Artificial nail extension using nail tips

Indescribably lucky girls with long nails of beautiful shape. But what if nature deprived of such qualities? Many women want to grow chic nails, but only all in vain. Lack of vitamins, temperature changes, interaction with household chemicals lead to fragility and thinning of the nail plates.

Today there is no problem in making artificial nails using acrylic in the salon. An experienced master can handle this in an hour. And how to make beautiful nails yourself in a short time? There is an exit. You can stick special false nails - tips that are sold in the store. It is enough to glue them firmly to the nail plates with special glue. A competent approach is important for tips, so we will share with you some secrets of sticking and wearing them.

artificial nails

Features of false nails (tips)

Fashion for long nails was introduced by Chinese beauties. They used special silver tips for this. Fingers with such false tips seemed long and were the standard of beauty. Later it became fashionable even to buy natural cut nails and attach them to your own. But it did not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Most of all experiments with nail extension were in the XX century. In the course were pieces of linen, film, papyrus paper. And at the end of the last century, Americans came up with plastic artificial nails attached to a special glue. They were made by Broadway, which is why they were called "Broadway".

nails before and after extension

The manufacturing technology of these patch plates is constantly improved. The ideal dentistry technique was invented by the ordinary dentist Slack. It consists in the fact that artificial plates are put on nails like dental crowns and are attached to glue. Such false nails began to be called tips. At first they were a little rough and heavy, but today they are made from very good synthetic material. This allows you to not distinguish them from natural marigolds. The word "tips" comes from the English tip, which means "tip".

Selection of false nails

The choice of tips needs to be approached with some knowledge about them. Too small tips will squeeze the nails and lead to their deformation. It is important to choose false nails of your size and shape so that they sit well. In sets of 10 pieces of artificial records are sold. It’s not scary if they will be a little larger, a file for artificial nails will help you here. With it, you can simulate any form of records. Also on sale is a special device - tip cutter.

There are convex tips, flat, in the form of a square, stylet, oval. Artificial plates are transparent, white, multi-colored, with a jacket. You can also purchase decorated tips, which can be seen in the photo in the article. On sale there are even tips for the legs, they are elastic and do not break.

beautiful nails

How to make beautiful nails using nail tips?

Attaching patch plates requires some tricks. First, they prepare their nails: they are filed under the shape of tips, polished. Next, the nails are treated with a degreasing agent. This will not only clean the plates, but also protect them from fungus and infections. With a stick, the cuticle is gently pushed back.

Then proceed to sticking tips. Take one plate, put on it a little glue for tips on the inside and begin to advance on the nail. Having reached the cuticle, they press the plate to the nail, hold it a little. If necessary, add a little glue to the joints. After sticking all the tips they are shortened a bit, filed. After that, they can be painted with any varnish, make decor.

decoration of extended nails

Care for glued nails

Tips are corrected with tip cutter and a special nail file so as not to damage them. You need to be careful about steaming hands, this can lead to the falling off of artificial nails. Temperature drops and steam room tips do not tolerate. The varnish on such nails holds well, you do not need to apply a thick layer. It is also important to moisturize the cuticle with oils.

Beautiful design

Tips Adhesive

An assistant for creating artificial beauty is a special glue. It is sold in a jar with a brush. It contains specially selected components for good bonding. The glue consistency is transparent and viscous. The gluing procedure takes place in a matter of minutes, because the glue dries quickly.

It’s not necessary to buy the strongest glue. It is better to use a slightly fixative, so as not to damage your own nails.

beautiful artificial nails

Correction and removal

Sticking tips is much easier than removing them. Most often, to correct or remove artificial nails, they turn to a beauty salon. Specialists remove tipsa with a special solution for an hour. Just remove the false plates by tucking them, it will not work, because you can damage your own nail. Sometimes at home to remove the tips use a regular nail polish remover, only with acetone.

The procedure is as follows. Cotton swabs are dipped in a special solution or liquid, they cover the nail plates, put pieces of foil on top and press. As little air as possible should penetrate under the foil. After applying the liquid, wait 40 minutes. During this time, the consistency of the tips will become soft. Further, cotton pads are removed from the nails and the softened artificial plates that have turned into a jelly-like substance are removed with a spatula. You can buy a special liquid for softening tips in a professional cosmetics store. Their cost is low, and use does not pose any special problems.


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