How to clean a pan from a thick layer of burning at home?

In order to less often have to deal with burning on the walls of your pans, it is necessary to take preventive measures in relation to utensils in the kitchen.

Rust, hardened fat and soot in a pan are the pressing problems of every housewife. But do not be afraid of even the most multi-layered old black on a cast-iron product, because you can get rid of this with the help of simple means.

Using the boiling method

how to clean the pan from a thick layer of burning

If your kitchen has preserved cast iron frying pans, the appearance of which may seem hopeless, do not throw out the utensils ahead of time. It can do a good job if it is brought to its ideal state using one of many methods, among which boiling should be highlighted. This recipe has been known for a long time and involves the use of:

  • silicate glue;
  • soda ash;
  • laundry soap.


how to clean the pan from burning

If you are thinking about how to clean the pan from a thick layer of burning, you should prepare a basin, a piece of laundry soap (72%) and stationery glue. As the latter, liquid glass or a silicate composition can be used. It is necessary to take care of the presence of soda ash, should not be confused with food. You will need a scraper in the form of a small knife, as well as a metal sponge.

It will be quite difficult to remove carbon deposits ten years ago, but if you cope with the task, then the dishes will shine clean. First of all, the pelvis is filled with water and put on a big fire until it boils. At this time, laundry soap is rubbed on a grater. After the water boils, the fire is reduced, and soap shavings are placed in the basin. Stir everything well, and then add half a glass of glue or soda ash. At this stage, you need to take care of airing the room.

If you are one of those housewives who are thinking about how to clean the pan from a thick layer of burning, then at the next stage you can lower the dishes into the prepared solution by removing the handle from it. If it is not wooden or plastic, then you can not engage in dismantling.

Now you need to be patient and leave the pan for a time from 2 to 5 hours. The period the dishes are in the basin will be determined by the degree of contamination. Periodically add water and check the hardness of soot. As soon as you feel that it has become softer, and you see that the water has darkened, you can get the dishes and proceed to clean the pan inside and out. You can use for this:

  • aluminum sponge;
  • knife;
  • scraper.

Advice to hostesses

how to clean the pan from burning

If you are faced with the task of how to clean the pan from a thick layer of burning, then you can try to speed up the process and make it easier. When the perennial layer softens after boiling, an oven cleaner is applied to the dishes. You can use the composition of the brands Amway and "Shumanit." The first is preferable, since it does not have a smell. The liquid is applied to the entire surface, and after the pan is sent to a plastic bag for 30 minutes. Then it will be easier to cope with soot.

Mechanical cleaning

how to clean a cast iron pan from burning

This method is more radical, but using it you can remove not only carbon deposits, but also rust and grease. The following technique will help to cope with the problem efficiently and quickly. For work, you will need a nozzle in the form of a wire brush for metal. It should be suitable for a grinder or drill.

Eyes should be protected with glasses, and respiratory organs with a respiratory mask. It is important to wear sturdy shoes and tight clothes. Such cleaning should be carried out with special care and utmost care. All you need is to remove carbon deposits with a grinder.

The use of soda, salt and vinegar

how to wash the pan from burning

Before you clean the pan from a thick layer of burning, you must choose a method of work. If the case is not so complicated, then you can wash the dishes with soda, salt and vinegar. The latter should be used in a 9 percent form. The product is put on fire, salt is poured into it in the amount of 2 tablespoons and vinegar is poured. The bottom should be completely closed.

You should wait until the liquid boils, and after the flame intensity can be reduced and add a quarter of a tablespoon of soda. Most of the water should evaporate, then the dishes are removed from the fire and washed well. Cleaning will be accompanied by the formation of strong steam.

Use of coal and a handful of baking soda

we clean the pan from a thick layer of burning

When deciding how to wash old pans from burning, you can prepare a universal remedy yourself. It will be based on activated carbon. In order for the cleaning to be effective, you will need 10 tablets.

Coal is crushed, and then poured onto a moist bottom. After an hour, cleaning with a detergent is carried out. An alternative solution to removing burnt food is to use a handful of baking soda. It is diluted in 3 liters of hot water. The product should lower the dishes and boil for 30 minutes.

