What are moving services?

The market for services is becoming wider and more diverse day by day. Until a few years ago, no one had heard of moving, but today a company engaged in this type of service can be found in any city in the country.

Is moving a disaster?

The word moving is of English origin, as are many words that are used in economics. Literally, it means “move”, which leads to some speculation regarding the nature of the services. But all the same, the question remains what it is - moving services.

This type of service is associated with moving legal entities and individuals. Everyone knows that when it comes time to move, it takes a lot of time and energy. In order to save, the majority of the population of our country is trying to solve this difficult problem by their own means:

  • pack your own things;
  • find a car for transportation;
  • find friends who will help transfer things to the car;
  • transport your property on several flights;
  • unload, transfer, unpack, arrange.

After the end of all actions, it is necessary to restore your mental and physical health, rejoicing that everything is behind.

moving services

In our settlements, a large number of enterprising people are engaged in the transportation of property. But at the same time, they are not responsible if a poorly packaged porcelain service crashed during transportation, when the car jumped on another bump. The business of freight forwarders is to move things from one entrance to another. The rest should be taken care of by those who move. With such an attitude, moving services should undoubtedly become popular among the population.

Why do we need movings?

Moving services are all related to the relocation work performed by a specialized company. This means that the company will not only carry things, but also take on all the chores associated with them:

  1. Packs property of any complexity.
  2. Perform loading and unloading.
  3. He will take over the assembly and disassembly of furniture.
  4. Disconnect, disassemble and install the equipment in a new place.

If we consider the provided moving services in more detail, we need to understand that the company’s staff is not just drivers who can simultaneously perform the functions of loaders. When moving, you have to deal with packing things of a different nature. The moving company employs specialists. They professionally pack glass, utensils, flowers and other fragile items in their materials, which always cause a headache for immigrants.

Moving Services Market in Russia

If furniture is transported, the company will provide a furniture collector who will quickly and efficiently disassemble any complex structures, as well as assemble them in a new place and install them. Thus, a moving company is an invaluable assistant for immigrants. There are other advantages of such an organization in comparison with conventional carriers.

The origins of the moving

Moving services companies typically operate around the clock. Experienced workers can organize the process of moving completely, so that the customer can only observe the actions of the company. In addition, by concluding a contract with a client, the organization assumes all risks. This means that all responsibility for loading, unloading and transportation rests with the service company.

Moving itself appeared quite a long time ago, back in the 19th century. In almost all countries of the world in the 20th century professional associations of movers appeared, which include all large companies involved in long-distance and international transportation. So abroad, they have long appreciated the convenience of moving on a turnkey basis. In Russia, only transportation with the services of movers has always been developed. The movers came to our market in the 90s of the XX century.

How it was? History of Russian movers

These were foreign companies that did not have any competition, and therefore they could set prices at their discretion. The services of foreign movers were very expensive, as equipment and specialists were brought from abroad. At the beginning of the XXI century, Russia began to register its own companies. Domestic movers used local resources to provide their services and therefore could afford lower prices than foreigners.

moving services is that

So, gradually, the dynamics of moving services in Russia began to grow in the direction of expanding the market and crowding out foreign companies with domestic carriers. Today, the movers use domestic resources in their activities:

  • are trained in Russian institutions;
  • acquire domestic materials and equipment;
  • offer a full range of services.

Corporate Moving and Moving

The market of moving services in Russia is developing unevenly, since a service of this level involves considerable costs, despite the general decrease in prices due to increased competition and the use of local resources. The main direction that moving companies provide with work is corporate relocation. With the help of moving can move:

  • Offices
  • production sites;
  • Warehouses
  • shopping centers.

dynamics of moving services

Of course, small legal entities that consider every penny of their income are likely to resort to their own forces using employees and their cars. But large and medium-sized enterprises willingly use the services of moving companies, realizing that high-quality service will save their property and the strength of employees.

How is the moving process?

Before the start of the move, a specialist will come to the company who will listen to all the wishes and evaluate the upcoming labor costs. Then a formal contract is concluded in which all types of work, price, terms and other conditions are prescribed. Enterprises prefer to contact official companies. Of course, they work on the principle of “price is equal to quality,” but you can not worry about the safety of property, as guarantees will be given.

moving services is what is

Due to the fact that most large and medium-sized enterprises are concentrated in certain settlements, the concentration of companies engaged in moving services is the highest in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these cities, the service market is already so developed that the vast majority of organizations no longer think about private transport.

Home Relocation Development

The situation is somewhat different in the segment of home moving. The Russian population is accustomed to saving and sad factors, such as those that strangers will not handle their property with care. Probably, anyone who has ever bought furniture at least once in his life knows how loaders treat a novelty and apartment decor just bought, damaging jambs, wallpaper and more.

Dynamics of Moving Services in Russia

Therefore, the residents of Russia are accustomed to rely on themselves, friends and relatives when relocating. Nevertheless, gradually, individuals in Moscow and St. Petersburg begin to understand that the quality of service during the relocation is worth the cost.

Mover development trends

Gradually, entire networks of moving companies emerged. It is too early to talk about the mass character of this trend, but the perspective is generally clear. The development of the moving market will depend on whether it can expand its influence on the regions of the country.

However, in other settlements of Russia the situation is somewhat different; there the moving market is still in its infancy. The majority of the population of the regions to the question: "Moving services - what is this?" Unfortunately, this applies not only to private, but also legal entities.

Market potential and gray transportation

The potential for the mover market is huge. Organizations and individuals often move in search of a better place. So, enterprising people have to master new horizons if they manage to accustom the inhabitants of Russia to the idea that the move should be comfortable. The development of the dynamics of moving services is greatly complicated by the large number of so-called “gray carriers” in the regions.

Opening any newspaper even in the smallest village, you can find dozens of ads of private carriers that promise cheap services when moving. In most cases, services include:

  • loading;
  • transportation;
  • unloading.

The quality of services of such carriers leaves much to be desired. They are not liable, do not give guarantees, do not conclude official contracts that can be challenged. Nevertheless, the movers come to the regions, competing with the “gray carriers” due to the quality of service and the provision of guarantees.

moving services is

Not all of them provide a full range of services when moving. Some transport companies offer services for the dismantling and assembly of bulky goods like furniture and equipment. However, it becomes clear that the future of moving in the regions of the country is beyond the movers.

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