How to make a wish map so that they come true

how to make a wish map

At first glance, this seems like something magical and incredible. Indeed, the discussion of how to correctly map the desires so that they come true is represented by something from the realm of spiritualism and other purely ritual activities. However, we all know the effect of a diary or "life plan." Whether we start on Monday or the New Year, we need to have in our imagination what we are striving for. And this is by no means transcendental fantasies and far from fiction. Thinking in this way, we forget about the powerful reserves of our psyche, which leads us through life to the realization of the goal. Someone will call it fate, someone - self-actualization, someone karma. But subconsciously, we have enormous resources that we can use to fulfill a mission, mission or dream - as anyone likes.

Why do we need diagrams and graphs in self-development? We need to structure our consciousness. We do this daily without noticing it ourselves. And the one who compiles the lists, plans, intuitively feels how to draw up a wish map correctly. On the one hand, there is something from neuro-linguistic programming. That is, making a plan, we are consciously tuned in to its implementation. And voicing it (or displaying it graphically), we only strengthen ourselves in our intentions. On the other hand, this can have a powerful effect on our internal development. Indeed, from unformed aspirations, we, studying how to

make a wish
to compile a map of desires, we single out the main thing. We make out, consolidate our dreams. Now they - presented on paper - are becoming goals. One of the techniques analyzing how to create a wish map correctly recommends drawing a square consisting of nine smaller equal ones. In the center of it we place our life and health. And this is reasonable. Without enough strength, we will not be able to realize ourselves in something else. Further, arbitrarily, as it turns out to be relevant for you, we place: relationships and love, money and independence, interaction with other people and friendship, a position in the world (authority), science and curiosity, family and stabilization, children and creativity, pleasure and the like. For each of us, the scheme and sequence may be different. After all, this directly depends on our priorities, attitudes, education.

make a map

However, remember the magical ritual of childhood and occult practices. “Make a wish” - and you will get either an answer as to whether it will come true, or a program for the future. It is understood that thought itself creates reality. Thinking deeper, one can not disagree. "Make a wish card" - equivalent to the advice "plan your time." As you know, not much is allotted to each of us. We will not be able to read all the books, travel all countries, get to know all women (or men). But trying to structure our consciousness, we can try to direct it to the search for optimal solutions for us. And if, for example, we can realize that family and stability are in the first place for us, we are unlikely to surrender ourselves to our careers with the same zeal. Having understood that creativity is our attitude and purpose in life, we will not bind others (for example, wives) with empty promises. After all, the desire to “be like everyone else, but even better” is absurd. It is taken from averaging. If we know how to correctly map our own, our own desires, we will be able to find a way to their realization.


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