Means for strengthening nails "Eveline 8 in 1" (reviews)

Since childhood, few have thought about the future beauty of hands. Instead of caring and competent care, girls, girls, and sometimes women of age bite their nails, they use the wrong tools or incorrectly, which leads to many problems. And by the time the desire to have a beautiful manicure comes, it seems that everything is lost and only artificial nail modeling is ahead, and this is not always convenient.

There is an exit!

Eveline 8 in 1 reviews

And not one. You can bring your hands (and nails, respectively) in order in many ways. Do you want to get benefits not only for nails, but also for the whole body (especially skin and hair)? Then take various vitamins, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, apply various baths with natural oils and components. If you are in no hurry, then this path is ideal.

But most of the effect is needed immediately. In this case, you have to contact the manufacturers of cosmetics for the care of hands and nails. What is not in the composition of the proposed products: from the same healthy oils and vitamins to very dubious (often very harmful) chemicals.

In this niche there are well-known and not very brands and means. Many probably know brands such as Sally Hansen, Smart Enamel, Trind, Severina and others, who are familiar with reviews and advertisements. The product lines are presented both as complex preparations, and aimed at solving certain problems.

Far from the last place is taken by the tool "Eveline 8 in 1". Reviews about it are accompanied by photographs and colorful descriptions. It remains to understand whether the tool is as useful as they say.

"Eveline 8 in 1. Healthy nails": composition

Before using any drug, you must familiarize yourself with its composition. This will help to avoid, for example, allergic reactions and make a firm decision about whether to use the product.

Paying attention to the list of ingredients, it should be remembered that they are usually listed in descending order of volume. That is, in the first place is the substance, which contains more.

The composition of the drug includes different ingredients, but only one is the subject of heated debate and calls not to use "Eveline 8 in 1". Reviews pay attention to formaldehyde and its dosage - 2%, which exceeds the norm accepted in Europe.

The main thing is that the manufacturer does not hide the presence of a harmful substance and warns of possible negative effects. All warnings are clearly visible on the packaging.

Problems and struggle with them

Eveline 8 in 1 Healthy Nails

The 8 in 1 Eveline tool, which is highly controversial, promises to deal with a number of problems. For example, such as weakened, thin, dull, matte, soft, exfoliating, uneven nails.

Almost every woman faced any of these troubles. And it is not so easy to return the nails to perfect condition when they, for example, flake or break when the length of the free edge is two to three millimeters.

Do not forget: the tool is not magical, and much depends on what is given by nature. If, for example, the nails are springboard, the drug will not make them even. In this case, only gel or acrylic modeling can help. The same applies to injured nails.

Instructions, or How to use it correctly

When taking any drug, people prefer to read the annotation and find out the dosage and rules of administration. The same goes for Eveline 8 in 1. Instructions for use are provided in the kit in Russian, and you must familiarize yourself with it.

The manufacturer suggests using the drug according to the following scheme:

  1. Apply in a single layer to clean and dry nails daily for four days.
  2. Wipe off the coating and apply it again (similar to the first point).
  3. The course is carried out for twelve days.

Everything is stated very simply and clearly on the box of funds.

At the same time, the company advises treating the skin around with oily cream or oil before coating the nails in order to avoid the effect of the product on the cuticles or side rollers.

Eveline 8 in 1 healthy nails reviews

Operating principle

Formaldehyde is a substance that in large quantities is very harmful to the body. Due to the availability of information, anyone can find out about it. But it is due to his presence that the nails completely change. They become stronger, do not flake and do not break, and also grow much faster. This solution is precisely those problems that most concern women.

Formaldehyde dries the nail plate, due to which it becomes less fragile and flexible. And since the substance is harmful, the human body tries to get rid of it as soon as possible, and due to this, the nails grow back faster.

Precautions and Possible Consequences

Eveline 8 in 1 instructions for use

As mentioned above, first of all, you need to make sure that there is no allergy to any component. This can be done in two stages: familiarize yourself with the composition and perform a trial application (for example, apply to one nail and check the reaction of the body).

Be sure to ensure that the product does not get on the skin. Almost every woman has a cream that she did not use for any reason - and here is his finest hour!

Ventilate the room during and after application. It will be useful for both you and your household.

In no case should you use Eveline 8 in 1. Healthy Nails as a base for colored varnish and apply longer than the recommended period. Remember that formaldehyde is harmful. And its composition is exactly as much as it is permissible to apply, but to do it in a certain way and within the specified period.

About pain and discomfort when using

"Eveline 8 in 1" reviews often collect negative ones. Women, dissatisfied with the drug, indicate the occurrence of various unpleasant sensations. In no case do you need to endure and wait until "itself passes." If pain or burning sensations in the nails appear on any day of use, you must immediately remove the drug. Then either abandon its use, or apply a thinner layer.

Strict adherence to the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer will help to avoid many problems and the need for long-term treatment to get rid of the negative consequences.

"Eveline Cosmetics 8 in 1. Healthy Nails. Recovery Formula": bad feedback

8 in 1 nail polish Eveline reviews

“He ruined his nails,” “quick and useful does not happen” - such phrases are found in most negative opinions. About the drug "Eveline 8 in 1. Healthy nails" reviews can be seen the most different, many of them are filled with emotions from regret to anger at the manufacturer. The terrible consequences make you run to the doctors and take long courses of treatment and recovery.

Before listening to negative opinions, ask how the drug was used. You can often hear that the affected girls did not use it according to the instructions (for example, as a permanent base for varnish), suffered pain and burning, applied until the bottle was over, and this is strictly forbidden. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

With improper use (or incompatibility), anyone can get dried nails. And it will be difficult to return them to the state that was before such a “treatment”. This can take six months or more.

The reviews will be objective, from which it is clear that the person acted in compliance with all the recommendations, and the result was either zero, or the condition of the nails worsened. In this case, we can say that the tool is ineffective.

And for those who suffered because of their own carelessness or other reasons, one can only sympathize and wish a speedy recovery and recovery.

Positive experience

Nail Strengthener 8 in 1 Eveline reviews

There are those to whom the tool has helped to cope with problems. Women enthusiastically declare that they were able to finally grow their nails and gained a chic manicure. These are the most common sayings after completing a nail strengthening course with Eveline 8 in 1. Reviews are usually accompanied by photographs in which you can see the condition of the nails before and after applying the product.

Of the positive qualities, not only the fight against nail problems stands out. Many representatives of the fair sex note that the drug dries quickly, is conveniently applied and is almost invisible on the nails. This only speaks in his favor, because everything has been done in order to facilitate and speed up the procedure as much as possible.

Another important aspect is the cost. Against the background of other expensive drugs, the "8 in 1 Eveline" nail strengthener looks very profitable.

Eveline cosmetics 8 in 1 healthy nails recovery formula reviews
Reading reviews is, of course, good. But you must always remember two things:

  • The information in them may not be entirely reliable (like photos).
  • If some people praise the 8 in 1 Eveline nail polish and leave it full of positive reviews, this still does not guarantee that you will have just such an effect.

As a conclusion, we can say that one should not expect a miracle, but it is worth using the tool wisely and according to the instructions. If you still have free time, it would be better to go a long way, but with benefits for the whole body, than hurry up and get even more problems. Be healthy and beautiful!


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