Is instant coffee harmful: composition, brands, manufacturer, product quality, effects on the body, benefits and harms with regular use

What do you need in order to wake up completely on a workday morning and go up to work awake? Of course, a cup of aromatic instant coffee. Is it harmful to drink it, the question is not worth it, the priority is a charge of vivacity for the whole day. After all, while the mash is boiled, you can be late for work, and get a comment from the authorities, and the instant drink is prepared in a matter of minutes. With or without milk, with sugar or bitter, Mokachino, cappuccino, glass, latte - there are many options. Disputes of doctors and ardent coffee lovers about the health benefits and benefits of instant coffee are still ongoing today.

The benefits of instant coffee

The composition of the product

Instant coffee includes substances that are far from natural ground. Robusta grains, cheap and questionable in quality, occupy only a quarter of all the components that make up this "running" drink. Experts have identified more caffeine in a soluble drink than in ground. Doctors do not recommend consuming such coffee on an empty stomach, as a person runs the risk of getting an ulcer caused by a copious amount of acid in the product. Some coffee brands taste like cigarettes. And not in vain. The presence of trigonellin can give such a taste, due to which a tempting and seductive aroma is obtained, urging you to immediately begin the coffee drinking ceremony. The drink is not without preservatives, various chemicals and dyes. Does it stop for a moment to think about whether instant coffee is harmful to health?

From high-quality arabica coffee the most elite types of coffee are obtained, which can be more expensive at a price. But sometimes it’s better not to regret, pay more and drink an invigorating drink without preservatives that distort the taste, than “choke” with chemistry and “plant” your body just because of savings.

The most inexpensive type of instant drink is powder, which is obtained by refining, prolonged frying, grinding and cooling. In terms of harmfulness, this coffee is the most "harmless".

The most “burning” varieties for the body are freeze-dried and granulated coffee. The product in granules looks presentable, which conquers many coffee lovers. However, it tastes not so velvety and soft. Freeze-dried coffee is considered the most dangerous. Grains when they freeze dry and completely lose their vitamins.

Flavored coffee

Famous brands and manufacturers

Everyone remembers those commercials of the 90s that flickered on television screens, where Nescafe poured deliciously into a red cup of coffee. At that time, this brand lived up to expectations, as did Chibo. But not now, when their taste cannot even be called taste - solid burnt and sour grains. According to the popular vote, the leading coffee brands, which are famous for their unique aroma and pleasant taste, are considered the following:

  1. A favorite from Switzerland is Bushido, made using the best Japanese technologies with high-quality arabica beans and special edible gold without any food additives. This brand, whose homeland is considered the Land of the Rising Sun, is considered one of the most expensive at a price. Fragrant "Bushido" perfectly reveals the whole palette of indescribable taste sensations.
  2. German "Grandos", which includes a mixture of arabica beans and robusta of the highest quality. The peculiarity of this coffee brand is the absence of dyes and chemicals.
  3. Japanese "Maxim", the taste of which is difficult to distinguish from ground. This drink is prepared using a special technique - roasting on the coals of trees. Preservatives are also not observed.
  4. Another Japanese favorite, exclusive on store shelves is Yucca coffee. A feature of the brand is the complete absence of bitter taste notes and a unique aroma with fruity influences.
  5. French elite coffee "Carte Noir" is famous for the original grinding of beans that have not become victims of overcooking.
  6. The Russian drink made from arabica beans - "Moscow Coffee Shop on Payah" is famous for its acceptable cost and excellent quality.
  7. South Korean coffee "Tester Choyce", has a pure aroma of roasted arabica and an unsurpassed taste, devoid of acid and chemical impurities.
  8. No less pleasant coffee is considered to be the Swiss "Egoist", capable of raising tone and energizing in a matter of minutes.
  9. German "Tudey Pur Arabica" will appeal to lovers of bitter tastes. For fans of strong varieties, this brand may seem weak, and nevertheless it is considered one of the best in the world market.
  10. The freeze-dried Indian coffee "Indian Gold Exclusive", which fully meets the criterion of "price-quality", was not ignored. In addition, it is famous for its great taste and aroma.

Beneficial features

If you do not abuse instant coffee every day, is it harmful to drink it? Of course, in this case, the drink will benefit. To increase working capacity and enhance good spirits, it’s enough to enjoy this fragrant “potion” just once a day.

