Original manicure in white: interesting ideas, features and reviews

A neatly made manicure in white looks both solemn and fresh. It can be a wonderful idea for the image of the bride, it is equally suitable for a student, a business woman, a representative of the creative profession. But with all the attractiveness, this color is unusually moody.

manicure in white color

Our article will help those who decide to comprehend the basics of this beautiful craftsmanship and independently make manicures in white.

Main rules

To make nails covered with white (and any other light) varnish look beautiful, the accuracy of execution should be at its best. A well-groomed cuticle, hastily crafted ends, overdried skin of hands, blots - any imperfection will be striking. To paint with white varnish nails that are not prepared for manicure is unacceptable. Itโ€™s better to do without any decor at all.

Many shades of white do not look very beautiful on tanned hands. Therefore, if you have just returned from the southern shores or you canโ€™t live without a tanning bed, you might prefer a shade that is less contrasting with a tan.

Another important rule regarding manicure with white varnish, like no other, is: do not be afraid of alterations. If something did not work out, you do not need to save the situation with the help of the fourth layer of varnish or other creative ideas. Remove the layer, start from scratch. Over time, errors will be less and less.

white manicure with flowers

Mandatory stage

So where to start? First of all, the pens must be put in order. Process the cuticle, give the nails the desired shape, trying to ensure that the length is the same. Walk on the surface with a polishing buff and be sure to degrease.

New trend

Rubbing is gaining more and more popularity. Itโ€™s easy to work with this material, and the effect is very impressive.

You can make such nacreous nails with the help of white gel polish and special powder.

manicure blue white flowers

The materials offered by manufacturers have different features. Yes, and each masterโ€™s favorite tools are their own. Judging by the reviews of those who have already mastered this technology, it is most convenient to work with the applicator, but for some it is easier to rub the powder with your fingers. Try different technologies to find the most convenient.

Apply a layer of powder on a glossy varnish with a sticky layer dried in a lamp. Top is also better to use glossy, it will make your nails shine.

For white manicure, pearl and silver rubbing are best suited, many reviews say this.

Geometry lessons

Graphic designs are in fashion today. They look concise, moderately strict, unusual and attractive. To make a manicure in white, decorated with stylish lines and small rhinestones, you need a good thin brush.

nails manicure white color

Which is better to choose? It's a matter of taste. If possible, it is advisable to try different ones. But it makes sense to start with a synthetic brush. It was such a tool that collected the most approving reviews.

How to arrange the lines on the nail? It depends on your preference. And the ideas presented in our article will help you get inspired.

white pink manicure

By the way, why not add a couple of color accents to the white manicure?

Gentle manicure with sand

Let's look at another wonderful modern material for nail art on the example of manicure in white and pink.

Matte varnish is suitable for the main background, but for monograms, as many craftsmen assure, it is better to use gel paint (it does not spread, creates a texture and is great for working with sand).

manicure in red-white

The now fashionable idea of โ€‹โ€‹a special nail is shown here in all its glory. Cover your nails with a colorless base, dry it. Some nails, for example, nameless and medium, cover with a layer of background varnish, dry, remove the sticky layer. Paint with monogram. Using a narrow spatula, spray the sand over the surface with a sheet of paper under your arm. The grains of sand that fell on it can be easily collected back into a jar for storage. Dry the layer under the lamp.

Paint the rest of the nails with solid color or decorate as you wish. For example, a moon manicure decorated with small glass rhinestones will go well with such a design.

White manicure with flowers, decorated with sand, looks very gentle and romantic.

What are kamifubuki and how to use them?

This invention was presented to the world of Japanese women. Kamifubuki are sold in jars, sachets, sets. Usually in the package there are circles of different sizes, in good harmony with each other in color. This is a turnkey design solution. For white manicure, kamifubuki is ideal, because almost any set of shades will look against this background.

white manicure with flowers

Cover the nails with a base, polymerise it in a lamp. Apply white varnish in 1 or 2 layers, bake. Kamifubuki is attached to a top or base with a sticky layer. After drying, cover the nails with the top again, making sure that the surface is smooth.

Slider Manicure

Delicate flowers, charming clusters of mountain ash and autumn leaves, feathers, dream catchers, animals, precious stones ... It is impossible to list all the abundance of great ideas that modern manufacturers are ready to offer us! To get a cool and stylish manicure, you do not even need to be able to draw!

There are a lot of sliders. Judging by the reviews, the most popular are stickers and decals on a water-soluble basis. Both types are convenient and easy to work with. Stickers with a needle or any convenient sharp tool should be disconnected from the base and transferred to painted and dried nails. The top layer is desirable, but not necessary, and they still hold well. This material is simply adored by those who love change! You can change the design of nails at least every day.

manicure blue white flowers

With translations, everything is a little more serious. Cut them into pieces, soak in a bowl with water. Using tweezers, separate the pictures one by one from the paper base, place on the nails. Topcoat required. It was this material that was used for stylish manicure in white with bright feathers.

They are suitable for ordinary manicure. Do not forget to cover the nails with nail polish.


White veil manicure looks solemn and elegant. It can be easily done using a stamping plate. This technology can be applied to both gel and conventional manicure.

manicure in white color

Cover your nails with clear varnish, let it dry. Put a drop of white varnish on the plate with your favorite decor, spread with a spatula, pressing it firmly to the surface. Transfer the image using a stamp on the nail.

After drying, carefully inspect your fingers. Is the skin dirty? To give a manicure the look of lace (or capron, stocking), use a little trick, which is often written in the reviews of the master. Stir a drop of white varnish in a transparent top and apply on top of the pattern. If you use conventional products, do the same by mixing colorless and white.

A white manicure can be decorated with a couple of medium-sized high-quality rhinestones (for example, if you are going to a celebration). But he himself is quite handsome.

Today on sale you can find many options for plates. The next manicure in red and white is made using this technology, but it looks completely different. Choose what you like.

manicure in red-white


A great idea for any season can be a manicure in blue and white colors. Making it very easy. You will need varnishes of two different shades, as well as gloss. You can use both the finished product with sparkling inclusions, and individual glosses for manicure.

white pink manicure

On white nails it is enough to apply a special varnish. It is desirable that the shiny particles match the color of the blue varnish.

Opinions of beauties

New Year, own wedding, pajama party, gatherings with girlfriends - there are plenty of reasons for white manicure. Many fashionistas are sure that it is appropriate everywhere and always.

However, adhering to certain laws is worth it. For example, the best party for a white manicure with flowers will be a romantic dress. A rebellious design with kamifubuki fiery shades will be a great idea for a youth image. A stylish jacket has always been considered the best option for office manicure.

Many girls simply adore delicate shades, harmoniously combined with white. Similar designs always look feminine.

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