How to draw a park with a pencil?

If you want to become an artist, study in a painting club or just like to spend time alone with a pencil and paper, you just need to learn how to portray beautiful landscapes. In the city, finding an island of nature is not always realistic, but possible. Come to the park! Read about how to draw a park with a pencil below.

Drawing from nature

If you want to get a beautiful image, then you should not come up with a landscape in your head. Come to the park and look around carefully.

draw a park with a pencil
Inspect all the small details, draw the park mentally. Get started with a general sketch with light pencil strokes. Outline the horizon, places of trees, shrubs, benches. How to draw a park carefully so that the picture is not stained? Make it minimalistic, do not overload. Put a couple of benches, a couple of trees or bushes in the distance and one tree close by. Draw this tree clearly: trunk, branches, leaves. Draw on the man’s bench or a dog walking nearby. Relive the drawing with a fence line, a path. The final step in the pencil landscape is the hatching of all objects transferred onto paper. Do not forget about the shadows.

How to draw a park with a fountain?

We start the drawing with a sketch of the line of the road in the park. Draw it with two light strokes. We depict an oval just below - this is the future park fountain. Above the road, we depict silhouettes of benches and people resting here. Visitors to the park can talk among themselves, read the newspaper. Detail the bench by circling its boards, back, legs. Now we start drawing a fountain. In the center of the oval shown earlier, you need to draw a round base and a spire extended upwards. Water should come from the pointed figure. Draw small holes to the oval. Then lightly walk the eraser around the fountain and draw the lines again.

how to draw an amusement park
So you create the feeling that the water is voluminous. Around the fountain do not forget to draw trees. Now you know how to draw a park with a pencil in stages.

How to depict a winter park?

In order to make the drawing realistic, you need to add details to it: trees, bushes, people, benches, trails, lights, stones, birds, animals and so on. You can draw a park with an ice rink. Mark the sheet of paper like this: draw a vertical line right in the middle of the sheet, two perpendicular lines dividing the first in half. Naturally, the lines should be invisible, because they are only needed for orientation. How to draw a park with an ice rink? From the sides of the sheet, wedge large spruce paws into the drawing (by the way, the drawing can also be made in color). On the lower perpendicular line we draw the basis of the park - a bench, several fir trees, a path that goes into the distance. In the upper part of the picture, depict the sun setting over the horizon, clouds in the sky. The space between the two lines is occupied by the ice rink.

how to draw a park with a pencil in stages
Populate it with skating people. They can be friends, performing various funny somersaults, or a romantic couple on a date. Show your imagination.

How to draw an amusement park with a pencil?

For many people, an amusement park is primarily a ferris wheel. Drawing it is easy! First, draw a large circle (the future Ferris Wheel) and the ground below it on a piece of paper. Circle the circle carefully with a pencil, do not forget: it should be perfectly even, because this is not a natural object, but the creation of human hands. On the ground, allocate space for houses, trees. In the background you can draw a river or a lake. Detail ferris wheel. Draw on it booths for seating people, light bulbs to attract attention. If you wish, under the attraction you can portray other, smaller entertainments, swings, for example. Finish the drawing by hatching with a pencil. In a darker tone, highlight the land in the park and the water (if you depicted it).

how to draw a park

Now you know how to draw an amusement park, as well as a summer and winter leisure park. If you take up the paints, you can easily portray autumn in bright colors. You can also draw a park alley of trees that looks mysterious and romantic. You can depict the landscape at night or daytime. When drawing a night park, shade the space with a pencil more.


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