What does the name Christina mean: origin, character traits and fate

What does Greek name Christina mean? Translated from Greek, the name Christina means "dedicated to Christ," "Christian." The name has its own special history of origin, times of complete disappearance from everyday life and relatively recent return ...

The name characterizes the owner with interesting qualities of character, has a beneficial effect on fate, realization in the family and society, and professional activities. And much more.

About everything - in this article.

Opera singer Christina Nilson


What does the name Christina mean from Greek? Christina comes from the western name Christinia, which echoes the word "Christianos", that is - "Christian", "Christian".

In addition to the Greek meaning, the name also has Latin roots - Christ (as one of the names of Christ). What does the name Christina mean in Latin? Translated as from Greek - "Christian".

Its owner is aristocratic, stylish, elegant. The most striking character traits are: firmness, cheerfulness, fidelity, responsiveness, sociability, developed mind and quick wit. And also resentment, insecurity, arrogance.

Currently, the name Christina is very popular in American and European countries.

Christina woman


It appeared in the era of early Christianity. In the III century of our era in Rome there lived a woman believing in Jesus Christ named Christinia.

Just in those days, the main religion of many was paganism - idol worship. And therefore there was a persecution of a new religion - Christianity.

The father of the girl of Christianity was also a follower of paganism. In protest and evidence of faith in Christ, she destroyed all the statues of the gods in the house.

For this, Christine was tortured and died a martyrdom.

Until the end of the XVIII century, this name was called many girls, regardless of origin. It was common in Russia and other countries. But by the beginning of the 20th century it ceased to be popular, many simply erased it from memory.

And in the 80s of the XX century, a new round of revival of the name of Christine began, as the old canonical. And to date, it has been very popular throughout the world. Although it is considered quite rare.

Christina of Tire

Name day

A memorable day when they remember the martyr Christiania and her sacred feat for the Christian faith - on August 6. On this day, special services and prayers are held in temples.

Other holy women named by this name are also revered. This happens throughout the year on such days: February 19, March 26, May 31.

In the Orthodox religion, such a name sounds like Christina. When a newborn girl is baptized, they call her that. Or choose any other church name for the sacrament.


What does the name Christina mean for the young owner? She grows communicative, affectionate, kind and responsive child. In the familiar environment in which Christina constantly revolves and where she is received, she reveals herself to the very depths of her soul, easily communicates with others - children and adults. If someone from relatives and friends offends her, teases, gets upset and remembers such a situation for a long time.

At school, Kristina is a patient and flexible student, she studies subjects with pleasure, in good faith and persistently (even if something does not work out right away).

Most of all, her creative potential is revealed in the humanities, languages, and economics.

In adolescence, minor problems with studies, classmates may appear. During this period, parents need to be especially careful and understanding with Christina. Gradually, all problems go away. And she again has a desire to study, communicate, make friends.

Since childhood, the girl is healthy enough, especially if she goes in for sports (gymnastics, aerobics). But there are problems with the respiratory tract, allergies. Therefore, it is necessary for Christine to approach the air of the area in which she lives. It also shows regular exercise.

Kristina in her childhood can also be called such affectionate derivatives on behalf of: Kristinka, Kristinochka, Kristyusha, Kristinushka, Tinochka, Khristinka.

Christina girl

Educational moments

Christina is in great need of the love of her parents. She needs to feel it. Since the girl has excellent intuitive abilities from birth, she will not ask her parents about it, but she will feel their attitude towards herself. Christine loves without special external manifestations.

And a girl with this name needs to be praised more often, even for the slightest good deed or the shown good quality of character.

Adult Christina

Since study is given to the owner of this name quite easily (due to the high level of intellectual abilities), and her innate sense of intuitively feeling many aspects of her life is well developed, Christina can sometimes allow herself to be lazy. And even her favorite hobby will not be able to force her out of this state until she makes an effort on herself.

Adult Christine can take walks in the fresh air, engage in various sports: athletics, horseback riding. This will help her to be more disciplined and strengthen her health.

In communicating with people, the owner of the name is very generous in expressing positive emotions, sociability, and responsiveness. Christina, if necessary, can easily put a person in place if he offended her.

The secret dream of a woman named Christina is popularity and universal recognition. Therefore, she most often carries out professional activities in any newfangled sphere. Tries to communicate with famous and successful people.

In family life, Christina is usually happy. She is a reliable partner for her husband, a good housewife and mother. Raises children strictly, but fairly and with love.

The adult owner of this extraordinary name is often also called: Chris, Christy, Kristia, Kriska, Tina.

Kristina Orbakaite

Energy named

What does the name Christina mean for a woman? According to its subtle vibrations, it bears notes of aristocracy, elitism, style, and attitude to a high position in society.

Sometimes Christina needs to prove this: to behave correctly, to be able to stand up for herself, to defend her interests and so on.

Sometimes it may seem that if this is not done, then the woman will turn into a notorious lady. But still, the benevolent energy of the name allows Christina to be herself, without falling under the influence of other people who can provoke her and test her for strength.

It is the ability to β€œstand firmly on the ground, on four legs” (oriental wisdom) that helps the name holder without panic and fear to resolve any, even very conflicting situations, quickly make new friends. Although she usually has several friends - for life.

And Christina does not take rash actions and does not dream in vain. This is one of those women who can truly make friends with men.

Christina Stead - writer

Christina's character depending on the time of year

The life and fate of a woman with this name can be influenced by the season when she was born:

  1. If in the winter, then she is an extrovert, the most striking character traits are independence, resentment, temper, stubbornness.
  2. In the fall - rigor, discipline (which it requires from itself and others), low emotionality, good pedagogical abilities.
  3. In the summer season - a milder disposition (compared with other seasons), goodwill.
  4. Spring - complaisance, a creative approach to life, romanticism, sophistication.
Christina Geiger - German sportswoman

Famous women named Christina

The most striking of them:

  • Kristina Nielson (1843-1921) - Swedish opera singer, winner of the Royal Philharmonic Society gold medal.
  • Kristina Alchevskaya (1841-1920) - Russian poetess, hereditary teacher, public figure, vice president of the international education league.
  • Christina Stead (1902-1983) - Australian writer, by education - teacher.
  • Christina Augusta (1626-1689) - Queen of Sweden, smart and mysterious person.
  • Kristina Orbakaite is a modern singer, talented dancer and actress, daughter of Alla Pugacheva.
  • Christina Aguilera - American singer, musician.
  • Christina Geiger - German athlete, participant in the Olympic Games in Vancouver.
  • Christina Ricci is an American movie actress, a talented producer.
    Queen of Sweden Christina Augusta

Interesting facts about the name

In addition to what the name Christina means (the meaning of the name, influence on character and fate), there are several other notable points that relate to him:

  • auspicious sign of the zodiac - Virgo;
  • lucky colors - yellow, orange, steel;
  • the patron saints are Christina of Persia, Christina of Tyr, Christina of Caesarea, Christina of Lampsakia, Christina of Nicomedia;
  • happy day of the week is Wednesday;
  • happy talisman stones - amber, jasper.

This is the basic information about the name Christina.

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