Roger Federer: one of the best tennis players in the history of sports

Roger Federer is recognized by many experts as the best tennis player of all time. He set world records for the number of victories in Grand Slam tournaments, for many years invariably held the first position in the ATP rating, and was also considered a reference model for a universal player capable of playing equally well on all types of coatings.

Play style

Like many of his peers, the young Swiss considered the role model of the unrivaled American tennis player Pete Sampras. It is not surprising that from the very beginning of his career in tennis, Roger Federer preferred to act in the manner of playing his idol. Roger's excellent physical data successfully allowed him to act in an aggressive, dominant manner, to alternate the attacking game on the back line with constant exits to the net.

Roger Federer

The tall Swiss confidently felt at the net, often completing his combinations with blows from the summer, smashes and reverses. Subsequently, he diversified his tactical arsenal, ceasing to bet on constant risky exits, which allowed him to make a sharp qualitative breakthrough in his development and reign on the world tennis throne.

The strong qualities of the tennis player Roger Federer are also considered an excellent forehand, he actively uses a one-handed hit from the left, which is rare in modern tennis.

The Swiss has one of the most powerful innings, in other matches he scored 50 aces. He is good at innings, moves perfectly on the court. Rich tactical baggage and high gaming intelligence allow him to feel confident on all types of surfaces, the only uncomfortable rival of the Swiss can be considered only Rafael Nadal, whom he constantly lost in the finals on clay courts.

The beginning of the way

Roger Federer was born in 1981 in Basel and is actually almost the same age as Martina Hingis, another Swiss legend in world tennis. However, if the girl broke into the tennis Olympus at a very young age and very early ended her career, then Roger became a star already at the time of sunset of Martina.

Nevertheless Federer, even at the junior level, attracted the attention of specialists, regularly winning at the Grand Slam tournaments among youth. In 1999, the Swiss entered the first hundred of the world ranking, having managed to beat the top ten tennis player that season, as well as reaching the final of the ATP tournament.

Federer Roger Tennis

The year 2001 was truly breakthrough for him, when Roger managed to win his first ATP title, beating Julien Bute in the final of the Milan tournament. A year later, he repeated his success, defeating Marat Safin, and in addition, took a few more trophies. These successes allowed the young Swiss to enter the top ten of the world ranking and take part in the final tournament.


Until a certain point, Roger Federer was one of many talented players, but then managed to gain the status of the undisputed leader in world tennis. In the course of 2003, the Swiss tennis player won five ATP titles, and also managed to win his first tournament from the Grand Slam series, taking the upper hand in the Wimbledon finals over Mark Filipusis.

statistics Roger Federer

At the end of the year, he took part in the final ATP tournament. Davil Nalbandian, Andre Agassi were extremely uncomfortable rivals for him, with all of them Federer had a negative balance of victories and defeats. However, it was then that Roger made changes to his playing style. He abandoned the idea of ​​constant passes to the net, which skillfully experienced tennis players used against him, contrasting this with a competent counterattack game.

Roger Federer began to play more on the back line, constantly firing opponents with powerful blows, which began to bring the desired result. In the final of the final ATP tournament, he consistently beat the first racket of the world Andy Rodik and Andre Agassi, taking second place in the ranking.

King of world tennis

The statistics of Roger Federer in the following years amaze the imagination of tennis experts. He won 19 Grand Slam titles, from 2004 to 2008 he was always on the tennis throne. The record was that for 237 consecutive weeks he was at the top of the world ranking, and in all he held the position of the first racket of the world for 302 weeks.

tennis player Roger Federer

Having earned himself the status of a universal player, he felt good on all types of coatings. True, on clay courts he had a serious rival in the person of Rafael Nadal. The story went into their epic confrontation at the Roland Garros tournaments, when for several years the Spaniard defeated Roger in the finals of the French Open. Only in 2009 Federer took an unattainable height, thus collecting a career Grand Slam.

Having crossed the thirty-year milestone, the Swiss tennis player lost in sharpness, his competitors beat him more and more, and he ceased to be the unconditional first number. The past few years, many have already begun to forget about him, but in 2017 Roger seemed to have gained a second youth and won two Grand Slam tournaments, the championship at the Australian Open and the Wimbledon tournament.


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