A cup of coffee

Nonfanatic consumption of coffee prevents aggression of asthma and allergic reactions, dilates blood vessels and promotes recovery during poisoning. Coffee will also benefit from slow heart work. The drink, according to some reports, is able to prevent a malignant tumor in the stomach and liver, and also has a rejuvenating effect. Instant coffee also serves as an aphrodisiac, endowing men with sexual energy and contributing to the active work of the genitals.

Good news for those who want to always have a beautiful figure. A soluble drink copes with unnecessary kilograms more quickly than ground, as its caloric content is lower. However, the abuse of the product or its drinking with sweets can have the opposite effect and lead to the appearance of the hated "orange peel". It is impossible to say unequivocally whether soluble coffee with milk is harmful during the fight against excess weight. Watching what kind of milk. If it is a dry product with a minimum percentage of fat content, then this is an ideal combination, but if your favorite sugar condensed milk is introduced into coffee - goodbye, weight loss, and hello, cellulite.

Coffee with milk

Instant sugar-free coffee can overcome hunger and muscle pain if you eat it during a break instead of high-calorie foods. This is an indispensable assistant for athletes to restore the strength they need.

Cons of the drink

Is manic absorption of instant coffee harmful? Of course. Such fanatical addiction can hit well throughout the human body. Those who drink this “potion” without caffeine are also mistaken, as this is fraught with urolithiasis.

Doctors advise staying as far away as possible from instant coffee containing a lot of chemical additives and acids, people with heart diseases, as well as gastritis, ulcers, liver diseases and other exacerbations of the gastrointestinal tract. It is especially dangerous to drink it on an empty stomach.

Women should by no means lean on coffee because of the presence of chemicals in it, which can significantly add excess weight.

Combustible mixture for health - a combination of coffee and tobacco. Such a "bomb" can provoke heartburn and exacerbate gastric diseases.

Before you start absorbing an invigorating drink in the morning, you should definitely have a good breakfast, otherwise the stomach will be damaged. Now we can conclude whether it is harmful to drink a lot of instant coffee.

The benefits and harms of coffee

Tips and recipes for note

Is coffee harmful? Soluble or ground? With or without sugar? These questions will always be visited by the head of people who cannot imagine their existence without this tonic “balm”. Coffeemen will always find excuses for loyalty to their favorite, even if they are false. To avoid problems with the genitourinary system and kidneys, doctors recommend drinking water with coffee. It is especially important to moderate the consumption of this “planting” product to 2 cups per day, no more. Coffee is strictly contraindicated for children, as well as for pregnant women, otherwise it will greatly affect the nervous system.

Merchant Drink Recipe

  1. Pour a teaspoon of coffee into the prepared cup.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of brandy and vodka.
  3. Pour boiling water and toss 2 berries of cherry, preferably frozen. This touch gives the drink an exquisite taste reminiscent of Amaretto.
  4. Dip 1 lavrushka into the resulting creation and take it out after 5 seconds.

For lovers of bitterness

  1. Mix a teaspoon of coffee with a pinch of cinnamon and put on the bottom of the cup.
  2. Pour boiling water over the mixture and pour over cheesecloth or strainer into another bowl.
  3. Add citrus fruit juice. Most preferred are mandarin orange or grapefruit.
  4. Add sugar if desired.
Cinnamon Coffee

Peppercorn Recipe

  1. In a cup with sprinkled instant coffee, add 2 pieces of hematogen.
  2. Pour boiling water and place 1 chili pepper in the drink. Hold for a second, otherwise there will be a "fire."
  3. Put 3 cherry berries and a slice of orange.
  4. This coffee option is the perfect complement to meat.
Coffee with pepper

Calorie content of the product

The energetic value of instant coffee that many people love is dependent on the addition of other ingredients. A cup of black drink with no added sugar contains only 4 calories. A sweet drink contains from 19 kcal, depending on the number of added spoons of granulated sugar. For a figure, milk poured in coffee is a little more dangerous - 20 kcal, more harmful with two tablespoons of sugar - as much as 50 kcal. Cream is the most "explosive" - ​​the fatter, the more nutritious. Their energy value reaches 300 calories, which can easily add a "fly in the ointment" in the process of losing weight.


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