, then the instrument should be immersed in very hot water for several minutes.

It is also extremely important to regularly release the brush from the remains of paint or varnish. To do this, use only special formulations. If you rinse it with a liquid to wash off the varnish, then you can harm the quality of the pile. It will become tough, which the master does not need at all.


Now you know for what kind of work you will need brushes for manicure. Lacquer, by the way, will not require so much for various patterns, so you can purchase small bottles with different colors.

photo manicure brushes
Understanding the varieties of brushes for nail design, almost every woman can learn to decorate them herself, create unique drawings and patterns, and simply keep her pens in order.

In this case, the main thing is to learn the purpose of each brush well. Without these fundamentals, high-quality design execution is impossible. It’s worth starting the workout by drawing simple lines with the help of varnish and decorating nails with dots, sparkles or rhinestones. And only having filled a hand and started to carry out the work confidently and accurately, you can try to master more complex technologies and painting techniques.


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