Use of ammonia and citric acid

how to wash old pans from burning

If you have a desire to independently engage in the manufacture of products for cleaning burns, then as its base, you can use ammonia with borax. A glass of warm water will need 10 grams of borax and a drop of alcohol.

The mixture is applied to contaminated areas with a sponge. At home, you can also use citric acid. A teaspoon is diluted in a liter of water, and then the solution boils. Then it is soaked in a burnt pan and left for 1 hour. If the outside dirt does not immediately lag behind, then the procedure should be repeated.

When cleaning is carried out regularly, it is much easier to get rid of a thin layer of dirt. You do not have to use strong tools. This suggests that the pan is best cleaned as soon as it cools.

Use of oil and foil

If you, too, are among those housewives who are considering the question of how to wash the pan from burning, you can use a method that involves the use of oil. But first you need to carry out standard cleaning of dishes with the removal of soot and exposure of places with rust. The pan is then dried and placed in the oven for 40 minutes, heated to 120 ° C. The exposure time is 40 minutes.

The heated product is removed and greased with oil, and then put back into the oven, where the temperature has already risen to 230 ° C. The frying pan in it is kept an hour. Previously, the bottom of the oven must be covered with foil.

It is easy to clean the pan from a thick layer of burning, using the instructions given. After reading it, you can understand that after doing all the above manipulations, the pan must be removed from the oven and greased again with oil, but only after the dishes have cooled down. This procedure also helps to clean food that has stuck during cooking.

Using a blowtorch

In order to get rid of soot, you should use a blowtorch, the torch of which is sent to the surface to be cleaned. Then it can be freed from all unnecessary for 15 minutes. Nagar will take off at will.

Such manipulation should be carried out in the open air, away from people, animals and buildings. This need is dictated by fire safety regulations.

Sand application

How to remove the cinder in the pan? This question is asked by many housewives. If you also want to know, you can apply sand. It allows you to get rid of all unnecessary without hassle. The technology is called a "sand sauna", it provides for the need to place sand inside the pan. The dishes are put on low heat for 3 hours. The final time will depend on the neglect of the case.

After that, nothing will have to be scrubbed and cleaned. This news can be considered good, but there is bad - the smell will not please anyone during cleaning. The deposit will go off quite simply, and this can be achieved by tapping on the walls of the dishes.

Metal sponge

When choosing this method for cleaning a pan, you should also prepare a towel that will allow you to wipe the sweat from your forehead. Labor will require a lot of effort. But such a radical method is suitable only for cast-iron utensils.

Dishwasher use

How to clean the pan from burning? Despite the fact that modern stores are full of non-stick cookware, the answer to this question remains relevant for housewives. Using a dishwasher for this purpose is a pleasure. Pans can be loaded inside, and after you only have to turn on the program and go to rest. The machine itself will cope with soot. If the result was not achieved the first time, then the cycle can be repeated.

Modern means

No housewife today can do without household chemicals, but it must be used wisely. It is important to remember that not all products are washed off well with running water, so you must apply them carefully to the surface of the dishes. The best solution is prevention. You can use small doses of chemicals instead of pouring them in huge quantities to cleanse a thick layer of burning.

The following tools perfectly cope with the tasks:

  • Fairy
  • "Dosya."
  • Silit.

This list is not complete. If you decide to resort to this method, it is important to protect your hands with rubber gloves, wear a respirator, and ventilate the room well. If you work in the winter, you should turn on the hood.

Before you clean the pan from burning with one of these mixtures, you must prepare a plastic bag. The gel or powder is applied to the surface of the dishes, which then must be tightly closed. After holding the product in such conditions, you will be able to get rid of dirt with a regular sponge. The most difficult areas will have to be treated with a metal brush or washcloth.

A few words about cast iron

There are a great many ways to clean a pan today. You can choose a method of mechanical impact. He is the most laborious and long. Before you clean the cast-iron pan from the burning, you should see if there is a blowtorch in your arsenal. The principle of its use is the same as that of open fire. The pan is heated, and after soot flies off in separate pieces.

How to clean a cast iron pan from burning? Many housewives would like to know about this. Of course, they can always ask for help from men who use a grinder or drill with a special nozzle. This process cannot be called simple, but you can rid the pan of extra layers with its help quite quickly.


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