Do-it-yourself braziers of metal - delicious barbecue in every home

Summer holidays for many are associated with a trip to the country and a constant barbecue. And this requires the installation of a barbecue. For a country house, this attribute is not so much a stylish addition to landscape design as a useful accessory that allows you to cook a delicious and beloved dish by many. Of course, you can buy a ready-made design, which will consist of several furnaces, shelves for food and utensils, cavities for firewood. But most prefer a simpler and cheaper option - a homemade barbecue made of metal.

What materials are needed?

homemade barbecue made of metal

Metal is the most suitable material for creating a functional design. If necessary, you can equip it on the side with special platforms where you can put clean skewers, prepared meat or necessary dishes. Stationary barbecues made of metal with their own hands are built quite simply. Self-creation is worth starting with the preparation of materials and tools:

  • sheet steel (minimum thickness 1.5 mm);
  • corners for legs (size 25 x 25);
  • tubes with a diameter of 10-25 mm.

These simple materials in general will allow us to create the simplest design in the form of a box with legs. To perform welding, we need a welding machine, electrodes, grinder, drill and drill, steel cutting wheel. In order for the braziers made of metal, created with their own hands, to maintain a beautiful appearance, the surface of the metal can be coated with heat-resistant paint or spray paint for cars that paint the exhaust pipes.

Installation: stages of work

metal barbecue drawings

Having prepared the materials, it is worth sketching the drawings of a barbecue made of metal. They will form the basis of the subsequent production process. So, first you need to mark the steel sheet according to the drawing and cut out the necessary elements with a grinder. We will need five rectangular products, the bottom, long and short sidewalls. If braziers made of metal with their own hands are created without a welding machine, then around the edges of the products should be approximately 30-40 mm. The main stages of work are as follows:

  1. On long sidewalls, you need to drill holes for air supply at a distance of 50 mm from each other.
  2. With the help of welding, assemble the brazier, while the holes should be on the sidewalls below.
  3. Weld the prepared legs to the bottom, while it is important to ensure that they are attached firmly and to the same length.
  4. Paint the finished product.

do-it-yourself barbecue grills

If braziers made of metal with their own hands are created without using a welding installation, then first you need to bend the left allowances to the second side. Drill a hole in the middle and fasten two surfaces with bolts. Four cuts are made along the sidewalls, which are bent at a right angle inward - this forms the supporting platform for the bottom. After the brazier is assembled, you need to attach the legs again with the help of bolts. Well, the final touch is painting the finished structure. As for the size of the barbecue, they are calculated individually. The main thing is to take into account design features and convenience in future operation. Barbecue length should take into account the distance between the skewers. The optimal length is 10 skewers, plus the distance between them.


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