SD card recovery: step by step instructions

SD-card is one of the most popular devices for storing almost any information. In addition to the fact that it is able to accommodate tens and even hundreds of gigabytes of data, such a carrier is very modest in size.

Almost all modern mobile gadgets use such memory cards to store information, including photos, videos and some documents. As in the case of flash drives, the data on them may be accidentally or for other technical reasons damaged. Then it is necessary to perform the recovery of the memory card (SD). There may be erroneous formatting, and unsafe extraction, and some physical damage. There are many scenarios, but the result and conclusion are the same: it is necessary to recover data from the SD card.

There are a lot of applications for performing such procedures on the Internet, but not all of them really help and work as they should. Some may even harm the external drive, so the choice must be approached very carefully.

So, let's try to understand this issue and designate the best programs for recovering files from SD cards, distinguished by their high-quality component, and most importantly - their efficiency. The entire list of applications described below can be downloaded from the official resources of the developers, so there should not be any problems with "touching".

7-Data Card Recovery

If you accidentally formatted the drive or deleted important data, the 7-Data Card Recovery SD card recovery program will certainly help in this matter. The application supports all popular formats of external SD-drives, including those specific to Android.

data recovery program

A program works to recover SD cards from a computer. After installing the software, the user will immediately be prompted to diagnose the connected external drives. If you skip this step, then you can perform the same steps using the "assistant wizard". The memory card can be connected in any way, that is, either through a special card reader, or work directly from a smartphone via a USB interface.

Software Features

To recover files from an SD card, just select the desired drive in the drop-down list and the program will start diagnostics. Then he will present a convenient list of all the information that can be reanimated. We select the necessary files (or all) and click on the “Restore” item, after which we wait for the process to complete.

data recovery application

This program for recovering SD cards is distributed under a paid license, but there is a short trial period for review with limited functionality and a certain number of files for resuscitation. If the software is to your liking, then to remove all restrictions you will need to purchase an activation key.

Card recovery

This program is specifically designed to recover photo and video content from SD cards. The application has a long history and a very impressive track record, along with a ton of positive reviews from users.

program for sd cards

The product can be safely called professional, because for it there are no unknown formats for SD-cards and other external media. The program perfectly copes not only with mobile SD-drives, but also with other exotic things, such as digital cameras from Canon or Pentax.

Despite the fact that the product has not received any updates for quite some time, it feels quite comfortable on the Windows platform of the tenth series, and regardless of the specification, whether it is the Basic or Corporate version.

One of the main features of the program is the recovery of SD-cards by signature points. Such a solution will be especially useful if the file table on the drive is damaged or completely destroyed. Here, even partial resuscitation of photo and video content is possible.

Distinctive features of the program

The program interface is simple and intuitive, and even a beginner in this business will understand the toolkit. The sensible "master assistant" will offer to scan connected external drives and give a list of files to be resuscitated. Select all or only the necessary data, click on the “Restore. At the end of the process, you will see the result with detailed technical information and the percentage of luck to failure.

The program comes with both a paid and a free distribution license. The first, with the prefix Pro, is intended mainly for service masters and has advanced functionality. Free modification will do for one-time operations and is limited by the number of recoverable files - for ordinary users it will do.

Disk drill

This is a relatively new program for recovering SD cards, but from a well-established developer in other technical products. In addition, the application has a very modest size and requirements, so it will start and will work even on the most ancient computers.

file recovery program

The program received an impressive list of supported external media formats, so there should be no problems with the SD card being detected by the system. It is also worth noting the simplest interface of the utility, which any user will understand.

Application features

To work, you need to connect a memory card using a card reader or mobile phone, start a scan. In the list presented, select the necessary data for recovery, click the corresponding button in the drop-down menu.

The product is distributed under a paid license, but there is something like a trial period, where the user has access to 100 MB of data for resuscitation completely free. Some users complain of partial localization, but there’s nothing to understand there, and getting lost is very difficult.


This software is professional and supports all known formats of both SD-cards and other flash drives. One of the remarkable features of the program is its two full-scan modes for different purposes.

drive digger

Dig Deep is quite suitable for most ordinary users and scenarios. In this case, the program works with resuscitation of data after accidental formatting, corruption or deletion. Scanning and recovery itself takes place in just a couple of clicks, so there are no problems with usability.

Another, more advanced Dig Deeper mode will be needed to reanimate specific data with the selected restriction. For example, you can start a deep search for photos in JPEG format with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels, or DOC documents with a certain number of characters.

Product Features

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of creating virtual media and specific images, which will certainly come in handy for those who want to experiment with resuscitation without looking at existing data on a memory card. Such a solution is extremely popular in the professional environment of consumers, including in service centers.

digger disk program

Many users were also pleased with the visual component of the product. All multimedia files have previews that can be adjusted widely. This allows you to quickly navigate in a pile of deleted information and decide what needs to be restored and what to let go.

The product is distributed under a paid license without any trial periods. Here, a deep scan acts as a ghostly trial function, where relevant information on recovery in a percentage ratio will be visible. If the number of files for complete resuscitation suits you, then you can buy an inexpensive license key and get started right away.


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