Crafts from disks

The iridescent mirrored CDs that have served their intended purpose are not a โ€œsinโ€ to use for the manufacture of various attractive gizmos, wall and ceiling dรฉcor. A thin flat surface, even and light, allows you to easily use discs in any decor. Women especially like them, some make whole dresses out of them, though itโ€™s possible to walk in this way only on the catwalk, but what an effect! Let's try to offer some more practical gizmos that can be used in everyday life.

Crafts from disks

1. Make a stand under the cup. This is perhaps the simplest solution. We fold the two disks together with the mirrored sides outward and tie a thin cotton thread with ordinary columns into a crochet, inserting it into the central hole and pulling out long loops. After knitting the first row in a circle, we knit the second row in the form of a thin lace strapping. Such "glamorous" coasters for a hot cup will look good even with porcelain. If the discs are tied with a nylon or polyethylene cord, they will fit perfectly as a protective stand for a flower pot.

2. Beautiful crafts from the disks are obtained in combination with beads, glass beads and artificial flowers. For example, a wall or door decoration in the form of a small wreath can be used as a festive decoration for the New Year or Easter. We pass a thin ribbon into the central hole, fix it with glue and make a loop, for which you can then hang a wreath. Next, we glue the surface of the disk with artificial sprigs of spruce, small shiny balls so that its surface through them slightly shines through.

3. Perhaps the most original and unusual crafts from the disks are obtained when they glue the surface like a mirror mosaic. For example, try to make a mosaic cover at the casket. To do this, we cut the discs with scissors into small pieces of a triangular, rectangular or square shape. Next, we will arrange them in random order on the lid as close to each other as possible so that only very narrow slots remain between them, and sequentially glue row by row with a glue gun. After the glue has dried, the gaps between the mosaic elements can be distinguished using a black acrylic contour for artwork. In the same way, you can cover not only the lid, but also the walls of the casket, and use the contour to apply a thin pattern to some individual mosaic elements.

4. A large rubber ball glued with disks cut into uneven pieces will become a fun decoration for a youth room. Such crafts made of disks suspended from a ceiling on a cord, reflecting and refracting the light of a ceiling lamp, will give glare on the surface of walls and ceiling, as if in a disco.

5. Crafts made of disks, made by oneself, can be wall panels made of mirror plates glued in rows. Such a coating will look especially impressive if the central hole, directly indicating the origin of the material, is sealed with round circles cut from thick paper.

What other original crafts from unwanted CDs can I invent? They will be a good decoration for modern hi-tech furniture, for example, just insert disks under the handles of drawers of a chest of drawers or cabinet painted in white or black. Itโ€™s nice to glue them on the tabletop of a coffee table, and close it with glass on top. Modern lampshades, ceiling lights, etc. are also made from disks. In a word, the scope for imagination is limitless. The main thing is that crafts from the discs as little as possible indicate the original purpose of the material from which they are made.


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