Popular radio stations in Yekaterinburg and their frequencies

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without a number of everyday things, including radio. Having won the hearts of millions of people, even in the digital age, when almost everyone has a phone or audio player, radio stations continue to attract a lot of attention. Entertaining programs, news, peppy voices of the presenters and a wide range of diverse music help to go through life with a smile.

Yekaterinburg Broadcasting

radio stations of Yekaterinburg

Despite the size of the Ural region, the radio stations of Yekaterinburg cannot boast of quantity - in comparison with other federal centers, the Sverdlovsk capital has a rather meager list of working radio waves. Every year, as throughout Russia, on the waves of receivers, listeners find new names for radio stations. This is not surprising, because the market development trends continue to remain positive, although the growth in the number of network stations is gradually slowing down due to the usual replacement of one broadcasting channel with another. In this regard, the radio stations of Yekaterinburg have a great opportunity for development - the frequency range has quite free areas that new entrepreneurs can come to.

The number of network stations in individual regions is increasing at an average pace. This is due to the fact that radio stations strive to achieve high quality broadcasting throughout the region, before trying to expand the list of subjects tuned to them. Thanks to this, healthy competition reigns in the market, and listeners throughout the country receive diverse and high-quality audio content.

List of radio stations in Yekaterinburg

fm radio stations yekaterinburg

Currently, radio stations in Yekaterinburg, whose frequencies are evenly distributed over the FM band, allow listeners to comfortably choose one of 35 radio waves. In the age of popularization of the Internet, each station has its own website, where you can also listen to live broadcasts online. All popular radio stations, both federal and local, are located between Radio Star at a frequency of 86.7 and City FM - 107.6.

Good old wired radio

Any FM radio station is available for listening using the radio, on the official website, as well as in specialized applications for a computer or smartphone. But, besides any FM radio station in Yekaterinburg, residents of the Urals can catch two more broadcasting networks on the RTS-1 and RTS-2 channels - Radio of Russia, broadcasting in the local region called Radio of the Urals and Radio at some intervals Beacon ", which can also be heard at a frequency of 78 kHz, using the receiver with the DV range.

What to listen in Yekaterinburg?

Radio stations in Yekaterinburg have several dozen frequencies, and each wave has its own style and its own audience, so that everyone can find their own music or program to their liking. So what to listen to the resident or guest of Yekaterinburg on the radio?

radio stations of Yekaterinburg frequency

Among young people, the most popular are Europa Plus, Love Radio, Hit-FM, Russian Radio and Humor FM. Incendiary modern music in the repertoire of these radio stations, as well as youth humor and positive programs attract the attention of those who are not yet 30. For those who are older, the tastes of the choice of the radio station differ slightly - among the leaders in terms of the number of listeners are the same “Europe Plus” , "Russian Radio" and "Humor FM", to which are added "Retro FM" and "Autoradio". Pensioners who have loved the radio from an early age adhere to old tastes while continuing to listen to the classic Radio of Russia and Mayak, as well as Retro FM, Radio Chanson and Road Radio. But it is not necessary to adhere to a common opinion, it is enough to twist the handle of the receiver or switch the radio stations on the phone to find the wave that will be loved for a long time.

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