Beautiful manicure for every day

Perfect manicure for every day is a meta of every girl. Neat and well-groomed nails will always be in the spotlight, regardless of which pattern or color is chosen for the everyday look.

Daily manicure

Well-groomed nails have long become a kind of calling card of a person. Hands are judged on the neatness, taste of a person, his sense of style and attitude towards himself. That is why it is so important to regularly care for your hands and nails. Each woman can independently take care of the claws and the skin around them, and doing this at home is not so difficult. However, sometimes this is sometimes not enough - from time to time I want the hands and nail design to complement the entire image directly, and also become an integral part of the image.

everyday manicure

Everyday manicure is a special type of nail design that will be appropriate in any situation. The main thing in its creation is not to allow bright, flashy colors and a vulgar impression.

Long or short?

The eternal problem of modern girls. Fortunately, every person can afford the claws โ€œa la catwomanโ€, and it won't take that much time - just 60 minutes in the salon, and manicure is ready for every day. But here's the catch: long nails are a very controversial phenomenon. It is believed that most men prefer short, but neat nails, rather than fingers with blades at the ends. Nevertheless, even long nails allow you to make a modest manicure for every day. The photo eloquently indicates that even a slightly elongated nail plate can look quite modest and harmonious.

manicure for every day photo

Short nails are not a cause for frustration. Modern technology allows you to create original designs that can be both discreet and creative at the same time. So, for example, shellac has long established itself as a great alternative to artificial nail extensions. In addition, this is the right decision, which allows you to create a manicure for every day. The gel does not adversely affect the nail plate, and also allows you to create an unusual design for everyday wear.

The rules of perfect manicure

As already mentioned, beautiful nails are manicured nails. Therefore, first of all, you need to take care of the beauty and well-groomed hands, and only then fantasize about an unusual design.

  1. To create a beautiful manicure for every day, you need to choose the right shape of nails. Now the square shape is popular, but it really looks harmonious on long fingers. If ladies' fingers are not musical at all, it is better to give preference to an oval or almond-shaped form.
  2. Be sure to remove unnecessary skin around the nail plate. There are several ways to get rid of the cuticle: with the help of baths or a special tool that softens rough skin.
  3. All claws should be the same length, otherwise a manicure for every day will look asymmetrical.

In addition, it is necessary to choose the right care products for the skin of the hands. Wrinkled, roughened or weathered, it will be the very fly in the ointment that will ruin a perfect manicure for every day. The photo clearly demonstrates how sophisticated the simplest design can be.

beautiful manicure for every day

Short but very attractive

To create a harmonious everyday nail design, you should adhere to some recommendations that will help to create a truly beautiful manicure.

  • Volumetric design with many small details will not look harmonious on short nails. A laconic feng shui style drawing (decoration only on the ring finger) is the best solution. All other claws should be varnished in neutral shades.
  • The drawing on short nails should occupy no more than 1/3 of the nail plate. Complex geometric patterns should be avoided.
  • Do not forget about the magic of color. So, some shades are able to visually lengthen the nail plate. If the nail itself is wide, do not paint over its lateral edges in detail - it is better to leave them without varnish. Vertical patterns will also help make the claws slightly longer.
  • Creating a sleek design for everyday wear, it is better to limit yourself to two shades. Otherwise, a simple manicure for every day will look ridiculous.

Ideal options for creating a discreet manicure are: a plain coating, a classic jacket or an exquisite pattern on one finger.

daily manicure gel

Whole color palette

A plain manicure is not always boring and banal. The current fashion industry offers stunning shades that will give odds to any nail modeling. Metal, matte, ombre and much more - with the help of modern varnishes, you can at least every week flaunt with bright and unusual claws. In addition, do not forget about the classic shades that allow you to create an exquisite manicure for every day.

Gel polish, which has become popular in recent years, reliably rests on the nail plate, allows you to freely perform any homework, and also not to worry about the safety of nails.

French manicure

This design is multifaceted and allows you to create original variations that are suitable for everyday wear, and for social events. Nail salon masters and creative girls create truly unique masterpieces on nails based on French manicure. Even a simple matte finish can add some zest to a regular jacket.

daily manicure gel polish

This trend has been popular for several years. Experts say that French manicure will for a long time serve as the basis for the creative flight of design ideas.

Even the classic jacket will be the best solution for those who are already tired of coming up with the most diverse options for creative design. In addition, this is a good idea that will allow you to create a classic manicure for every day.

Do not forget about the latest trend in French manicure - its moon variation. Here it is already possible to play on contrasts, as well as create original compositions that emphasize individuality and become a harmonious completion of the entire image itself.

The most fashionable and freshest shades of this season

Classic is classic. She always stays in trend. Therefore, modern fashionistas can calmly paint their nails in classic shades. Deep black color, the whole palette of red and dull white - win-win solutions for everyday manicure.

simple manicure for every day

50 shades of gray - no, this is not the name of the acclaimed film and the book of the same name, it is a palette of fashionable shades of the current season.

Tender and romantic girls can continue to paint their claws with pink and pastel colors - no one can reproach them for not matching fashion trends.

Whatever the everyday design of nails, you need to be guided by only one rule - naturalness and grooming. And everything else is a matter of taste.


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