Gold card, Sberbank: reviews. Sberbank Gold Credit Card: conditions

It has long been no secret to anyone that Sberbank provides very favorable credit card terms. Gold credit card is one of the most profitable products and is provided to privileged customers.

general information

gold sberbank card reviews

Sberbank Gold credit cards have a maximum credit limit. It is 600 thousand rubles. The interest rate on them is 23%. The cost of annual maintenance is three thousand rubles.

As for the commission, it is exactly the same as for other types of cards - 3%, but not less than 400 rubles. The minimum monthly payment is five percent of the total debt. Gold card (Sberbank) reviews are very good, since its use is very beneficial to customers.

When applying for a credit card, it will be considered within a few days.

Who can be issued such a credit card?

Using the Sberbank Gold Card is, of course, a profitable business, but not everyone can get it. To obtain such a card, the borrower must be at least 21 years old and no older than 65 years. He should also have at least one year of work experience and at least six months in last place.

Here you should definitely pay attention to the fact that if you do not receive wages at Sberbank, then you will need to confirm your income with a certificate, and employment with a copy of the work book.

Sberbank Gold Card: Terms of Use for Preferential Customers

Sberbank considers the so-called preferential category of customers to be participants in salary projects, holders of simple debit cards, deposit holders, as well as people who already have some kind of credit.

These categories of customers can safely rely on the fact that the offer on the Golden Card will be previously approved. In this situation, you just need to contact your passport to apply for and receive a card at Sberbank.

Gold credit card has another nice addition - a reduced interest rate of 17.9% per annum, the absence of the need to pay annual services and a maximum credit line. But before you receive a card, you still need to find out in more detail on what conditions Sberbank provides it. Gold credit card can solve a lot of problems with cash and the need to find money for large purchases.

Sberbank Gold Credit Card

What are the benefits of Gold Cards?

Existing discount program for holders of premium cards

The most various bonuses for Gold class cardholders are provided mainly not by Sberbank itself, but by one or another payment system.

For example, a card with the Visa payment system allows its holder to take part in the World of Privileges program, which operates in 20 thousand points around the globe.

When paying for various purchases using the Sberbank Gold Card from partners of the program, the cardholder will not only receive good discounts, but also a variety of compliments, bonuses and special offers.

Bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank"

These bonuses to owners are accrued directly to Sberbank (one such bonus is equal to one ruble discount). In the first three months after a customer signs up for the program, he will be credited with a bonus account of 1.5% for each purchase. After this period expires, the number of bonuses will drop to 0.5%.

Emergency cash withdrawal if a card is lost abroad

If a situation arises when the client is abroad and cannot for any reason receive funds from his card (theft, loss or damage), funds in the amount of up to five thousand dollars can be issued in cash to the owner of the credit card. No commissions will be charged.

It is these privileges that the Golden Card (Sberbank) can provide. Customer reviews show that using such programs is really very convenient and even beneficial.

What other options for gold credit cards?

Besides the fact that Sberbank offers Gold credit cards for use, it still has three types of co-branded cards in stock: for flights, for talking and for charity.

Sberbank Gold Card Cons

  1. A card for flights, also called Visa Aeroflot Gold. It enables its holder to receive, for every thirty rubles that is spent on the card, 1.5 miles. After the very first transaction, the card still accrues a welcome bonus of a thousand miles. These bonuses can be easily exchanged for a discount on airline tickets from Aeroflot or for upgrading a service class. The gold card of Sberbank also has disadvantages in this case. Upon receiving a card with a cobrand, the client is deprived of the opportunity to participate in the “Thank you from Sberbank” bonus program.
  2. The second type of card, called "For Talk", is nothing more than an MTS MasterCard Gold card . Here the same system as the previous type of cards. For every thirty rubles, one bonus point is awarded, and for the first operation 600 points are given. These nice gifts can be spent on free messages, minutes of conversation, the Internet and more.
  3. As for charity, there is a separate type of card for it called “Give Life” Gold. Here, with every purchase made, 0.3% is allocated to a charity fund. Also, half of the cost of annual maintenance is deducted to his own account.

It is very important to remember that any co-branded card costs a little more than a regular one. The cost of annual maintenance is 500 rubles more and amounts to three thousand rubles. This is another unpleasant drawback that the Gold Card has. Sberbank receives various reviews for this type of service . Some do not interfere with the increased annual service, but some do not like it.

Differences of "gold" cards from "classic"

First of all, this is the interest rate. On the "golden" card, it is one point lower than on the classic. Annual maintenance is very different. In the first type of card, it is 3-3.5 thousand rubles, and in the second - only 750 rubles.

A “golden” credit card can be issued only to borrowers with high confirmed monthly incomes, or to regular customers of the bank. A classic card does not have most of the privileges that are granted to Gold card holders.

Gold credit card of Sberbank has different conditions than the classic one. But this also makes sense. Since such a card has a higher class, and the limits on it are much higher.

What can other banks offer?

VTB 24

VTB 24 Bank offers a choice of eight types of “golden” credit cards, ranging from the standard version to a co-branded product. Having a credit card of this bank, you can travel favorably with the companies Russian Railways, Transaero and Utair.

Sberbank Gold Card Terms of Use

As for the conditions for registration, they are practically no different from those established by Sberbank. Also, the interest rate is practically no different. But there is still a difference.

For example, the annual service on VTB 24 cards is two thousand rubles for the first year of service, and for each subsequent four thousand. In contrast to the fact that only three thousand is the Sberbank Gold Card. Cons are obvious.

Russian Standard Bank"

The "Russian Standard" line of "gold" credit cards is slightly smaller and is only five types of cards. They allow you to purchase goods from the Raspberry catalog at great discounts, receive bonuses to your WebMoney wallet and use various special offers from the UNICS basketball club.

It should be said that the interest rate on the cards of this bank is much higher and amounts to a maximum of 29 percent. But, despite this, their credit limit is higher and ranges from 750 thousand to a million rubles.

As for the terms of registration, it is not required to confirm the income here, since the card is issued according to only two documents.

Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank offers its customers six different options for "golden" cards.

use of a gold card of Sberbank

Besides the fact that you can get excellent discounts on cards, there are completely unique programs for customers. For example, a credit card with the name “100 days without interest Gold” allows its holder to use the bank’s funds within the established limit for a hundred days without interest. With all this, such a long grace period extends not only to cashless transactions, but also to cash withdrawals.

Alfa-Bank's maximum interest rate on a “golden” credit card is 33%, and the minimum - 18%.

The grace period is usually 60 days, but the maximum limit is three hundred thousand rubles.

It is worth saying that the registration of a "golden" credit card is carried out upon the provision of only two documents. At the same time, it is not necessary to confirm income. This can be done if you want the interest rate to be as low as possible.


In general, you can apply for a Gold Credit Card at Sberbank to any client who can confirm their income and employment. But the most favorable conditions will be only for selected clients: participants in salary projects, depositors and those who have a good credit history.

Sberbank Gold Credit Card Terms

A preferential category of customers can easily be counted on for the maximum limit on the card and the lowest interest rate, as well as a complete lack of annual service.

It should be noted that of all the banks represented, only Sberbank asks to confirm their income. Also, despite the fact that the conditions for providing cards are a bit harsh, using them is very simple and profitable. Here is such a simple Golden Card. Sberbank reviews on this product receive more positive than negative, so it makes sense to use such a card, despite the high cost of annual maintenance.


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