Top Fantasy Books for Teens: List and Review

The best fantasy books for teens have appeared in different years. In the twenty-first century there is no shortage of this, but it is difficult to choose something really like. That is why all lovers of this category of works should familiarize themselves with the selection in this article.

The boy who survived

When it comes to the Harry Potter adventure cycle, here we can say that this is not only fantasy for teenagers. The seven-part saga once captivated the world to an incredible degree and made Joan Rowling a popular writer. The plot tells the story of a boy who survived in childhood the attack of the most powerful dark sorcerer. By this he became famous, became a legend, but he did not even guess about the world of magic until one day he was found by Rubeus Hagrid. From that moment, an intense adventure began, where the training at the Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft played a large role. Harry has to go through a lot of things in his life to reach the final battle with his hated opponent.

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History forever

Fantasy for teens is appealing in its simple presentation, but author Charles Dodgson, better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, did the opposite. In his legendary book “Alice in Wonderland”, he describes the girl’s journey into an unusual fairy-tale world. It all starts on the banks of the river where the White Rabbit appears. Out of boredom, the girl follows him and falls into the hole. Alice did not die, but ended up in a room with many doors. It is from here that one should begin to get acquainted with the work independently. It's on the fantasy list for teens to read. Here are the most famous and even cult characters. The Hatter, Cheshire Cat, March Hare - all of them liked the audience at the time of release of the work. Philosophy together with the mystery of another world have become the reason why every scene in the book is trying to unravel. The author never took his creation seriously, but this did not affect his popularity.

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Good versus evil

Books from the category "Fantasy for teens" should captivate with an exciting story, and the series "Chronicles of Narnia" successfully copes with this task. The incredible story begins during the Second World War, when four children go for a while to live in the house of Professor Kirk. The youngest of them, Lucy, accidentally peeks into an antique cupboard in one of the rooms. When she enters it, she appears in a world called Narnia. There is magic here, animals can talk, and nature is fascinating. Only here above all this loomed the shadow of the evil White Sorceress. She is confronted by the forces of good led by the wise lion of Aslan. When the brothers and sisters, at the request of Lucy, entered the closet, they agreed to an amazing adventure. It turned out that they were destined to become kings and queens in Narnia. They must learn to own weapons, local laws, and also to assemble an army to lead to the battle against the White Sorceress

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Hero's way

The best fantasy books for teens are never released when read until the work is completed. Such an exciting story can be found in the book “The Wizard of the Seaside” from a series of short stories by Ursula Le Guin. The story begins with a story about a guy named Dune. His mother died early, and he spent all his childhood under the care of his father and aunt. She was a local sorceress on the island of Gaunt. Duney began to develop early and already at the age of seven showed an inclination for witchcraft. Auntie decides to teach him what she herself knew. This little knowledge was enough for the guy to learn how to subdue birds. For this he was called the Hawk, which he liked very much. In the future, he will refer to himself so constantly. Four years later, fate presented an unpleasant surprise in the form of an attack on the village. Here, Duney managed to show all his strength. The plot is really full of surprises, but because the book is highly recommended for reading.

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Unique style

In order to arouse the reader’s delight, interesting fantasies for teenagers, books must bring something new to the genre or present material from an interesting point of view. This is exactly what an author named Terry Pratchett did in his series of books, The Flat World. It tells some interesting stories, but most of all attracts the very concept of the planet on which events unfold. It is completely flat and resembles a disk. The author successfully adopted historical theories about how the Earth was represented. In the book, the world rests on four elephants, and they stand on the big turtle Great A'Tuin. The writer even created his own laws of physics. For example, in a rainbow there are eight colors, the light moves more slowly, and all the known races from the fantasy genre inhabit the planet. Undead, gnomes, elves, vampires, trolls and many others - they all exist here and are fighting for a place in the sun. Add to that an abundance of humor, and you end up with a great book for teens as well as adult fans of the genre.

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If you choose the best fantasy for teens, books, then the list should definitely mention the saga "Eragon". This is an incredible story that author Christopher Paolini began as early as seventeen. The story starts with an attack on two horsemen, and then events are transferred to a village called Carvajall. It is located far from the capital, and therefore does not feel the oppression of King Galbatorix on itself. Eragon was left in the care of his uncle, who taught him hunting. One fine day the guy chased a deer for a long time and heard an explosion nearby. He came to this place in the forest and saw a stone of incredible beauty. It was here that he was moved by two elves who were attacked in the first scene. Eragon takes the stone to his home, which slightly reduced the frustration of an unsuccessful hunt. That same night, the main character finds out why this thing was hunted. One decision will change his whole life, but readers should know about it on their own. The book is simply absorbing, and you will want to read all four parts one by one.

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Fight for the ring

Of course, “The Lord of the Rings” can not only be attributed to the genre of books of teenage fantasy, but in this list this truly legendary work cannot be omitted. John Tolkien created a world so elaborated with a deep atmosphere that he wants to plunge into it with his head. It is governed by the advice of seven wizards, and the clouds in the meantime begin to thicken. The Lord of the dark forces Sauron from his tower in Mordor looks far away and is gaining strength every day. He longs to avenge his former defeat, as well as the loss of his precious Ring of Power. At the same time, in the Shire, carefree hobbits celebrate Bilbo Baggins' birthday . It is he who has the very artifact of Sauron. The wizard Gandalf came to visit an old comrade to take the ring and take him to the council of three races, which will be held in the elven capital Rivendell. Due to some twists and turns of fate, this mission falls on the shoulders of Bilbo's nephew named Frodo. He has to make an incredibly long journey, to which he was not ready.


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