How to make gabions with your own hands? Detailed description

Private households are not only farm buildings, but also the territory adjacent to them. Its arrangement is an important issue facing the owners. The solution to this problem will be an environmentally friendly, affordable and relatively inexpensive way to design a site - gabions, made with your own hands from available materials. Due to the fact that these designs are simple to implement and are able to solve many of the emerging problems of a private homeowner, they are very popular.

We make gabions with our own hands. A simple solution for arranging the local area

Garden and household plots are, first of all, green spaces. Trees, bushes and flower beds are placed in a specific order. There are special rules for their location. A modern garden is unthinkable without special constructions - gabions, which, together with green spaces, form a single whole.

DIY Gabions
All sorts of fences, small bizarre shapes, benches, as well as small ponds - this is not a complete list of structures that are equipped on personal plots, the basis of which is mesh baskets.

What is gabion?

The main condition for construction on sites is the simplicity of the work and the availability of materials. Making gabions with your own hands is a process that satisfies these requirements. And the ability to solve many improvement problems with their help makes them universal.

DIY gabion making
Gabion is a large metal cage made of twisted wire. This design is easy to manufacture and install anywhere in the site. And, most importantly, such a mesh “basket” will be cheap and reliable in operation. Its long-term use does not require additional special care.

We make gabions with our own hands. Necessary materials

Before you purchase blanks for the structure, determine its functions. Depending on the operating conditions of the created form, plan the selection of material intended for its construction. You should also accurately determine the size and location of the future design, which will facilitate the acquisition of the necessary blanks. Massive structures, such as retaining walls or terraces, will require the use of more durable materials than simple and lightweight decorative forms.

DIY Gabion net

Do-it-yourself gabions are made of metal mesh. A variety of designs are made in the form of boxes equipped with an opening lid on top. The inside of the metal container is filled with massive and heavy filler. Strength and anticorrosive properties should have a gabion net. It is quite difficult to make it yourself. Therefore, most often they get a galvanized mesh netting with an anti-corrosion coating. In addition to it, a three-millimeter galvanized flexible wire is required for fastening. The rigidity of the ribs of the box provide eight-millimeter reinforcing bars. Fill structures with stones of all shapes and sizes. The most commonly used gravel or broken brick.

Features of the installation of the box

Do-it-yourself gabions are easy to assemble. Fabrication of the structure begins with the assembly of the box. Depending on the type of gabion, a frame is formed. On the workpiece carefully align all the bumps and form a box. Using wire, connect the side parts of the structure. The place intended for installation of the box should be leveled. A special foundation is not required for gabion.

How to make gabions with your own hands
Placed on the site form is fixed with metal mounting rods, which are installed in the corners of the structure. Then it is filled with stone in several stages. It must have the necessary strength, frost and water resistance. First fill one third of the box. Produce horizontal fixation by wire. Then fill the rest of the gabion. Thus, the entire metal container is filled. At the same time, one should not forget that the filler should be laid in fairly dense layers. Fasten the lid of the box first in the corners, and then along the entire length of the container. The design is ready.

Variety of shapes

Quite often, gabions are installed on personal plots and cottages with their own hands. The most common and quite popular are box-shaped types of designs, a distinctive feature of which will be a wide range of sizes. The ratio of the length and width of the mesh metal container, which is one to two, is strictly observed. Rectangular containers serve as the foundation for small structures. Also, they are often used as retaining walls. Such a box is considered the basis for other variations of gabions.

DIY Gabions

Reliability of fastening is distinguished by low boxes with a diaphragm. This kind of mesh containers inside is divided into small sections. This design reliably fixes the filler inside the tank, which allows it to be used as a foundation for all kinds of utility structures.

Cylindrical gabions look pretty impressive. Light structures with a small cell size, in the form of columns, are filled with a smaller filler.

On gentle slopes, gabions-mattresses are used to fix the soil. The stability of this type of metal structure is ensured by a small height and the use of more durable materials.

Gabion application

DIY gabion fence

When arranging summer cottages or the territory adjacent to private households, there is always a need for the construction of all kinds of structures and forms. Before making gabions with their own hands, they plan all the necessary structures on the site. They are different in purpose. First of all, they begin by fencing the plots. A do-it-yourself gabion fence is an excellent solution. It will be a great alternative to the usual designs of fences. This option is not only high noise protection and original design, but also availability, ease of installation. In addition to the fence will be mesh boxes used as gates or garden gates. Fine constructions of hedges and zone fences.

Magnificent decorative forms will be a decoration of the garden. Do not do without gabions when creating an artificial reservoir or pool. The implementation of terraces and retaining walls, steps, small foundations for lamps and garden flowerpots - this is not a complete list of the use of metal containers with filler. The advantage of such structures is the possibility of using them in combination with engineering systems. This will allow you to build a fountain or outdoor shower on the site.


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