How to learn to draw?

In life, quite ordinary situations sometimes happen when a person who has long been out of childhood, suddenly begins to learn something new. Often, a respectable fifty-year-old man dares to study the Swedish language, and a sixty-year-old matron is suddenly keen on ballroom dancing and even participates in some kind of competition for those for whom ...

Drawing is no exception. It happens that a person from childhood clearly feels some vague forces calling him to artistic creation, but somehow the realization of this very creativity does not work out, except with the help of a camera and Photoshop, but this is a completely different conversation , now I want to draw ...

How to learn to draw in adulthood? If such a wonderful and irresistible desire has arisen, it is impossible to suppress it, on the contrary, the arising desire for a sweet process of creativity must be supported and developed in every way. How to learn to draw is a long and difficult process, and the success of the whole enterprise depends not only on the presence or absence of a “divine spark”, but also on the amount of time spent on training, although this is not always true.

It’s better to start a long way of mastering the methods of expressing your thoughts and images on paper with the simplest thing - you can just try to draw your favorite simple picture from a book or a colorful illustrated magazine. If the result is not the best, then you should not quit what you started. Just the next day, you need to try to draw the same picture, but from different positions, turning it over on different sides.

There is no need to bother with glare, volume and perspective. The main task of this stage is to only learn how to draw and learn how to simply transfer the lines of an object onto paper.

But how to draw with a pencil? This type of drawing has its own particular subtleties, as, in fact, in all others. First you need to choose the most suitable paper, pencil and eraser. The paper can be anything you like. The gum should be chosen softer, and the pencil should be sharpened in a sharpener so that the tip has a conical shape.

To know how to draw with a pencil, you need to keep in mind that the hand during drawing should be extremely free, but not too relaxed. Pencil while drawing is held easily and at an angle of 45 degrees to the paper. Do not press the pencil firmly against the paper.

It is advisable to choose a good paper - for sketches, art, rough or simply thick, but not slippery in any case, otherwise the drawing can be thoroughly spoiled when cleaning up errors. After that, you need to choose brushes, paints, pencils and other means of drawing. Now, in order to thoroughly learn how to learn how to draw, you need to practice as much as possible in redrawing pictures, and after it starts to work out well, you can do more serious work.

And yet, why do we all sometimes so want to draw something? Each person has interesting moments in life when feelings are so overwhelming that there is no power to keep them in yourself. It can be some kind of attitude, problems, emotions and even some philosophical reflections on the purpose of the existence of the Universe. By transmitting this on paper, the author can share all his thoughts with the world.

If you cannot create masterpieces of painting, but the answer to the question “How to learn to draw” has already been received, you don’t need to get upset. It is also not worth suppressing the desire to draw in ourselves - because we draw mainly for ourselves. Well, let's draw!


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