Burgundy shellac: nail design and photos

Autumn shade that gives the nails an incredible style - burgundy shellac. Such a nail design will be a win-win option with any clothes and shoes. The burgundy shade will decorate the hands of every woman, give the image sophistication and wealth.

burgundy shellac

Who is suitable for

Shellac manicure for a long time will delight the quality of the coating. Burgundy shade is suitable for both long and short nails. For girls with fair skin, such a bright shade will do better than black people.

Burgundy shellac looks great in a plain design. If you want to surprise others, it is recommended to add personality, for example, make color transitions or a color jacket.

The palette of burgundy shades is so multifaceted that it suits women of all ages. Basic tones:

  • Pomegranate.
  • Plum (light to dark).
  • Burgundy.
  • Cherry.
  • Ruby.

They may vary in saturation as well as color depth.

Burgundy shellac

Bright shades look great on their own. They do not require additional decorative elements, while remaining saturated and deep. If a girl wants to look unique and bright, burgundy nails will suit her. Shellac will give hands shine and maintain the quality of the coating for a long time.

Nails can be coated with glossy varnish or matte. Burgundy shades are so diverse that they are suitable for any occasion. A plain manicure will make the image concise, stylish and interesting.

Beautiful design

Shellac burgundy on the nails, a photo of which can be found in fashion magazines, looks perfect. To make your hands look well-groomed, you need to choose the right design.

Rhinestones are perfect for a burgundy shade. Their brilliance will complement the nobility of color, make it even brighter. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it with the number of pebbles. It is enough to decorate one nail with rhinestones to give sophistication to manicure.

shellac burgundy photo

Shellac can also be supplemented with volumetric patterns that are executed in white. Such pictures are painted with a brush or use a device for stamping. To make the manicure look better, top-coat is used on top.

On burgundy shellac, graphic patterns and geometric shapes look great. To apply them, use a thin brush or a special adhesive tape that is easy to apply.

With burgundy shades of white, blue, and black are well combined. Wine varnish, complemented by resin color, looks very impressive. Black paintings or drawings work well with maroon nails.

Gold and silver in design

If you add shine, burgundy shellac will look richer and more elegant. This combination is perfect for an evening outfit. The burgundy shade in combination with gold or silver looks great on nails of any length. There are several ways to create a beautiful manicure:

  1. Coat one nail with gold or silver gel polish. The rest - a dark shade of burgundy, such as wine or plum.
  2. A brilliant shade is applied to the edge of each marigold coated with the primary color.
  3. First, they make burgundy shellac, and then draw a gold or silver pattern on several fingers.

shellac burgundy design

Manicurists recommend creating neat drawings so as not to overload the rich shade.

Burgundy French

In autumn, to complement the image, it is recommended to make shellac burgundy. The design can be anything, but at the peak of fashion, the jacket remains. This design of nails is very simple, but at the same time it looks great.

The main thing when performing a french jacket in burgundy shades is to qualitatively draw a smile line. For courageous girls who are ready to experiment, you can make the nail plate in bright color, and the tip of the nail in white.

They complement the jacket with small rhinestones and sparkles. Burgundy can become a wedding design if it is decorated with lace or delicate flowers.

Ombre manicure

This application technique, such as a smooth transition of color, is very popular among young girls. In ombre style, shellac can also be created. Burgundy nails, the photos of which are made after the manicure, created in this technique, will be incredibly stylish.

To independently apply gel polish with the transition of one shade to another, experience is required. Gradient manicure, made within the same gamut, will look good on long nails.

Shellac makes it possible to create different color transitions, from smooth to clear borders. You can use several burgundy shades and create overflows from dark plum to light ruby.

burgundy nails shellac


It is important for girls that their hands are well-groomed and beautiful. Manicure design, complemented by a drawing, is a great way to show individuality.

If burgundy gel polish is taken as the basis, then the drawings should be interesting and unusual. A thin brush draw beautiful leaflets, small flowers, curls and geometric shapes.

The web looks very unusual, for the image of which they use a golden or silver shade of varnish. This design is suitable for summer or Halloween.

Ripe cherries painted on marigolds will help to create a β€œdelicious” manicure for the warm season. Butterflies can be depicted in white or blue.

For everyday manicure, patterns in the form of daisies, roses, petals are suitable. The main thing is to choose the right shades and not overload the burgundy color with the drawings.

Unusual design

For brave girls, the burgundy shade of shellac will be a godsend. With it, you can make a very unusual design. The pens will look very impressive if you cover your nails with a dark wine tint, and index fingers completely decorate with rhinestones.

Shellac looks no less beautiful after coating the main color with a matte product. A combination of burgundy and black also looks unusual. To do this, shades alternate or one of them is used to apply patterns.

shellac burgundy nails photo

Burgundy color embodies the embodiment of wealth and sophistication. This coating is best used for special, solemn moments. A manicure made in burgundy shades requires the right selection of clothes, shoes and jewelry made of gold or silver.

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