Kharkiv shopping centers: addresses and reviews

Kharkov is a big city, the center of the region. It has many universities and industries of various sizes. The population of the city is more than 1,449,000 people. Therefore, in Kharkov there are a large number of different-sized shopping centers to satisfy consumer demand.

Features of the shopping center

Modern man now values ​​his time more than ever. Therefore, trying to make purchases in the shopping center (shopping centers). They concentrated a variety of products at the same time:

  • products
  • household chemicals;
  • equipment;
  • clothes;
  • Toys
  • jewelry;
  • medicines;
  • Construction Materials
  • accessories.

All these product groups are located in different rooms, but in one large room. Therefore, you can make the necessary purchases in one place without running around the city in search of the right store.

shopping centers of Kharkiv

Kharkov shopping centers often hold all kinds of promotions and make significant discounts on goods. By following them, buyers can significantly save their budget.

In the departments for the sale of household and electronic equipment, goods can be purchased on credit or by installments, by filling out documents directly in stores. Thus, the long-awaited purchase will be at the disposal of the client on the same day.

Shopping and entertainment centers of Kharkov

The city has several large stores where you can not only purchase the necessary goods, but also relax. Shopping centers of Kharkov have all kinds of entertainment at their base:

  • children's playrooms and labyrinths;
  • Attractions
  • ice arenas (year-round);
  • cinemas;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • aquarium
  • play areas.

To completely circumvent all the entertainment, customers will not have one day. Shopping center "Caravan" (Kharkov) is a bright representative of such stores. The same range of entertainment and places for shopping boasts French Boulevard and Dafi.

shopping center Caravan Kharkov

In children's play centers, you can have a fun birthday for your child. Quest Corporation provides an opportunity for a child to feel like Sherlock Holmes and go through a variety of logical and team tasks. Such a holiday is sure to be remembered by all children, unlike a feast at home or in a cafe.

Ice arenas offer their visitors additional services:

  • rental of skates and assistant skaters;
  • sharpening skates;
  • photography;
  • personal trainer.

At the rink often held promotions. For example, birthday parties when providing supporting documents have the opportunity to take advantage of a free ice-skating session.

Cafes and restaurants offer dishes from different cuisines of the world. Original interiors and excellent service will be remembered by visitors for a long time.

Addresses of large and popular shopping centers

Kharkov is geographically divided into several areas. In each of them there is a large shopping center:

  • "Caravan" - st. Heroes of Labor, 7.
  • "French Boulevard" - st. Academician Pavlov, 44b.
  • "Dafi" - st. Heroes of Labor, 9.
  • "Magellan" - st. Ring Road, 4a.
  • "Underground city" - st. Poltava Shlyakh, 58/59.
  • "Comme il faut" - st. Sumy, 13.
  • "Arso" - st. Pushkinskaya, 74.
  • "Central Department Store" - pl. Roses Luxembourg, 1/3.

Most of these stores have entertainment complexes. Many have branches of popular banks in the country. For the export of large household appliances, transport is provided subject to an additional payment.

Kharkiv Shopping Centers: reviews

It is difficult to find a resident of the city and region who would never visit the shopping center. Young people in them follow the latest in fashion and technology. Couples with children prefer to spend their weekends here in play areas.

shopping and entertainment centers of Kharkov

Older people are watching discounts on groceries and essentials. In the evening, people come here to relax in restaurants and cinemas. All shopping centers in Kharkov have ample parking for visitors' personal cars.


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