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There is such a widespread belief that the main purpose of a woman is to bear and give birth to a child. Someone can argue with this, someone can support such a thought, but it cannot be denied that the birth of a baby is a real miracle that an ordinary woman is capable of. But why is it that when you really want to become a mother, a miracle does not happen? Women in panic turn to fortune-tellers with one question: "Will I have a child?" What can you advise them?

will i have a baby

Come from childhood

Remember yourself at school and kindergarten. Surely, along with her friends, the suitors were chosen from among classmates, and then they planned the ideal number of children. There were even “proven” ways to find out if you have children. Usually, wrinkles on the inside of the wrist were counted for this, and they were divined on maps and books.

A family never seemed complete without a child. We understood this in childhood. But for the time being the question "Will I have a child?" only panic, since up to 18 years such a surprise is extremely undesirable. This is regularly discussed at school, at home, in the media. But at the same time, adolescents begin to lead sex life quite early, and they think little about protection.

But the woman turns 18, 20, 25, but no children. Naturally, she begins to worry. He goes to the doctor and undergoes an examination. Let the results be good, but the excitement still remains. For inner peace, the lady goes to fortune-tellers and palmists.

will i have child divination

Say the stars

In fact, going to a fortuneteller will not give a guarantee in this matter, but it will make a dent in your budget, so think three times before you go. However, you were not going to a fortuneteller for a warranty card, but for faith in a brighter future. So what prevents you from doing home fortune telling. "Will I have a baby?" - The main question that needs to be answered.

Ideally, you need to guess at great church holidays, when the general human light energy accumulates. These are holidays such as Christmas, Baptism, Easter and the Trinity. Still, of course, you can use numerology to find out about your future by date of birth.

how to find out if you have children

Guessing on a pendulum

Let's start with the simplest thing - you are alone at home and not limited in time. It's time to try simple and easy fortune telling on a pendulum, for which you need a ring or a needle with a white thread. Pass the thread into the ring (or needle). Now turn your left hand with your palm up, and bring your index finger back. Lower the resulting pendulum three times (alternately with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger). And again skip the pendulum between the thumb and forefinger.

Now lift it above the left palm. If the pendulum began to swing, then you will have a boy, and if the pendulum is circular, then you will be the girl’s mother. To the question "Will I have a baby?" with such fortunetelling, the answer can be obtained exhaustive, since after the first time you can repeat the action.

If the pendulum no longer moves, then you have only one child expected. Fortune-telling is not limited, it can be carried out at any age, but it should be borne in mind that for women with children the pendulum will show all offspring - both born and planned.

how many children will you have numerology

What will numerology say?

"How many children will you have?" - The question is not simple and annoying. But you don’t have to answer anyone! And to satisfy your personal interest, use an interesting numerological fortune-telling. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down your date of birth in numbers and add everything. Add the number of children in your family (with you) to the result. As a result, one digit should remain. So she will show what is written to you in kind. If a unit came out, then you have every chance of becoming a mother of many children, but there is a risk of miscarriages.

If your result is a deuce, then the child will be alone, and subsequent conception can be a problem. It is difficult for women with a result - three - to find a man from whom they want to give birth. The Quartet can have two children of different sexes, moreover, with a strong age difference. The "five" has every chance of giving birth to twins or twins. "Six" will become a mother with many children, but it’s true that husbands can change their whole lives.

"Seven" in itself is not ready for motherhood and therefore often considers itself to be the category of "child-free". She may have children, but does not want. But the G8 will probably not be able to feel the joy of motherhood, unless it takes a foster baby. The amorous "nine" in the family is written to have two children, but the temper of temper and rebellion of spirit can make her leave her lover.

when I give birth to a child divination

According to the "grandmother" recipes

The question "Will I have a baby?" often asked by the girls who were tortured by relatives, eager to babysit with the baby. Knowledgeable people can advise loyal omens in order to become a mother sooner. For example, you need to buy before the conception of children's things: rattles and booties.

It is worth visiting the places of pilgrimage, making ficus and willow at home and gently hinting to close people that you are not averse to receiving pearl beads as a gift. These are sure signs that pregnancy is just around the corner. The omen is a homeless kitten sitting under the door, the rapid growth of domestic plants. By the way, grandmothers are advised to lean on cereals, nuts and milk. With them, pregnancy does not have to wait long.

At Christmas time

Well, there is the topic "When do I have a baby?" Fortune telling is one that is simple. Nothing special and no need to cook. On the night of Christmas time, go to bed with this question in your head, and before that in a glass of water and lower the ringlet and take it to the cold. If in the morning the ice on the water is smooth, then this year you can’t wait for offspring. If the grooves on it, then be a daughter, and if the tubercles - then you will have a son.

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