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Buying an apartment is an event in the life of every family. This is especially true today, since the state has laid down the functions of providing its citizens with apartments with its mighty shoulders, and mortgage lending is still too expensive. Therefore, people seek to save money and conclude contracts with developers by buying apartments for rough finishing, which you can call in after the completion of the project. Of course, everyone wants to be sure that he will receive good, quality housing, on time. To do this, you need to collect detailed information and reviews. Today we’ll talk about the LCD “Palazzo” (St. Petersburg).

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To begin with, we will devote a few minutes to the company that organizes the construction of new buildings. Setl City began its activities in 1994 and for many years has been one of the leading players in the investment and construction market. A distinctive feature is that the company itself acts as a builder and customer. To date, good experience has been gained in implementing housing development projects from comfort to premium facilities.

Benefits from Collaboration

The market has a huge number of developers, each of which wants to attract as many customers as possible. However, LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) from the very beginning has been attracting the attention of consumers. This can be explained very simply. The excellent reputation of the developer and official dealer for the sale of real estate under the name "Petersburg Real Estate" is a kind of guarantee that the apartment will be delivered on time, without any claims to quality. What other advantages can be distinguished:

  • Interest-free installment plan or mortgage with a special rate.
  • Individual offers in all market segments.
  • Customer service. Representative offices are organized directly on the construction sites, where you can also get advice from competent employees.

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Short description

The implementation of the LCD “Palazzo” (St. Petersburg) project was launched in 2012. This is a large-scale quarterly development of Vasilyevsky Island from the company Setl, which is famous for comfortable houses, as well as a kind of guarantee that the project will not go into unfinished construction. Over the next five years, it is planned to build four ten-story buildings with a total complexity of almost 2 thousand apartments. Parking involves 1200 cars. Facades of buildings are planned to be painted in multi-colored colors, which will allow the housing estate to look bright and even festive. What will be the exterior finish, while a mystery.

In general, the project was launched in 2016, today you can see it in full swing. The sites were cleared, the construction of the pile field of parking lots was completed, the installation of electrical networks for the construction site was completed, the foundation was laid, and work was being done on the ground floors. There are still two years ahead and it can be assumed that this project will be completed on time. The first phase of the LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) should be completed by the end of 2018.

Your future

The buildings will be cast-brick, concierge rooms are provided below. The house is equipped with an underground parking, and in the courtyard is a ground parking. The area of ​​apartments sold varies greatly, from 50 to 250 m 2 . The territory of the residential complex is under security and video surveillance. Metro station and infrastructure facilities within walking distance. Price from 97 thousand per square meter. This is a lot by modern standards, but given the business class and the reputation of the developer, the investment is justified. The cost of a small studio is a little less than four million.

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Way home

This question excites a person in the first place. How and on what will he go to work? How long will it take? All this must be taken into account. Parents of schoolchildren and kindergarteners are especially sensitive to this issue, because you need to think of everything else how far the Palazzo residential complex (St. Petersburg) is from its destination. How to get to it in the fastest way? Of course, on the subway. The station here is located on its side, which means that there will not be any special problems.

Owners of personal cars get along Bolshoy Prospekt Vasilievsky Island. Judging by the reviews, bridges are a problem place. Here in the morning and in the evening you can stand for a long time. However, people who have been living on Vasilievsky Island for many years say that it doesn’t happen to get into traffic jams so often. You can find a way out of this situation if you quickly park and continue on the subway. That is, there will be no big problems with transport accessibility, which is good. A new metro station will open in 2019, which will be another gift to future residents.

Ecological situation

For completeness, it is necessary to review the Palazzo residential complex (St. Petersburg) from this position. Today everyone wants to buy housing closer to the city center, with convenient transportation, but at the same time breathe fresh air. Of course, you have to find a compromise. This area of ​​St. Petersburg is normal in ecological condition, and the presence of a nearby river and landscaping in sufficient quantities cannot but rejoice. To be honest, Peter is not the cleanest city, but the situation is somewhat better than in Moscow. And if we compare the areas with each other, then Vasilievsky Island is constantly being blown by the breeze, which creates normal conditions for life.

District Infrastructure
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For family people, this is a very important point, so let's dwell on it. The developer promises residential buildings, but an apartment is not all that a modern person needs. You can view the area in the above photos. LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) is located in the industrial zone, but has long been inhabited and built up. Nearby is a supermarket and a cinema, a fitness center. On the other hand there is a park, there are schools and hospitals. In addition, the first floors of buildings under construction will be given over to commercial premises. There will be shops and beauty salons, bank branches. Places in schools and kindergartens are a separate issue. No information yet. The only option is to come and ask on the spot. The construction of the metro station is in full swing, which makes accessible the nearest areas with their infrastructure.

The interior space of the courtyard is organized on the principle of “no cars”. It houses playgrounds and pedestrian areas, decorated with elements of street decor. These are flower beds and flower beds, as well as figurines and small architectural forms.

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Parking and parking spaces

The project involves 1200 parking spaces, in any case, as indicated in the description. LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) is a modern complex, which involves underground and heated parking. The number of guest parking spaces is still unknown, most likely, they are few. Everyone else will be forced to leave vehicles along the street. The cost of parking is 700 thousand. For a business class project, this is relatively inexpensive. And this is now, at the construction stage. Then it will be much more expensive.

Inside view, layout

LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) has not yet been fully implemented, however, the corresponding sites have a full description of both floors and apartments. The premises do not represent anything extraordinary, which is good. Otherwise, the prices would be even higher. A distinctive feature is the presence of large loggias or terraces. Size of 20 m2 or more, this is a whole apartment. For the most part, these rooms are not glazed, which can be fixed. But the question is, can I choose a full-fledged three-room apartment with a small balcony? In general, evaluating the project, future residents leave good reviews. LCD "Palazzo" (St. Petersburg) is an attractive place to live, as well as a great way to invest money.

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Today it’s hard to say anything specific. After all, the construction is not finished yet. Buyers note that the cost is quite high. The developer retorts that business-class housing cannot be cheap. Here, too, the consumer has the question: "Why does the project involve such a simple and modest architecture?" It is possible that this is another method to reduce the cost of finished housing. In addition, branded “Setlovskaya” finish eliminates problems like freezing, mold and other troubles.

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If today you are looking for an apartment option for your family, then pay attention to this project. In a cozy area, amidst numerous greenery, there is the Palazzo residential complex (St. Petersburg). Address: 25th line of Vasilyevsky island, house 8, lit. B. The final year of completion is 2024. So you have enough time to make a choice and conclude a contract. Attractive is the fact that a service center is located right at the construction site. Thanks to this, a potential buyer can independently examine and evaluate the scale of construction and ask all questions to managers. Reviews mark their high competence and willingness to help.


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