Piercing salons in Moscow: where are they located, what services?

Body piercing is as popular as tattooing today. In order for a puncture not to become dangerous or even fatal for a person, it is necessary to carry out the procedure only in certified companies. In the capital, there are many companies whose services include punctures of various directions.

There are several types of piercings. The simplest is ear piercing. Almost all ordinary beauty salons in Moscow perform this procedure.

More complex: piercing eyebrows, tongue and lips - these types of jewelry already require special skill. And not all beauty companies can offer such services.

The most difficult and dangerous punctures are performed on the cheeks, nipples and genitals. Such procedures should be done only in specialized beauty salons. In Moscow, most often, puncture masters work in tandem with tattoo artists. Body decoration is already a separate branch of the beauty industry. And those who go for the piercing most often do not stop there and get a tattoo. Therefore, the work is done in a duet. So where to get a piercing in Moscow so as not to be afraid for your health?

Art Tattoo Studio Tattoo Academy

The puncture is most often resolved, following the positive reviews of friends, acquaintances, work colleagues. If the company has not developed a satisfied customer base, there will be no visitors.

piercing salons in Moscow

Tattoo Academy is a piercing salon in Moscow, which has established itself as a quality performer of any client requests. Even the most fastidious. Therefore, in the Internet space you can find many enthusiastic reviews about piercing masters Tattoo Academy.

One of the main rules of the specialists of this company is customer safety. Absolutely all materials are sterile, jewelry is purchased in specialized stores that issue quality certificates for the goods. Cabinets undergo daily disinfection, so the client may not have to worry about viruses or bacteria entering his body.

All piercers have been working in the field for more than nine years. Each client will receive complete recommendations for the care of the puncture and the possible consequences. In the piercing salon of Moscow, Tattoo Academy performs punctures of any complexity, and a 30% discount is given on repeated piercing. Address: st. Big Yakimanka, 32.

Piercing Salon in Moscow "Tatoo 3000"

This company works not only in Moscow, but also in other regions. And this suggests that the Tatu 3000 provides high-quality services in the piercing sphere, and not only.

Where to get piercings in Moscow

Metropolitan addresses:

  • st. Myasnitskaya, 32;
  • st. Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, 30;
  • Leningradsky Prospect, 62.

The main work carried out in the piercing salon of Moscow:

  1. Ear piercing (lobe, industrial, date, helix, etc.).
  2. Tongue and cheek piercing, smile and antismile.
  3. Nose decoration (nose bridge, septum, wing).
  4. Piercing lips.
  5. Eyebrow piercing.
  6. Intimate piercing, nipple and navel piercing.
  7. Replacement jewelry.

In addition, training courses for beginner piercers are given, at the end of which a certificate is awarded that will allow you to work in this beauty field. The piercing parlor "Tatu 3000" scrupulously refers to the law. Therefore, it complies with strict rules and restrictions on minors and unhealthy people.

Tattoo Salon Tattoo Anatomy

No less popular option. Tattoo Anatomy - a salon in Moscow, piercing and tattoo, which is recognized as a real art that carries a centuries-old history. And a huge semantic load.

piercing salons in Moscow

In this company you can get the following piercing services:

  • Ear piercing (tragus, helix, lobe, industrial).
  • Nose decoration (bribe, wing, septum).
  • Piercing lips, cheeks, tongue.
  • Intimate punctures and nipple piercings.

Tattoo Anatomy guarantees an individual approach, full consultation of clients from the moment of recording to the complete healing of the puncture, using only high-quality and sterile starting materials and equipment. Location of the salon: st. Krasnoprudnaya, 28/1.

Evolution Tattoo Studio

This company has been working in the field of body decoration since 2005. During this time, the list of services and offers has expanded significantly. Coming to the salon, the client will feel comfortable and calm: a friendly team, free Wi-Fi, coffee or tea break along with interesting magazines and books.

beauty piercing

The main types of punctures performed in Evolution:

  1. Ear piercing: puncture of the lobe, cartilage, industrial, stretching the lobe under the tunnels, plugs, claws.
  2. Extreme piercing (venom, septum, anti-eyebrow, smile, etc.).
  3. Nose decoration.
  4. Tongue, cheek, or lip piercing.
  5. Eyebrow piercing.
  6. Microdermal Piercing.
  7. Intimate piercing and nipple piercing.

Services are also provided for the treatment of punctures, the introduction of anesthesia, changing the size and shape of the decoration. Salon address: Sevastopol Avenue 28/3.

For everyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, give their body an unusual look - piercing is one of the most popular solutions. The choice of a piercing salon should be based on reviews and the availability of permits. Otherwise, there is a great risk of harming your health.

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