A simple gazebo in the country with your own hands

A gazebo built by yourself in the country in the future will surely become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family. Such structures can be constructed using a variety of materials. But the easiest way to assemble a gazebo on a suburban area, of course, is made of wood. Also, sometimes quite cheap constructions of this type are built in dachas and made of metal or brick.

How to make a project

Before proceeding with the construction of the gazebo, you should:

  • choose the most suitable place for her on the site;
  • to develop the design of this building and determine its size;
  • choose the type of foundation of the building.
Rectangular arbor

You will also have to, of course, calculate the amount of materials necessary for the construction of such a structure. In addition, the owner of the suburban area already at the initial stage will need to decide on how best to equip the gazebo. This will allow in the future to build the most ergonomic and easy-to-use structure.

Where to place

The place for the construction of the gazebo is chosen primarily taking into account the purpose of this structure. If the landlords in the future plan to dine in this building, receive guests in it, or even use it as a summer kitchen, to have it, of course, is closer to the house. Arbors, used only from time to time, are most often erected in distant places of the site. In any case, such a structure should not be located next to sheds, septic tanks or compost heaps.

Also, arbors are not usually built in too open sunny places. With this arrangement, the construction of structures of this type in the summer days can be quite hot. And consequently, spending time in the heat of the arbor, assembled in the sun itself, in the future will not be too comfortable. To make such a construction as convenient as possible, it should be placed in the shade. A very good solution, for example, would be the construction of a gazebo on a site somewhere under tall trees.

What should be the size

The easiest way will be to build a not too large gazebo in the country at home. In the photo below you can see that such structures can be quite convenient and able to provide the owners of a suburban area with a comfortable rest on hot days. For example, a small gazebo with an area of ​​4-5 m2 can be just the perfect option for a family of 3-4 people.

However, if in such a building in the future it is supposed to receive guests or hold family celebrations here, it, of course, should be built more spacious. The same applies to those cases when the gazebo is also planned to be used as a summer kitchen. The total area of ​​such a structure should be at least 9-16 m 2 .

What could be the design

The most popular among owners of suburban areas and easy to erect is, of course, a rectangular arbor. For example, structures of this particular form are most often erected from wood. Sometimes garden gazebos for giving with their own hands from timber and boards are also made six or octagonal. To build such a structure on your own will be more difficult than a rectangular one. But in the future the arbor of this form will look much more solid and spectacular.

Of metal and brick, very often erect round or oval structures. Such designs look very original and are also built using fairly simple technology. It will be very simple to fill in a round arbor and, for example, from concrete. In this case, for the construction of the parapet and the foundation, you just need to use the formwork of the appropriate configuration.

In addition to the form, when designing the gazebo, you will need to determine its design. Structures of this type in the construction sites are both closed and open. The first version of the buildings can be used not only in summer but also in winter. In such a gazebo, heaters are often installed, among other things. The walls of closed winter structures can be solid (wooden, concrete, brick) or glazed.

Closed gazebos - buildings in operation are very convenient. But their construction is still quite expensive. Of course, it is much simpler to make an open-type gazebo with your own hands at the cottage, which is something like a solid canopy or with a parapet. The fenced version of such summer buildings is still more popular with the owners of suburban areas. Quite a lot of material is spent on the construction of open gazebos with a parapet. But such buildings look very solid and attractive.

Pergola on the outskirts

Construction design

Do-it-yourself construction of a beautiful arbor made of wood, metal or brick in the country will be relatively easy. But in any case, the design of both an open and a closed structure of this type should first of all correspond to the exterior of the country house itself. So, for example, for facing roofs of arbors usually use the same materials as for roof sheathing of a residential building on a site. The walls of such structures are decorated in the same colors as the facades, and their design is chosen in accordance with the design style of the building and courtyard.

If the country house is built in a classic simple style, for a gazebo it is also worth choosing a solid, no-frills design. For a country, a small building imitating, for example, a hut, is perfect. In the courtyard of the house, decorated in the Provence style, it is worth installing a light openwork arbor, painted in bright colors.

How to equip

In the simplest arbors, usually only a few benches are installed along the walls. Of course, tables are often mounted in such structures. But you can build with your own hands in the country house a gazebo with barbecue, barbecue or cauldron, which has a large area. In very solid buildings, including those used in winter, stoves or beautiful fireplaces are also often assembled.

