Causes of drug addiction, treatment and prevention. Drug Abuse Day

Addiction as a social problem has become widespread throughout the world. Especially teenagers and people with poor psychological health are affected. The causes of drug addiction are quite diverse, which is why even those people who have never imagined such an event in their life fall into the trap of addiction.

Substances that cause addiction are also relevant because many criminal structures make a lot of money from them, which, according to official figures, count in billions of US dollars. You need to try not to fall for this bait in order to live a full happy life.

Reasons for the spread of drug addiction

It doesn’t happen that a person spontaneously becomes a drug addict. Various factors contribute to this. The causes of drug addiction are both physiological and psychological. Both those and others are extremely dangerous, it is difficult for them to resist. A narcologist knows how to deal with addiction, but people often just neglect going to him.

Causes of addiction

In order not to worry about your health, it is easier to prevent the development of addiction. To do this, you need to know the factors and causes that cause it, and in every way to deal with them.

Psychological factors

The psychological causes of drug addiction are also called social by doctors, since they are connected with society and its pressure on a person. So, the factors that can trigger the appearance of addiction:

  • Family problems. This is the case when parents either do not pay attention to their child at all, because of which he seeks solace in drugs, or over-guard him, then the child begins to rebel, looking for a way out in the wrong and illegal actions. In addition, lack of awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs can also lead to a person becoming addicted by accident, not expecting this.
  • Banal curiosity. This often comes down to the causes of teenage addiction. When a child tries drugs, he believes that nothing will happen from one such time.
  • If a person is creative in nature, he can resort to using drugs to give inspiration. He usually does not think about the consequences.
  • When adolescent maximalism and a sense of rebellion prevail in adolescents, they begin to challenge society. A manifestation of this can be drug use.

Drug Abuse Day

  • Irresponsible people may not understand the consequences of their actions, including those related to drug addiction and their own health. This character trait in yourself needs to be eradicated.
  • When a person has an unstable psyche, he is prone to internal conflicts. Instead of successfully solving them, he seeks a way out in narcotic substances.
  • A constant feeling of anxiety, self-doubt, fear and a feeling of loneliness can also cause drug use.
  • If a person gets into bad company, then his environment can lead to the fact that he will begin problems with addiction.

But not only these factors can affect the human psyche.

Psychological factors at the state level

The reasons for drug use may be hidden at the state level. No matter how it sounds, the following factors can lead a person into despair:

  • Wrong setting of values ​​of modern society.
  • Strong psychological influence of the West.
  • Daily propaganda of immoral acts.
  • Lack of organizations where a child or teenager could find friends of interest.
  • Lack of advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

Such problems should be solved at the state level, but if this does not happen, then parents should try to instill a certain value system in them, as much as possible satisfying the curiosity of the child.

Physiological factors

Some scientists claim that the main causes of drug addiction are not in psychology, but in human physiology. With violations in the body of the production of neurotransmitters in humans, pathological anxiety, depression, and obsessive conditions begin. The internal conflict that forms over time is resolved with the help of narcotic substances.


Heroin addicts claim that heroin gives them the feeling of calm and comfort that they have dreamed about. This is due to neurotransmitters. A drug replaces these substances to people, giving an imaginary feeling of calm and security.

But the state of bliss passes after a while, being replaced by a sense of inferiority. A drug is not able to satisfy needs forever. When the body gets used to it, it becomes necessary to maintain normal life, but no longer brings a sense of joy. Then a person is forced to accept it in order to save his life. Moral problems fade into the background, and the addict has only one goal - not to die.

World-Class Addiction Problems

Any reasons for the development of drug addiction lie in dissatisfaction with life. When a person tries to change something and focuses on it, but he doesn’t succeed, he begins to look for another, easier way to solve his problems. Over time, he comes to the realization that drugs can cope with any failures.

Addiction as a social problem

In fact, only psychologically immature individuals solve problems with the help of alcohol or psychotropic substances. Unfortunately, there are very few young people with fully formed values ​​and worldviews. Therefore, the problem of drug addiction takes on such a global meaning. Drugs are a kind of way to solve adult problems using children's methods. But getting rid of the addiction that arises as a result is very difficult.

International Day Against Addiction

Since 1986, June 26 is considered International Day against Drug Addiction. To this date, in different countries, statesmen are preparing special programs that call for abandoning narcotic substances. Unfortunately, these events have not been successful so far, as the problem continues to gain momentum and reach more and more people from all over the world. Drug Abuse Day is only one way to solve this problem. In fact, anti-addiction programs have been developed daily for many years, but so far none of them have yielded positive results.

Reasons for the spread of drug addiction

Only people themselves can influence this problem. Read the right literature, educate children in accordance with all moral values, try to avoid dubious companies and offers. In a word, everyone should think about their situation, then drug addiction will cease to be such a global problem.

Addiction treatment

Many people whose relatives are faced with the problem of drug addiction try to conduct appropriate treatment at home. Unfortunately, this event will not end successfully. Addiction is caused by both physiological and psychological reasons. You can get rid of withdrawal on your own if you protect the patient from the outside world. But the psychological attraction to drug use will remain. Therefore, it is important to carry out complex treatment. Today, there are many rehabilitation centers that offer their services for the treatment of drug-addicted patients. Professional specialists work there. A narcologist will identify the degree of dependence and prescribe appropriate measures.

Drug addiction treatment

Often relatives of drug-addicted people try to relieve symptoms in a patient with the help of pharmaceuticals. The fact is that painkillers and sleeping pills can also contain narcotic components. Then the patient simply replaces one drug with another. Naturally, successful treatment of addiction in this case is out of the question. This is another reason why it is better to contact a rehabilitation center.

Reasons for Teenage Addiction

In addition, the body of a drug addict can respond to medications in an unexpected way. In any drug dispensary there is resuscitation, because the patient can become ill at any time. At home, starting treatment is extremely dangerous, you never know how it will end. More often than not, heroin addicts simply died from such events, since a layman cannot create the necessary conditions in order to save a person from addiction.

Addiction prevention

Drug abuse prevention is an important program that is carried out mainly among schoolchildren, since it is this category of population that is the most vulnerable. Preventive measures include talking with parents, teachers, psychologists, attending lectures, creating various interest clubs, watching motivating films. The information that is voiced by students should instill in them the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention Rules

Prevention involves more than just formal communication with people. The information that comes to them must meet the relevant requirements:

  • It should be positive, inspiring and motivating.
  • If the information is negative, it should highlight the effects of drug use in colors.
  • The media should not promote drug use.
  • All information that reaches the population should be formed only by professional doctors.
  • All information must be approved by the appropriate council, which should include narcologists, psychologists, therapists and psychotherapists.

Reasons for drug use

These are measures for primary prevention of the population.

Secondary drug prevention

Secondary prevention involves identifying people who are already addicted to drugs and re-working with them. These measures are needed to prevent relapse, as well as to ensure that healthy people are not subjected to psychological influence of addicts. Thus, drug addiction is a world-class problem. Unfortunately, today an insufficient number of measures are being taken to solve it. But you can avoid such a problem if you are aware of the consequences of drug addiction.


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