How to build a summer house made of wood with your own hands for a summer residence: the main stages

After the project of the summer house is completed, you can proceed directly to its construction. The design, construction and dimensions of structures of this type can have a variety of different. But more often than not, the simplest quadrangular wooden open gazebos with parapets are built with their own hands on suburban areas. The method of constructing just such a design will be discussed below.

Arbours are made of wood for giving with your own hands approximately according to this technology:

  • marking is under construction;
  • the foundation of the structure is poured;
  • the frame of the arbor is going;
  • the floor of the arbor is sheathed with a board;
  • the parapet is faced;
  • the roof of the structure is sheathed.

At the final stage, structures of this type are usually painted or varnished.

Building a gazebo for a summer house with your own hands: how to do markup

In the place chosen for the construction of the gazebo, first, of course, you need to remove all the garbage, uproot the bushes and remove the turf layer of soil. Also, the site will have to be carefully aligned.

Marking under the gazebo is performed according to standard technology - using the Egyptian triangle method or two curves. Pegs are driven into the corners of the future structure and a cord is pulled between them.

How to fill the foundation

To assemble a long-lasting simple arbor for a summer residence with your own hands, you must, of course, first of all, pour a reliable foundation under it. Under heavy closed winter constructions of this type, strip foundations are usually erected. It is, of course, not necessary to fill in such an expensive base for a light open gazebo. For a summer construction of this type with a parapet, in most cases it will be enough to build a cheap columnar foundation. The tape base for a small open gazebo will have to be erected only if this structure is assembled on not too strong soil.

Slab foundations under light arbors are also very rarely poured. This type of base is usually chosen only if you do not want to tinker with the base of the building manually. Such foundations are usually poured in one step and using special equipment.

Arbor construction

The most popular columnar bases of arbors with their own hands are erected using this technology:

  • being guided by marking cords, along the perimeter of the future structure dig holes with a depth below the level of freezing of the soil;
  • pour crushed stone to the bottom of the pits and carefully ram it;
  • install formwork from roofing material in the pits;
  • Reinforcing frames consisting of 3-4 rods tied with clamps are lowered into the formwork;
  • pour concrete mixture prepared in the ratio of sand / cement / crushed stone as 3/1/4.

The support posts should be located at a distance of about 1.5-2 m from each other when building a wooden gazebo for a summer residence. In the process of erection, anchor bolts should be mounted in their upper part under the lower harness of the arbor frame. The construction of the walls of such a structure can only begin after the concrete has completely matured, that is, not earlier than 28 days after its pouring.

How to assemble a frame

The base of the gazebo, before proceeding with the construction of its walls, must be waterproofed. The top of the columns can be coated with bitumen or covered with two layers of roofing material. The frame of the arbor is collected approximately as follows:

  • fasten the lower harness to the anchor with the connection of the corners using the half-tree method;
  • using corners set the extreme, and then intermediate racks;
  • fasten the upper harness;
  • Mount the handrail of the parapet of the arbor.

How to sheathe the parapet

The easiest way is to finish the lower part of the walls of the gazebo built in the country house with your own hands, of course, with a board. In this case, the casing is usually attached simply to the nails. To make the gazebo look more attractive, to finish its parapet, you can use not a simple edged board, but, for example, a lining or block house. Material of this type is usually secured in a secret manner using kleimers.

Arbor grill

Also, quite often, cheap gazebos in summer cottages are built with their own hands using such attractive modern material as monolithic or cellular polycarbonate. In this case, self-tapping screws with elastic washers are used to fasten the parapet sheathing.

The β€œwindows” on the walls of the gazebo can subsequently be closed with decorative grilles assembled from cross-mounted battens. If there is such an addition, the structure in the future will look much more spectacular and attractive.


When assembling even the simplest gazebo for your own home, of course, you need to take care of installing a reliable durable floor in it. This operation can be performed both before the construction of the walls of the structure, and after that. For cladding floors arbors usually use a simple edged board. Sexual with a spike / groove lock in this case is not a very suitable option.

When planking, the boards are mounted not close to each other, but with some indentation. At the same time, when installing lumber, holes are left with a width of about 4 mm. If the boards in the open gazebo are installed close to each other, water will certainly begin to accumulate inside it during rain. And this in turn will lead to rapid decay of the floor. If there are cracks, the water will go under the gazebo and just soak into the ground.

Roof assembly

The roof during the construction of a summer gazebo for summer house is designed in such a way that it protects the interior of the structure from rain and sun as much as possible. Over the buildings of a quadrangular shape, erect roofs are usually erected. Sometimes the roofs of such arbors are made and gable. This option is usually used in the construction of not too large structures.

How are single-pitched and double-pitched roofs assembled during the construction of an arbor in the country with your own hands? Installation instructions for the first version of the roof in this case is as follows:

  • when erecting walls, longer front corner and intermediate pillars are used;
  • the front posts along the upper edge are connected by a beam;
  • the upper harness is additionally strengthened by short jibs on both sides of each support column;
  • rear and front pillars are connected by rafters;
  • the crate is stuffed from narrow boards;
  • roof sheathing is carried out with profiled sheet, roofing material, metal tile, etc.

When using piece materials, for example, flexible or clay tiles, for finishing the roof of the arbor, the crate should be made solid. To use for its assembly in this case it is possible, for example, an inexpensive OSB plate.

Gable roof gazebo

Gable roofs erected with their own hands at the summer house are usually collected using this technology;

  • rafters are being cut;
  • fasten the lower edge of the rafters to the upper trim by means of corners;
  • at the top the rafters are connected with metal plates;
  • Mount the crate;
  • perform roofing sheathing.

When erecting such a roof over each support pillar of the walls, on both sides of the gazebo should be located on the rafter. The upper harness in this case also should be further strengthened with jibs. The ceiling in the gazebos is not traditionally provided for. Therefore, the beams inside such a structure will not look too attractive.

How to finish the construction

The wooden arbor assembled in this way at the final stage, of course, will be easiest to color. To use for such constructions in this case is only means intended for use on the street. Most often, acrylic enamels are purchased for coloring arbors.

You can finish this structure with the use of varnish. In this case, of course, you will also need to purchase a tool intended for external use. It is believed, for example, that ship varnish is very good for painting arbors.

When using coatings for finishing such a garden structure, first of all, the roof structures should be painted. Then you should process the pillars and parapet. Last but not least, the floors are painted in the gazebo. To process this part of its design, you can use both varnish and terrace oil.

The construction of arbors from timber

Other varieties of simple arbors

With their own hands on the sites they usually erect wooden structures of this type. But it will not be too difficult to assemble such a building from metal or brick. Very good usually look and those raised by their own hands in the country house arbors. In the photo below, for example, a rather attractive summer outdoor metal structure is presented. You can build about the same gazebo using the following technology:

  • along the perimeter of the future structure, dig holes and pour crushed stone at their bottom;
  • support columns from a corner with a wide shelf or pipes of a small section are installed in pits;
  • pour the columns with concrete;
  • weld the lower and upper piping from a corner or pipes;
  • they fill the arbor floors;
  • parapet railings are welded;
  • rafters and cross-bars are welded;
  • sheathe the parapet and the roof of the structure with a profiled sheet or board.

Brick arbors are usually built on a strip foundation. Support pillars of such structures are laid out in a half brick with reinforcement and concrete pouring in the middle. The roof of such arbors is assembled using the same technology as metal or wooden. Parapets of structures of this type can be laid out as a whole, and with passes of bricks (with the formation of a through pattern).

How to make benches

In an arbor assembled using one of the technologies described above, the easiest way, of course, is to install plastic chairs and a table purchased in a store. For the summer, such furniture can simply be cleaned in the hozblok or pantry of the house. However, plastic tables and chairs, unfortunately, are quite light in weight. In very windy weather, they often simply carry them outside the open arbor.

Therefore, the best option would still be to assemble wooden benches and a table inside such a structure. The benches in the gazebos traditionally have a height from floor to seat of 60 cm. But, depending on the growth of people living in the house, they, of course, can be made higher or lower.

Simple wooden gazebo

Benches are being assembled in a gazebo built at the dacha using the following technology:

  • to the supporting pillars of the structure at a distance of 60 cm from the floor, horizontal bars are attached by means of corners with a length equal to the width of the bench;
  • the bars are strengthened from below by jibs.

At the final stage, a wooden seat is sewn onto the arbor bench frame thus assembled. It usually has a width of two boards. , , . .

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